Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earth Angel

Earth Angel

by Paul Diaz

Heaven sent a being, as a human you were to be
Your true form remains hidden, i pity those who could not see
Overflowing kindness and a heart that is true
Walking among us mortals an angel that is you

Intelligent and well mannered you were raised to be
But a much more fitting adjective would be extraordinary
As you spread your wings to a confined space they let you fly
Hidden within your smile, is the hope to reach the sky

Then one day with courage to the clouds you flew
You obtained true happiness a feeling that you never knew
Even for a short stint you knew this is where you had to be
High above the clouds so happy and free

To the land you return with true happiness in tow
Everything did change and your escapade they did know
They say you did wrong and you defend with your might
They never did listen, since when were you right?

What they want is important and not what you really feel
Both hands in shackle and the loss of free will
They threaten to cut your wings and to take the sky away
What you want will always be wrong, all you can do is obey

Grounded angel save your wings and do surrender
You shall be free one day and the sky is there forever
Earthly angel please do wipe the tears on your face
The pain you feel now will be erased one day by the sky's warmly embrace

I hope you never forget and always keep remembering
That same happy feeling that tomorrow may once again bring
For now you are sad but soon your smile they would see
A smile not of happiness, but a mark of your enslavery

...the sky bleeds...

...and yet it waits...