Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bring on May!


Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy SII? Hell yeah the Superdrioid phone!!! I want one but maybe when the prices have stabilized. Right now is not a good time to buy it since its quite expensive. Saw the internet price and its 900 dollars on some stores.

Its going to take a long time for the price of this phone to drop since its really a good phone and there is no phone out there that can match it. Oh come on not even the alleged iphone 5 can beat this one.

So what did Apple do? Oh yeah they sues Samsung. If you cant beat them sue them! Hahahaha.

Anyway i have to stop encoding Resbak for now. May is about to start and that means new commissioned works. I might continue encoding Resbak when i find free time or when a group picks it up for commission.

I need to rest my fingers for now to prepare for May's works.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Tick Tock Tech Talk...


I was invited to fly to London by my friend Kate nyahahaha. Kidding! Anyway so that wedding is today and as expected the three big networks in our country are going goo goo and ga ga. Mas tinuunan pa ng pansin ang Royal Wedding, gumastos pa sila ng malaki to cover it. Sana nagcover nalang kayo ng plights of OFWs in other countries. Oh what do you expect ba kasi?

Anyway, yesterday i was going over a tech site and drooling over the Samsung Galaxy SII which was already released in Korea. I dont know if i was looking at the phone or the pretty girls holding it ahahaha. Maybe it was the phone...yet they were surely pretty. I wonder if they came with the phone nyahahaha.

Then i looked at my Sony Ericsson Xtinct X10 mini...yes Xtinct since it only had 2.1 Android while the rest of the mobile phones out there have a standard of 2.2 already. Sony does not want to release the upgrade until they have sold lots of their new phones. Genius!!!

I went to XDA and read about the MODs. There was already one stable MOD which gives 2.2 Android, the Cyanogen 6 for the mini. I was hesitant at first because i might brick my phone but i said i will just try to root it. And so i downloaded the Superoneclick program and in less than five minutes my Xtinct Mini was already rooted!!!

So what does that mean? Well when you say rooted that means you have root privileges already. I could already do tweaks and apply modified software. But again i was hesitant. Then i started to read comments from other users who have modified their phones.

Next thing i knew i was already downloading xrecovery ahahaha. I read the instructions carefully because i was a bit scared. It said download xrecovery rar file then extract to PC. Copy the three files to your SD card. So simple and i did that ahaha. Then it said download root explorer...DONE! Download Titanium backup from the Android Market and then press PROBLEM?

Doing that you get to install Busybox. Afterwhich open root explorer, set the phone to mount R/W, copy the three xrecovery files and select MOVE. Then go to System/bin and paste!
Reboot the phone and keep pressing back as the logo appears so you can enter xrecovery! If you were able to enter xrecovery then it was a good install process.

Now with that i can now modify my phone. I downloaded the CM6 (Cyanogen 6 Floyo), this is a custom ROM for the Android 2.2. Copy the file to SD card. Reboot phone and enter xrecovery.

From xrecovery choose install update hehehe. And so on and so fort and after ten minutes....

My Xtinct phone just became a Super X10 Mini!!!

Yep its that simple! Now i can enjoy super 2.2 Froyo! Its stable, it does not reboot, the battery is better. After nine hours and only 7 percent has been used. Its really faster compared to 2.1...two times faster i guess or more.

Pretty cool wallpaper...with four home pages. I set up the widgets and shortcuts to make my phone look like a standard Windows OS system where all of the shortcuts are on the left.

First page you can find my social apps, second page my usual phone apps like messaging, tools, calculators. The third page which is the center i left it blank to appreciate the really pretty wallpaper. Fourth page is my power control widget where i can control Bluetooth, Wifi, sounds, brightness, and the last page i have my calendar.

Of course the rest of the apps are inside ahahaha. Super cool! Now i am awaiting for the Owain to finish the Gigglebread ROM.

Now i like my phone and i stopped drooling over the Samsung Galaxy SII or the LG Optimus 2X. Saka na mga yan pag nalaspag tong Super Mini ko nyahahah. tutal pagdating naman ng mga niyan dito sure 28k to 32k pa price nila. Let them drop and let others try them first. Hahahaha.

With my first taste of modifying my phone...i am going to do it again and again ahahaa! No Sweat!

Ipad2 on sale! 23,990 pesos for the 16GB Wifi model. Yeah right! Bili nalang ako ng netbook! I type with eight fingers and i pick my nose with one. I dont need an extra nose that costs 24k even if that nose has Wifi or 3G nyahahahaha.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its all in the clouds...

