Friday, July 29, 2011

August Warm Up


The last few days of July...have to end my two week vacation and get ready for a hectic August. My fingers are well rested, so here i am blogging while enjoying a giant mug of hot coffee on a cold and cloudy day.

The two weeks i could have spent writing or starting a new story but like i said there is no point anymore in doing advanced works. If i do it would only end up in chaos hahaha. Imagine if i finish another ebook, i post about it and nothing happens. Some would get mad since another group would just come and take it. They would say its unfair. How the hell does it become unfair? To whom? To them perhaps, how about me peeps? I made a product, there is one group willing to take it so common sense dictates for me to sell it.

Anyway i am quite excited for August, the start of the third book of one of my commissioned works. I have done recon work for the attached images. Attached images? Oh yes, in order to make the visualization easier.

A new group has contacted me, we are currently ironing out the plot of their private story. Quite challenging story due to so many characters. My problem will be making a solid story so as to not hurt them hahaha. Bakit siya bida? Bakit ako ganito lang? Kaya nga iron out e. Nyahahaha.

My mind is really itching for Orbits, another group called me up asking what is it all about. If i told them then it would spoil the story. It starts with the heart break as posted in the preview. The story begins a few days after that scene where the girls is torn and feeling so bad so she tries to reach out to the guy who seems to be avoiding her.

Its a mix of flashbacks plus current events. Just to spice up the story. So how about Salamangka 2? Yeah its on my brain. Another itch i have actually but hey writing it seems not to be in my favor. So if you were me what would you do? Accept commissioned works where you surely get paid or waste your time writing knowing that you would earn so less and the rest goes to the pirates.

Enough of that. So what did i do the past two weeks? Scribbled on my notebook, watched tons of anime, played a few pc games ( a dangerous sign, i think im getting my gaming groove back) and i took photos of anything.

One day i was taking photos of the clouds again, i didnt notice i took a shot of a face until i viewed them a while ago. Quite creepy face, its the one posted above. Seriously, when i was taking shots of the clouds i really did not notice it.

So bring on August! I am ready!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My State of the Nation Address...


I do remember people rejoicing last year when the Philippines elected a new president. Tuwid na daan was their theme and so the people were full of hope. A year later there are just too many people bashing the government for false promises.

Geez its been a year. Next time you vote for a MIRACLE WORKER!!! Oh yeah i think that is what majority want. The president that can just snap his fingers and everything will be okay. For those who have brains you all know that kind of president is not possible.

Everyone wants this, that, blah blah blah, but hey look at the bigger picture. If you were the president what could you have done? Would you just say okay stop this, do this, do that, and just make the people happy? Every action there is an equivalent reaction.

Try playing SIM CITY, lets see how you fare. Yes its a computer game and you get to play a mayor. Go ahead lets see if you can manage to get a perfect city. Lets see you click your way out of the problems.

One groups wants this, one group wants that. Everyone wants something done but seriously go read some books and you will find out that running a country is not that easy. What people expect is that once you have a new president, all problems will be solved. Sumbong dito, sumbong doon, gusto ito, gusto yon, ang masama AGAD!!!!

Militant groups rally on the streets fighting for several causes, oh i have nothing against them but if only they used their brains well and tried to understand how a government works then perhaps they might behave. But no, they insist what they want. A few flaws they go to the streets like unlearned human beings.

Every action has an equivalent reaction. Always remember that. If the president does this there will always be a reaction that will cause a problem in another sector. If the president listens to all those people asking for things done, he might be able to get them done but you also have to think of the effects. Some people will be happy but another problem will always pop up due to the solution.

That is why being a president you have to think hard, choose the best course of action. But people will never understand because there are too many greedy people out there, they want what they want. They think running a government is just like waving a wand and saying a spell then everything will be fine.

Parang aso na gutom tatahol nalang yan. Di titigil hanggang bigyan mo ng pagkain. Pag nabigyan mo tatahimik na yan hanggang sa magutom ulit. Di alam ng aso may pinagdadaanan pala amo niya pero walang pakialam ang aso basta mapakain siya. If only that dog would have a little understanding then he might learn to wait.