"Heart" - (yeah yeah not much but poke your eyes to see it LOL)

"Sad face in the clouds"


SUMMER IS HERE!!! Its quite rare to not use a blanket at night while sleeping here in Baguio. The past two days i have not but you suddenly wake up around three in the morning shaking LOL. And still you get a blanket.

Anyway before my daily keyboard bashing i really do take one hour bonding time with nature. This morning it was cloud watching and amazingly i got nice photos.

Sometimes i do think nature is speaking to me...seeing a face in the clouds...and then the clouds forming a heart.

What are you trying to tell me?

That you go back inside the house and continue Resbak because you are already at Chapter 18!!! Nyahahahaha.

The story is heating up, secrets are starting to be revealed but of course not all. Not just yet.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something Magical...

"Even the simplest act will become something magical in the eyes of those who can appreciate it" - Raffy, RESBAK by Jonathan Paul Diaz

Monday, April 25, 2011



I truly enjoyed the three days off. I did manage to watch tons of movies stored on my hard drive. Now its back to reality, back to the magical world of Resbak.

As of last check i have managed to encode 12 chapters with 140 pages. Barely halfway done i should say because this story is going to reach 40 chapters or so. But thats only for the first book LOL.

The pace of the story is really slow but hell yeah its quite exciting since there are too many secrets involved. With my three days off i managed to take pictures of rare specimen ahahaha. So rare that i had to get my feet and hands dirty.

I have five days to work on Resbak, Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for resting. Once May starts its back to commissioned works again. I might be able to finish up to chapter 20 of Resbak before the weekend and i dont know when i will be able to find free time. If only this was a commissioned work then i might be done with it by the end of May. But hey its just going to rot on my hard drive so why exert the effort? Its simple practicality.

Bespren and MP are rotting and i am really inclined to give them away to the comm work groups already. January, now its almost the end of April. I think that is enough time to gather the troops but its quite obvious that there are less interested.

At least i am excited for the return of Pepito...and yes it is a comm work project sad to say. I did post a link to one comm work group but i did manage to secure it with 3 passwords. The comm work group had 56 members and 120 downloaded. Hahahaha. So where did the 64 members come from? Imagine if those 64 people just applied for the other ebooks then the counter could have reached 100 already. But hey, OBVIOUS NA ANO GUSTO NILA NO! LIBRE!


Thursday, April 21, 2011



Its much more difficult writing a fantasy story. Yeah since you have to really describe everything so the reader can appreciate the story. Simple love stories are easy, mix fantasy, action, comedy and twists then youre going to end up crazy. Hahahaha.

Oh well i have successfully created a solid plot for the first book of Resbak. I dont plan to start it simple. Its going to come full blast with tons of laughter. Im getting really excited with this story ahahaha. Its got the Pinoy brand plus new age and not old school era story.

Okay so enough spoilers. I stopped with chapter 10. I plan to take a real break for now. I dont know when i will continue, since starting May i do have lots of comm works again. Even if i have free time by then i still will take my time since its just going to be stored in my hard drive unless....ahem ahahaha.

Anyway life is simple. Dont make it complicated.


Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Zone!!!

"May nakitang kayamanan"

"Ninakaw!" (Look closely at the bee holding a pollen)

"Great Escape"

"Special Delivery" (Nakunsensya ata, kung may kinuha may kapalit)

"Imbakan ng nakaw"


Cant say much. cant waste time. I am in the zone and i cant stop. I am going crazy, laughing at myself when i think of funny scenes. Just last night it happened during dinner with my father. While eating my mind was doing overtime. A super funny scene popped up and i just started laughing.

Dad was staring at me...i know he wanted to call the hospital already because i just couldnt stop laughing. Hahahaha.

Oh well, this story is really challenging. Trying to balance comedy, love, action and suspense. I did it before but i am pushing myself to level up. Salamangka was great they say but i just have to level it up.

"I have no powers, i know i can die here in this school. I can also die outside. No one can tell how i may die. But there is a difference, in here i get a chance to meet her. When i die in a duel at least i have good memories to bring with me. Outside, i may die but with much regret of not knowing her at all. The longer i stay alive in here the more memories i take with me" - Raffy, RESBAK by Jonthan Paul Diaz

We were all taught about pollenation in school. Yesterday i was taking pictures of bees at work. As i was scrolling through the photos i noticed...POLLENATION IN PROGRESS. Damn di ko pa napansin kahapon ahaha.