And why the hell did i compare some people to dogs? Simple, because they dont use their brains. They just go blah blah blah blah until they get what they want. Then if they need something else they go blah blah blah blah again. Kung sana nag isip sila kahit konti lang tapos intindihin lahat, siguro tatahimik sila at baka tutulong kesa sa blah blah blah blah blah.

They should get rid of stupid useless subjects and replace them with Political Science subjects. Para naman habang bata pa maintindihan na ng bata pano magpatakbo ng gobyerno. Para pag tanda nila maintindihan nila maigi kesa na kakahol kahol nalang basta basta.

Oh im not siding with the governement. I too feel what other people are feeling but the only difference is i use my brain and try to understand things. I just dont go barking out there for lame reasons.

Utak muna bago kahol.

Anyway on a lighter side of things. I have enjoyed my one week vacation so far. Now i am entering my second week. My fingers are so relaxed but my brain....ayaw tumigil sa kakaisip!!!

So i have stories that have not been written

Salamangka 2
Sa Aking mga Kamay 2
Bespren: Heart Beats

just last night i have completed inside my head another story, 14th Coin. I think im doing this in tagalog. But i prefer it in english. So what is it all about? Well i really cant say but a little preview will tell you that this one is a tear jerker.

Imagine being in so much pain, losing a loved one who you loved so much. What if someone comes to you and offers you a way to go back and relive your life with that special someone? But everytime you do you have to relive all the pain too.

Here is the catch, you can do something to change the outcome but of course it wont be that easy. That person gives you 14 coins, in each coin you get to return and relive everything. So you have 14 chances to make everything right but there will always be new challenges to foil your plan. Will you take the offer?

Then another story entitled "Waiting by the gate", now this is another tearjerker. Cant say much about this because i am keeping this story close to my heart. Then i remembered i still have stories like Realm of Butterflies, My Evil Heart, Crazy Love, and so on.

How about Twinkle Twinkle 3? Vampire Paulito in the city? Hahaha. Yeah right.
Ordinary Me 3? Frank...i dont think a lot would like reading about him anymore.

I am too busy to do any of them. Id rather focus on the third book of my commissioned work. Third book? Hell yeah!!! Book 1 and 2 have 73 chapters, 2800 pages combined. Hahahaha. The story gets hotter and hotter as we enter book 3.

So whats the difference between a normal story and a commissioned work? Well since im paid with a CW then i do recon work, oh yeah, i add images to the stories to make the story easier to imagine. 30 to 50 pages per chapter, oh hell yeah expect a solid chapter everytime. The best part is that i make sure that every centavo is worth it.

That is better than getting nothing at all isnt it?

So now i end this post and resume watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Hahahah. Isip bata! At least may isip kesa naman sa wala. Episode 78 out of 224 done. Sakto bago mag August matapos ko to. Then when the new month arrives i would be busy again.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Orbits Preview


Yeah i said i would go on a vacation but hey i really have this itch LOL. This story has been bugging me for so many days now. I had to have a release of sorts so i decided to write the preview already. Sort of a fix for me.

So let me try a different style in writing this time. Lets start with a heart breaker hahaha. We seldom find tragic stories so i decided to make one. Tragic nga ba? Hahaha. Perhaps, but hey its a good way to start a story right?

Woohoo Paul Diaz writing a tragic story? Yeah right! Sabi ko din sa sarili ko yan e. Pero lets give it a shot....maybe nyahahahaha. Basta maganda to. Kakaiba. Bihira naman kasi yung stories about this issue. So what the heck tragic plus my magic equals.....ewan ko lang nyahahahaha.

So here is the preview of the story Orbits. It has not been written yet, just a showcase just in case people might find it interesting then you know what needs to happen.