So Let me post some shots.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Week

"Caught in the Act"

"Special Delivery"

"Going Green"


So today is the start of Holy Week. Really? Or is it Vacation Week for many?

For the hard core religious they really live this week down to the bone. I tried spending several holy weeks with my grandparents down at La Union. Oh boy you really are going to turn out to be holy after seven days.

I do remember how you have to behave. You rarely see people or children having fun at the plaza. No meat on good Friday! Then there were series of masses and one really early at the end to await the angel. I really cant remember much since that was a long time ago.

So yes i did experience real Holy Week many times. When i grew up it was pure service. I was a Senior scout and i had to go on duty for the city the whole week. From being a traffic aide and really managing traffic up to being a tourist guide. Then i had to stop my yearly routine when i had an incident with a general.

I said no parking, they insisted. I was about to call for back up and my radio transceiver hit the car a bit. The general and his body guard came out of the car with guns pointing at me ahahaha. I froze, and only came to my senses when i got rescued by my superior. They took me far away and i had several radio reporters interview me.

Hahahaha, poor General he got hell from my friend and Baguio peeps. You just cant harm one Baguio boy and get away with it. Oh yeah, his car was flagged, no hotel or transient house would accept them. He was hounded for two days so they decided to cut their vacation short. I didnt even do anything ahahaha. It was all friends.

I told them to stop it already but they wouldnt listen. When i told my dad about it oh boy the telephone line burned at home. So many relatives alerted and two of my uncles who were judges immediately filed a case nyahahahaha.

I settled for personal apology, face to face i wanted him to just say sorry and shake my hand. They called me crazy but that is what happened.

Anyway nowadays the true essence of Holy week is gone. When people hear the words holy week the first thing they think of is a vacation. Baguio, Boracay, Puerto Galera, Palawan etc etc etc.

Pero pag isang tao nakaranas ng di maganda sigurado ko magdadasal yan ng holy week. Ganon naman ang Pinoy e. Pag happy nakakalimutan ang Diyos. Pag sad at may kailangan nakaluhod yan agad at nagdadasal.

Diba? Ako din naman but i see to it i pray to Him daily...sad to say di nasusunod yung daily. But when i do pray i say sorry at once.

And some are in shock reading this ahahahaha.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Character

"Indifferent yet Inseparable"

"Love in Darkness"

"Ice Princess"

"Orange Bliss"


Summer is here!! Oh yeah i can feel the warm air even at night. I said to myself have a vacation and go keyboard bashing once May starts. As i was walking along the beach side two kids caught my attention. They were role playing, both of them being magical fighters.

The taller kid took sand and did a dragon ball thrust nyahahaha. He threw sand at the smaller kid and chaos began ahahaha. Sand got into the smaller kid's eyes and then the real fight started. So when i went back to the cottage i took my netbook and opened Resbak. I read the encoded chapters and suddenly i was encoding and writing again.

Now i am in character once again and i cant stop thinking. I am taking my time on this one because i already have a solid plot for the first book. Yes it is a love story, but i am going to take it slow this time and focus on the secret plots and mysteries.

And yes they are calling me crazy again since i am laughing by myself. What can i do? When i start imagining i usually think of funny scenes and i just laugh out loud. But for sure there are tons of kilig scenes too. As of the moment i am Raphael ahahaha. I am ordinary. No special powers.

Too some shots this morning and so i share.

And while i was writing Resbak...Bespren: Heart Beats was also on my mind. I guess this will be my most kilig story so far. I will write it next perhaps or sooner if some people have it commissioned. I miss writing english stories...Realm of Butterflies...yes this might be next too.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Monster Me!


"Goodness gracious sir! You are a MONSTER!!! Henyong monster ka!

I must admit i became a fool for love stories because of you. Hirap aminin yan sa kapwa lalake LOL. Dati pag kilig ang scene mapapangiti lang ako but this latest work of yours made me really hold on to my desk and twist dahil sa kilig. My girlfriend was even asking me why and so i let her read it and tili ng tili. Grabe three chapters palang yon! I really had to send you this email. Maraming maraming salamat sir! Sulit na sulit sobra itong story.

Imbes na magkanya kanya kami sa break namin kanina, nagkaroon kami ng group session talking about the first three chapters. Rare feat ito sir kasi pati mga supervisor namin nagulat sa bonding ng team namin. 37 more chapters to go, ngayon palang sir sobrang happy kami and we know maganda na itong story.