So the question is....will it end tragically? This story might be confusing, i will mix flash back and real time events. In the end....ika nga ng malanding maharot na stone faced black skinned bading with super kapal make up with a deep husky maton voice trying to be a girl epek....SECRET!!!! Nyahahahaha. No offense sa mga third sex pero seriously its really funny seeing one looking that way. But i must adhere to Lady Gaga's message, I was born this way so im sorry. Pero sinabi ko parin kasi natatawa talaga ako. Sorry parin

So here is the preview

Sa loob ng isang classroom tulala si Nathaniel at nakatingin sa labas ng bintana. Nakaramdam siya ng isang siko, “Pass na daw” sabi ng katabi niyang kaklase kaya humarap ang binata para ipasa ang kanyang quiz paper. “Parang ang lalim ng iniisip mo pare ha. Ilang araw ka nang ganyan” sabi ni Bernard. “Problematic kasi ako pare e, malapit na birthday ni Melissa. Wala pa ako nabibiling regalo para sa kanya” sagot ni Nathaniel.

“Sus regalo lang naman e, e di kahit anon a. Damit nalang kasi o kaya ano pa paborito niya? High maintenance ba yang girlfriend mo?” tanong ni Bernard. “Sa unang tingin oo pero sa totoo napaka simple niyang tao. Kaya nga ang hirap mag isip ng regalo para sa kanya e” sabi ni Nathaniel. “Matagal pa naman ata e, relax ka lang pare. Grabe ka para naman end of the world na pag di mo siya mabigyan regalo. Expecting ba siya?” tanong ni Bernard.

“Hindi naman, pero pare kahit just for once gusto ko naman siya bigyan ng regalo na maganda. Two years narin kami at never ko pa siya nabigyan ng magandang regalo. Di naman siya nag eexpect e. Pero siyempre maganda din paminsan minsan bigyan mo siya ng surprise na never niya ineexpect diba? Ilang beses ko na nalibot yung mall wala talaga ako maisip. Alangan na iregalo ko nanaman sa kanya ang sarili ko” banat ng binata at napahalakhak kaklase niya.

“Loko loko ka talaga pare. Buti nakakayanan niya yang ugali mong ganyan” sabi ni Bernard. “Yun na nga maganda sa kanya e. She accepts me for who I am. Well naiintindihan ko naman siya kasi para akong ginto o kaya rare treasure” banat ni Nathaniel at lalong nagtawanan yung dalawa. “Sira ulo ka talaga pre. Masyado ka mafeeling” sabi ni Bernard. “Di naman pre, kasi ganon din naman siya sa akin. Kung ako rare, siya endangered species” sabi ni Nathaniel.

“E halos pareho lang naman yon ha” sabi ng kaklase niya. “Di rin pre. Yung rare species, ibig sabihin bihira makita pero meron yon. Madami pa rare species kaya lang mahirap hanapin. Ang endangered species meron sila pero iilan nalang. Pag nakahanap ka ng rare species tapos nawala mo may chance ka pa makahanap ulit. Pero siya, endangered na, pag nawala siya alam kong hindi na ako magkakaroon ulit kasi yung mga katulad niya pag mamay ari na ng iba puso nila”

“Alam ko wala nang sense sinasabi ko and I don’t expect you to understand kasi alien ako pare at ikaw tao ka lang” paliwanag ni Nathaniel at napahalakhak si Bernard. “Di ka parin talaga nagbabago pare. Pero tama ka, give her something she least expect that you wont give her. May sense ka din naman kausap konti” sabi ng binata at natawa si Nathaniel at dinikit ang hintuturo niya sa noo ng kaklase niya. “Pare ano ginagawa mo?” tanong ni Bernard.

“Kinokontrol ko blood flow mo ulo mo kasi nag English ka ng malalim baka di makayanan ng utak mo” banat ni Nathaniel at nagtawanan yung dalawa. “Sige pre punta ulit ako mall. Alam ko na ano ireregalo ko sa kanya” sabi ni Nathaniel. “Ows? Ano naman ibibigay mo?” tanong ng kaklase niya. “E di ano pa nga ba, something she least expects. Isang box ng brief” sabi ng binata at natawa talaga si Bernard. “Siraulo bakit naman brief?” tanong niya. “Sabi mo least expects, e di brief” sagot ni Nathaniel.

“Brief talaga?” tanong ni Bernard. “Oo yung may Tweety Bird design” sagot ng binata at lalo natawa ang kanyang kaklase. “Seryoso ka ba?” tanong ni Bernard. “Kailan ba ako hindi naging seryoso pare? May Hello Kitty ba na brief? Pero parang di na bagay pag pusa no? Bird talaga pag brief. Oh well see you tomorrow pare ko. Salamat sa advise” sabi ni Nathaniel at umalis na.

Sa isang restaurant sa loob ng mall nilalaro ni Melissa yung pagkain niya habang yung katabi niyang binata nakasandal at titig na titig sa kanya. “Uy wag ka naman ganyan kasi” bulong ng dalaga. “I cant stop staring at you? Can you blame me?” bulong ni Chris na manliligaw niya. “Stop it” sabi ni Melissa at lalong lumapit si Chris.

“We have been dating for two weeks already, I know you feel the same way as I feel about you” sabi ng binata at mga labi niya malapit na sa mga pisngi ng dalaga. Matagal nang crush ni Melissa si Chris, isang heartthrob ng kanilang paaralan. “Alam mo di naman date ito e, sabi mo you just needed someone to talk to kaya ako pumapayag na sumama” sabi ni Melissa.

“Oh come on Melissa, it was the only way I could invite you on a date. Don’t tell me you don’t feel anything. Let me be honest, I like you” bulong ng binata at lalong kinilig ang dalaga at namumula na ang kanyang mga pisngi. “Wag naman kasi ganyan Chris” bulong niya. “So be honest with me, I will accept your answer whatever it is” sabi ng binata.

“Ano yon?” tanong ni Melissa. “I like you Melissa, don’t you like me too?” tanong ng binata. “I do but…” sagot ng dalaga at naramdaman niya yung halik ni Chris sa kanyang pisngi. Napapikit si Melissa, di niya makontrol ang kanyang sarili at dahan dahan humarap at tuluyan nagdikit ang kanilang mga labi. Lumipas ang tatlong segundo kumalas si Melissa pero hinaplos ni Chris ang pisngi ng dalaga at muli siya hinalikan sa labi.

Sa labas ng restaurant napadaan si Nathaniel, masaya ang binata pagkat nakabili na siya ng regalo. “Grabe naman yan masyado PDA” sabi ng isang babae na dumaan. Napalingon siya saglit at nakita niya si Melissa na nakikipaghalikan sa ibang binata sa loob ng restaurant. Kumirot ng husto ang kanyang puso, katawan niya nanigas at utak niya biglang nablanko.

Ilang beses niya pinikit mga mata niya, nakita niya kumalas yung lalake pero hinila ito ni Melissa para makipaghalikan pa. Huminga ng malalim si Nathaniel at pinagmasdan ang kanyang regalo. Di niya nakayanan ang kanang nakikita kaya naupo siya saglit sa malapit na bench at unti unti binuksan ang hawak niyang gift box.

Sampung minuto ang lumipas, face to face sina Melissa at Chris na nagngingitian. Napalunok ang binata at dahan dahan umatras nang makita si Nathaniel nakatayo sa tabi ng dalaga. “Whats wrong?” tanong ni Melissa at dahan dahan siya napalingon at nakita ang kanyang nobyo. Gulat na gulat siya, utak niya tila naparalisa. Wala siyang mabigkas na salita pero si Nathaniel nilapag ang regalo sa harapan niya sabay hinalikan ang dalaga sa pisngi.