Thank you so much! As early as now we already had a talk for our next order. Natetempt na kami sa Bespren complete but we respect your decision. If ever you change your mind, isang text niyo lang sir at give us half day babayaran namin agad yung dalawa.

Maraming salamat sir"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ano matutuwa ba dapat ako dahil tinawag niya akong monster?

E-mails like this just warms your heart and makes your day. So another successful commissioned work and now i can breath easy ahahaha.

When i do write i just write. I usually become the character and in the end i worry much. Yes i dont believe in myself. Whenever i finish writing a story i get butterflies in my stomach, i really panic because i do fear rejection. What if they dont like my story? What if i messed it up? What if it turns out too cheesy?

Then i get e-mails and comments just like the one above...i smile and feel good momentarily and begin to panic again. What if i cannot surpass that story? What if...what if...what if....

I am on a short vacation, i have my GE X5 with me and my netbook. I started shooting as early as six in the morning and ended around eight thirty. I just wanted to upload my pictures on my netbook when it detected a wifi connection. Unprotected!!! Hahaha so here i am taking advantage.

Checked my e-mail and the air smelled sweeter and everything seemed more beautiful. Amidst all the chaos in the world try taking an hour outside and enjoy nature. You will be amazed. Yes you might have seen them everyday but in that one hour you will see things differently. With your mind relaxed you will see nature in a different way.

That is what i am trying to capture. Yes you may have seen the subjects in my photos everyday but take a look some more and just relax your mind a bit. Get lost in nature with me.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gusto ko lang naman fries e...


WTF!!! Pati ba naman commercial ng Mcdo pinakialaman ng mga priests? Wait wait wait...India has its own version of that commercial. They were advertising the McTIKI ahahahaha. Im not kidding! McTiki talaga.

So why did no one complain in India? Nyahahaha. Because they appreciated the witty advertisement. Yes it was cute, cuter even compared the local version. Pero dito sa Pinas OMG!!! Wala na inalis na ng Mcdo due to pressure.

Imagine a Harry Potter movie and all the CBCP had to do was raise their wand and whisper their encantation..."EXCO..." di pa nga tinapos umatras na Mcdo sa takot e ahahahaha.

Yeah i know in HP there is the "Excrusio" curse but the CBCP has a deadlier curse ahahaha. "Excommunicate" oh yeah. You try to cross them and they put that curse on you. FOR LIFE!!! Hahahahaha!

So what does that mean? It just means they wont make pansin you ever ahahaha. If youre old no problem, they just wont basbas you when you die hahahaha. But if youre a baby then they wont baptise you, confirm you, etc etc etc. Ewan ko feel ko ganon. Pag hindi e malay ko ba.

OMG!!! Pati witty commercial bawal. Tapos meron naman iba na nagsasabi pinapababa daw tingin sa mga baba. Geez, sawsaw max nanaman o. People should just relax pero if that is what makes them happy so be it.

Sa TV kita lagi may nasusunugan etc. I dont see the priests doing anything. Grabe look at them with their shiny bling blings and cars. They even have big houses. Church of the poor huh. Feel ko mababanatan na ako ng "Exco..." curse ahahaha.

Now for our fellow OFWs. The country has given you the chance to come home for free. Dapat sa mga tumanggi papirmahin ng waiver! Baka mamaya pag may tragedy diyos miyo mga family members nila mag flood sa FB at Twitter and Media saying nanaman wala ginagawa ang PNOY government.

Papirmahin mga yan!!! Ilagay don na ayaw nila umuwi, tapos idikdik sa mga kamag anak para alam nila. Para walang sisihan pagdating ng tragedy. OKAY?!!! Akala naman nila madali lang magpunta doon gobyerno para sunduin sila. DUH!!!

Yes i understand why others choose to stay. Pero sinasabi ko lang na magpirma ng waiver so that if something happens they wont blame the government anymore, lalo na mga friends and family who will attack from all sides. Tapos magiging issue nanaman tapos dadami nanaman sawsaw at mga rally. PINAS GROW UP!!! KONTING COMMON SENSE!!!

I got all the time to rant ahahaha. I got a three week vacation.

So while the sun is shining i go out.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ahh Boooshey booshey booshey....


Its funny how people who lambasted that TV host on Twitter suddenly start washing hands. They were so tough and brave giving their comments then when now they start making excuses.

Ahhh booshey booshey booshey!!!