“Advanced Happy Birthday Melissa” bulong ng binata. Napayuko si Melissa at agad tumulo ang luha sa kanyang mukha. Si Chris takot na takot pagkat titig na titig sa kanya si Nathaniel at hinihimas ng binata ang isa niyang kamao. Huminga ng malalim ang binata sabay tumalikod nalang at lumabas ng restaurant. “Hey don’t cry, ipagtatanggol naman kita e” sabi ni Chris sabay hinaplos ang likod ng dalaga.

“Go away” sabi ni Melissa. “Oh come on Melissa, its good he saw us already. Ipaglalaban kita” bulong ng binata pero tinulak siya ng dalaga. “I said go away!” sigaw niya kaya napalingon sa paligid si Christ at kita niya lahat ng ibang customer nakatingin na sa kanila. “Tara alis nalang tayo dito” hirit ng binata at tinignan siya ng masama ng dalaga. “Leave me alone please” bigkas niya at umaagos talaga ang luha sa kanyang mukha.

Sa labas ng mall palabo ng palabo ang tingin ni Nathaniel. Halos di niya mahakbang ang kanyang mga paa sa bigat ng sakit na nararamdaman sa kanyang dibdib. Isang punas sa mukha at luminaw ang paligid pero di alam ng binata kung saan siya pupunta, hindi tuwid ang kanyang isip kaya pumara siya ng taxi.

“Boss saan tayo” tanong ng driver. “Hindi ko alam” sagot ni Nathaniel at napalingon ang driver. “Nanloloko ka ba…” sabi niya pero kita niya ang binata tulala sa binatana at basang basa ang mukha dahil sa luha. “Alam mo address ng bahay niyo?” tanong ng driver sa awa at agad naman ito binigay ng binata.


Jonathan Paul Diaz

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Itch...


Second day of my two week vacation and i already am having the itch. I promised myself not to bash the keyboard. I just made this blog post as an exemption because i just had to get the itch out of my system.

I want to write, i do have lots of stories to tell but seriously where do you see a worker who does tire himself out working and in the end not getting paid? Quite dumb isnt it? Yes it is. People dont go abroad seeking better jobs to not get paid ahahahaha.

The driver who rammed my porch came back yesterday. I gave him the price for the repairs and told him to just come weekly and give whatever he can give. He is an honest and apologetic man, he told me he will pay up because it was his responsibility. But i just had to cut him some slack so no matter how long it will take, no matter how much he can pay weekly i dont mind.

Then when he has fully paid, i told him he can come watch the repairs himself. I would have shouldered the repairs, but he said he must face his responsibility. So i do applaud him. Kokonti nalang ang mga taong ganyan. Yung iba siguro tatakbuhan na ako. I am just too trusting perhaps. So problem solved.

Due to boredom, yesterday i visited the front page of Plurk and saw dozens of really stupid quotes. Oh yes they are really stupid. Imagine there was this one quote saying, "You are not really happy because you are still looking for something or someone to make you happy"

So how dumb is that? Okay so the person who made that quote is dumb. The dumber people are those who liked it ahahahaha. But wait theres more, the dumbest people are those who appreciated it and even reposted it. Bwahahahahahaha. Seriously?

Why the hell do you need to invent stupid and nonsense quotes anyway? Then youre even so proud to broadcast it. Its better if you have made a really good quote and share it. But seriously? Do you really have to push yourself that hard to make a nonsense one? Just because some words you used are good to hear makes it sound good already?

So if youre bored you can easily go to the Plurk front page and knock yourself out laughing. Or you can just log in to your social network account and read the posts of your friends. I am sure there are some there who would really make you laugh, when you try to correct them you get "unfriended" ahahahaha. Who cares! Its better not to get associated with dumb people anyway.

That is why i shifted to Google+

Yup the social network of Google is much better.

So i have two weeks of boredom ahead. Better enjoy the rain and keep this itch on bay.

Oh if you got offended by this post of mine, I am truly sorry. Its just me ranting and unleashing the itch to write. "Bato bato sa langit ang matamaan....pasensya nalang"

Still i have to say sorry to those who got offended. Pero totoo naman diba? Hahahaha. Wag ka na mag paimpress sa mali. Kung ano meron ka at kung ano kaya mo doon ka magpaimpress. Wag masyado try hard baka mapahiya ka lang.

Makinig kay Lady Gaga, you were born that way. Tapos may isang kanta pa, "You were meant to be the way your are exactly"

So focus on your strengths and do not try so hard to be someone else. The moment you try to be someone else and you fail, its you who gets the shame and not the person you were trying to be. And you may succeed on trying to be someone else, but up to when can you be that someone else? The longer you pretend, the more you forget who you really are.

Kung sino ka, yun ka!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Human...


All I can say is WHEW!

I have finished one of my commissioned works. Well its almost two years I have been doing this commissioned work for one client who has became my friend already. Imagine having two books, yes two ebooks. A total of 73 chapters with a 2700 pages more or less.

Oh hell yeah, thats like 30 to 50 pages per chapter. And we are about to enter book three this August. The storyline has gotten intense so i was too busy the past few days.

I had fun meeting up with my ex and her bestfriend last Thursday. I did treat them out for lunch and we had a fun time catching up. The next day, a taxi rammed our porch. Yeah a bit of damage, i felt pity for the driver. He said he would come back on Monday to settle things. Yes i didnt bother to call the cops. I am too trusting i guess.

I got too hooked with my commissioned work. Yes its that intense. Now with two weeks to go for July i have nothing left to do...other commissioned work on hold due. Why? The clients are too busy at their work. By August they said the funds start rolling in again so that is when i continue their comm work.

So what do i do with two weeks off? Make another ebook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!!!

Honestly i could have finished my comm work sooner but i decided to be human. Yes i agreed to meet up with my ex and her bestfriend. And yes i only worked during mornings because i spent all my afternoons with dad watching Season 1 to 2 of White Collar. We actually love it, action, suspense and comedy.

Today i just made the pdf format of the second book of my comm work. I am awaiting for my father to arrive from work so we can start season 3 of White Collar of finish the XIII series which we already started days ago.

To be honest the last time i became human and had fun was March 30, 2010. Yes for three days. Then i became a robot again.

Dont you just love people replying on the page feeling excited about Salamangka book 2 when you have not sold them book one ahahaha. Makes you wonder how they read it but this is the Philippines. Its normal. Dont even ask how anymore.

Two solid weeks of being human i choose. Avoid the netbook and laptop. Unless there is a new commissioned work offered of course i will grab it.

If not then no worries.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Sa Aking Mga Kamay Book 2 Preview

(Events take place right after MPEX and at the end of Neybor. At the end of MPEX is the start of the road trip to Baguio. At the end of Neybor is one of the events of the group in Baguio)

“Co-pilot are all the passengers okay?” tanong ni Kiko. Lumingon si Ben at nakita sina Michelle, Layla at Jessica na pare pareho nahihilo. “Captain they are about to produce hot soup” sagot ni Ben. “Ah that is normal because this Kennon Road is really long and winding. Oh look it’s the enemy in front of us, we have caught up with them mwahahahaha!” sabi ni Kiko at biglang pinaspasan ang pagmaneho niya.

“Captain we have a lock on” sabi ni Ben. “Good! Prepare the missiles” sabi ni Kiko at binuksan ng bestfriend niya yung kanyang bintana at hinanda ang isang supot ng tubig. “Missile ready captain” sabi ni Ben. “Hey you two what are you doing?” tanong ni Michi at biglang nag overtake si Kiko at tinabihan yung kotse ng siga. “Fire missile!” sigaw ni Kiko at initsa ni Ben yung supot ng tubig sa nakabukas na bintana ng katabing kotse nila.

Nasapol ang siga sa mukha at nabasa ito sabay pinaspasan ni Kiko patakbo niya at nagsigawan sa tawa ang magbestfriend. Bungisngis yung tatlong dalaga sa likod at napalingon sila. Kita nila bumagal yung kotse ng siga, “Youre so dead, gaganti yan mamaya sa Baguio” banta ni Layla. “Oh yeah? Bawi yan sa pag gapos niya sa amin kanina. Oh we are not so done yet” sabi ni Kiko. “Francis behave” bulong ni Michi at biglang bumagal yung kotse at nagbehave yung dalawang binata.