Anyway who cares about that issue. Its just going to spiral into a bigger war that would bring so much hatred. Sometimes people should stop thinking about the money. I dont care who is wrong or who is right. Masyado lang madaming pakialamero at gusto magkapangalan. Nakakahiya yung mga Pinoy na gumagatong at nagpapalaki sa mga issues.

Pag di madaan sa korte naghahanap nalang ng butas kung saan pwede ibagsak yung tao. O ayan butas o nagpapalakpakan na ba tenga niyo? You people are too damn greedy!!! So what kung may mga pet projects kayong helping the poor, in the end its your greed that is showing.

Sa mga laos na just shut the hell up and find better ways to be popular again. Shame on you HAS BEENS!!!

Sa mga matatalino naman na sumawsaw sa issue...nakakapagduda na tuloy diploma niyo ha. A learned man will read the whole story first rather than pre-judge based on the synopsis. Ke BOBO! Sawsaw kayo ng sawsaw ahahahaha.


The only place where you can find peace is when you lose yourself in nature. Alone with camera one early morning i just sat down on a rock and stared at everything. Its so peaceful.

Its so much fun to be a spectator of nature. Sad to say the brain can only store a few memories so that is why there is a camera ahahahaha.

Ahhh boooshey boooshey boooshey!!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Should Haves...

"Comfort Butterfly"



"First Morning Light"

"One is Lonely"


Good day peeps. Been following the online buzz about Pia Toscano of American Idol. Well i did watch the episodes this week and i too was even surprised when she got the boot. I do agree she is one of the best singers, well the best female singer among the ladies in the final 9.

I remember posting a month ago or two that my favorites were Casey, Jacob, Steve and of course Pinoy Pride Thia. Well all of them go into the finals but sad to say Thia got booted out last week. I didnt feel sad since i do agree with the judges that she was always playing on the safe side.

I was shocked to see Casey get the boot, but he got saved. So if the judges didnt use the save on Casey...would they have used it on Pia? I am sure they would but hey they didnt even expect Pia hitting the bottom three. But what a way to land on the bottom three with the company of the best male singer of the contest ahahah. Oh yeah super shocker seeing Pia and Jacob at the bottom three. As for the other guy, well "SUKI" na siya ahahahaha.

Okay was America teaching Jacob, Casey and Pia a lesson? I think they were ahahaha. First of all Jacob was being complacent already upon entering the finals. He was going wild and he didnt care anymore. So the people taught him a lesson. He was really booted out, oh yeah Thia made it to the real top ten!!! But the judges saved Casey so we got a top 11 in the end ahahaha. But let me clarify, Thia was on the bottom three that day she was the first to be sent back so she is the legit 9th place ahahaha.

This week's episode...Jacob was arrogant. He said if he landed on the bottom three then America is blah blah blah i forgot what he said. So America answers him back saying..."OH YEAH?" ahahahaha. There you go Jacob a wake up call. You got a bottom three spot ahahahaha.

As for Pia, yes she too was being arrogant. She blabbered that she can do beyond ballads and so she tried and boy she moved funny in an upbeat music ahahahah. But of course the judges who love her said beautiful words but America has spoken. YOURE OUT!!!! Just like in Baseball ahahaha.

I do understand if the audience were shocked and voiced out their dismay with boos. But even the judges? Arent they supposed to be impartial? They were voicing out their dismay and anger but they didnt even think of the Stefano who was the other candidate to be booted out.

You could see Stefano really sad, he was happy because he was not booted out but what was painful were the words of the judges. Randy said Pia was one of the top vocals in the group, so what does that make Stefano? If Stefano was booted out would they say the same words? So who do they want to get the axe then? Hahahahaha.

You really cant have impartial judges anywhere. Kung sa Pinas yan, normal na yan ahahahah. Dito minsan kahit yung pinakamagaling at deserving natatalo ng guwapo o maganda. Pero di naman lagi...pero magtataka ka bakit ang gwapo at maganda na may so so talent nakakapasok sa finals tapos yung di napalad sa itsura na may legit talent di nakakapasok. Hahahaha.

Tapos ngayon sa news nagmamalinis na ang mga sumakay sa issue ng child abuser. May karapatan daw sila mag voice out. Freedom of speech. Karapatan na maging TANGA!!! Stick to the whole story and not the short video clip people. Konting utak!!!

And so it was today one year ago.

At least one butterfly comforted me today. I was so surprised believe me...let me show you what that butterfly did to me today. I think it sensed my sadness...i was taking lonely shots of flowers and then it just came to me....

Butterfly comforting me...

Reminds me of her...

Maybe she sent it...

I'd like to think so.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Year Later...


One year tomorrow...time does really fly.

Had finished my comm works just a while ago. Another three week vacation ahead and it starts tomorrow. I am willing to take in extra work but it seems people are too busy to notice ahahaha. And its not even summer yet according to PAGASA.

So if its not summer yet then what is it? And someone would say Global warming. Say it to my face and i would pat you in the back...with matching evil grin so you better watch out ahahaha. Im in the mood for bitch slapping.

So brouhaha here and brouhaha there. What the hell is that buzz about that gyrating kid on television. So what i watched the whole episode. There was nothing wrong. He was a contestant and that was his chosen talent. People were amused with his gyration so the host told him to do it some more. The host even tried it. Yes the boy was crying but it was not because of the dance. It was the result of the question and answer portion where the host asked about his family and the boy got emotional.

THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY IDIOTS OUT THERE WHO WANT TO MAKE A NAME!!! With that gyration they instantly became the MORALLY RIGHT PINOYS! Were you really concerned about the boy or do you just hate the host? Because other channels have much worse but no one saw you complaining. Or are you trying to say that you are a big fan of that TV Network and the host? Hahahahahaha.

I cant believe all the has beens are dipping the feet on this issue. Nakakahiya ang Pinoy talaga. Imagine huhusgaan lang yung video clip ahahaha. Ganon naman talaga diba? Dapat panoorin muna yung buo pero no no no the Pinoy way is to just watch the clip and fire away!!! Sisiraan na nila ang kapwa Pinoy.

Be Proud Pinoy! This is who you are. Madaming nagpapanggap na moralista, mga bulag, mga bingi, makasarili at pinapatakbo ng pera. And you ask why third world country parin tayo? BS!!!

Lahat kayo naghusga sana kayo din makagawa kayo ng munting error, di na namin titignan yung buong kwento basta huhusgaan narin namin kayo agad. Masarap kasi yung matitikman mo din kung ano yung ginagawa mo sa kapwa mo e. Dog eat dog...Pinoy destroys Pinoy. I just cant believe na with that little clip sasabihin child abuser na.

Sana naman yung mga sumangayon nagbasa muna ng meaning non. It just shows tanga follows tanga. AT MADAMI TALAGA UTO UTO. Sayang lang utak niyo! Donate niyo nalang to science para may silbi kayo.

So dont ask bakit third world parin tayo. Pinoy sisiraan ang kapwa Pinoy. Be it inggit, be it to make your own name, be it whatever reason it may be. It is just not right.

SHAME ON YOU! I am not taking sides but its really shameful. Mamaya sigurado ko may maghuhugas kamay na ulit. Typical. PINOY E!

So enough of that BS. Buti pa sa Japan kahit nililindol at least nagmamahalan at may respeto ang mga Hapon. Tulungan sila not like here, pag umangat ang isa, hihilain ng iba. Hahahaha.

Not Proud to be Pinoy at this moment.

One Year tomorrow... a lot has my feelings for you did not.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wet Summer

"Let's Dance"


"White Spiral"


"Morning Dew"


Okay PAGASA was right, we do really have a wet summer. And everyone thought its going to be hot. But wait it is hot at time but later in the day it rains. Read my mind! Hotness and wetness do go hand in hand real well nyahahahahaha.

Okay so the sun rises late. It has disrupted my time schedule big time. Anyway i am in the zone lately and i am like writing 10 to fifteen pages a day. Usually i do write only five when i am bored but i can go as many as twenty to thirty even in one day.

Okay so i have to stop myself or else im going to burn out my brain ahahahaha. Who cares its all about the money. And besides i cant take a break since instead of one group buying my two ebooks they decided to come up with a really good storyline. With them being the major characters and their bosses are the villains niyahahahaha.

Really super cool story i should say. What can i do they paid up front so i have to give them all my time. I dont know why they are rushing me but hey no problem since they already paid. they promised to get the ebooks if they are still available my May or June.

And they want me to rush Resbak. Hello!!! Mahirap sulatin yon hahaha. But of course i might do it since you have to keep the loyal customers happy. At least bayad.

Its so good to take pictures after the rain. So please do enjoy the sample pics i have taken.

Some are found on my Flickr account and the rest are all in my Facebook albums.