“Direct orders from the general we cannot do anything co-captain” sabi ni Kiko. “I concur captain” sagot ni Ben at nagfist bump yung dalawa. Bente minutos ang lumipas at nanlaki mga mata ng magbestfriend. “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!” sigaw na pakanta ni Kiko. “Sithi uhmmm ingonyama!” sagot ni Ben at nagtawanan yung mga girls.

“Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!” ulit ni Kiko. “Sithi uhmmm ingonyama” bawi ni Ben at sabay sila sumigaw “Ingonyama!” at lalo naaliw yung mga dalaga sa kanila nang kantahin nila simula sa isang kanta sa Lion King. “Siyo nqoba” kanta ni Kiko. “Ingonyama” second voice ni Ben. “Ingonyama nengw enamabala…look it’s the lion head” sabi ni Kiko.

“Oh Simba what happened to you? Bakit mo kasi tinitigan si Medussa?” hirit niya. “Rawrrr” ungol ni Ben at tinignan siya ni Kiko. “Duh! As if maka rawr yan e nakasemento. Ganito lang siya o magroar” banat ni Kiko at binuka niya ng malaki bibig niya at walang tunog na lumabas kaya umariba sa tawa ang mga dalaga.

Nakarating ang grupo sa John Hay Manor kung saan sila maninirahan. “Nakakahiya naman na sa iyo Michi ang mahal ata dito” sabi ni Layla. “Sus wala ito no, we are here to have fun” sagot ng dalaga at sabay sabay napangiti yung tatlong binata. “Did you hear that, she said we are here to have fun” landi ni Kiko at bigla siya nag hip thrusts at sumabay pa yung siga. “Bawiwambawap bawibawap in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight” kanta nila pero napatigil nang batukan ni Michi ang nobyo niya.

“Bakit ganyan ang sinasayaw mo?” tanong ng dalaga. “Ito naman o killjoy, kasi we saw a lion kaya parang theme ng bakasyon natin ay Lion King. Can you feel the love tonight?” kanta ni Kiko sabay nagbeautiful eyes at pinagtawanan siya ng mga dalaga.

“Excuse me, how many rooms are you taking?” tanong ng receptionist. “O ano boys together tapos girls together?” tanong ni Layla at biglang nagpose ang mga boys with matching kendeng. Tinaas ni Jayps shades niya, si Kiko nilaro ang kanyang buhok habang si Ben kunwari naghahanap. “Did you see my purse Kika?” landi niya. “Why Benita magreretouch ka ba?” sagot ni Kiko pabakla. “You can use mine, you want. Alam mo mag lip gloss ka nalang dear” dagdag ni Jayps at natawa ng todo yung mga receptionists.

“Four rooms” sabi ni Michelle. “And one cage for our pet siga” banat ni Kiko at bigla siya nakaramdam ng suntok sa kanyang tagiliran. “Four rooms only but please have the emergency unit on stand by 24/7” hirit niya sabay tinignan ng masama ang siga. “Im going to break you I promise” bulong niya sabay ngisi.

“Four rooms…pano?” tanong ni Ben. “E di siyempre yung mag partner magkasama sa isang room. Then Layla and Trisha in one” paliwanag ni Monique. Nagkatitigan yung yung mga boys at nabura ang pagbabakla nila at tindig siga silang tatlo “O pare narinig mo yon ha, partner partner daw” sabi ni Jayps.

“Yo bro loud and clear” sabi ni Kiko sabay kinabog dibdib ng siga. “May gym ba dito? Kailangan ko iflex muscles ko e” dagdag ni Ben sabay kinabog din dibdib ni Jayps. “Aray ko nakakarami na kayo!” sigaw ng siga. “Oh bro whats wrong? That’s how real men do it. Ah miss we are going to take four room” banat ni Kiko at todo pasiga na sumandal sa counter.

Papunta na sila sa mga kwarto, nagtataka si Michi kung bakit nakabuntot sa kanila si Trisha. “Oh diba don ka kasama si Layla?” tanong ng dalaga at nagpacute yung bunso. “Ay oo nga pala ate, sige. Bye Kiks” landi ni Trisha at biglang nanigas si Kiko at pinikit ang kanyang mga mata. Pagpasok nila sa kwarto, “Ive got my eyes on you Francis” bulong ni Michi.

Nanatili si Kiko sa may pinto at parang takot. “Hoy ano ginagawa mo diyan?” tanong ng dalaga. “Wag po…wag po” banat ng binata at biglang natawa si Michi at niyakap ang nobyo niya. “Loko loko ka talaga, Kung all boys sa isang room natatakot ako sa gulo na magagawa niyong tatlo. Its safer this way” bulong ng dalaga. “Michi, sure ka safe ako? Eto na pagkakataon mo para masolo ang aking katawang lupa” banat ng binata.

“Oo nga e” sagot ng dalaga at biglang nanginig si Kiko kaya natawa ang dalaga. “I trust you. Alam ko mabait ka” sabi ni Michi. “True that. Pero Michi pag may kakaibang nangyari gusto ko sabihin sa iyo na sinaniban ako. Pinapaunahan na kita” sabi ng binata at nagtawanan yung dalawa. Nagtukaan yung dalawa sa labi.

Kinabukasan nagtungo ang grupo sa La Trinidad para mag strawberry picking. Yung tatlong boys ang may hawak ng baskets kaya bigla sila naghamunan. “Padamihan tayo” sabi ng siga. “Hay naku wag na kayo lumaban, Jayps is a good gardener” pasikat ni Monique. “Oooh role playing pala hilig niyo. Siya ba ang hardinero niyo?” landi ni Kiko at natawa ang mga dalaga.

Lumipas ang trenta minutos sumilip si Kiko at nakita niya halos mapuno na yung basket nina Monique at Jayps. “Don’t mind them” sabi ni Michi at biglang nakasalubong nila si Ben at Jessica. “O bakit kokonti palang nakuha niyo?” tanong ni Kiko. “Kasi pare pag may malalaki kami nakukuha kinakain na namin, sabi naman nung taga bantay fresh daw pwede na kainin e” sagot ni Ben.

“Hala! That is not true! Alam mo ba epekto ng fertilizer? Pare tutubuan ka ng third balls” banat ni Kiko “Tapos yung tutoy mo mag itsurang totoong mushroom” hirit niya at napatigil sina Ben at Jessica at tumawa lang. “Yeah I read that too” dagdag ni Michi at parang nanlambot yung mga kasama nila. “At hala! Bakit yang mga kinuha niyo? Look at the color, hala dapat yung pure red. Tignan niyo yan masyado madaming spores. Not good yan” sabi ni Kiko

“Tsk sabi ko na e. San ba pwede itapon to?” tanong ni Ben. “Shhhh ikalat mo nalang diyan sa tabi, may thirty minutes pa naman tayo e” bulong ni Michi kaya binuhos ni Ben laman ng basket nila sa isang tabi. Umalis ulit yung dalawa at nagbungisngisan sina Kiko at Michi at pinulot yung mga tinapon nila at kinarga sa kanilang basket.

Natapos ang oras nila at panalo ang grupo nina Jayps. “Congratulations siga” sabi ni Kiko at nakipagkamayan. Pabalik na sila sa mga kotse nang biglang umaray yung siga. “Whats wrong?” tanong ni Monique. “Michi paspasan mo lakad mo, dali” bulong ni Kiko at nagmadaling umalis yung dalawa. “Ewan ko parang bumigat bigla tong basket” sabi ng siga at pagtingin nila puno na ng bato yung basket at kokonti nalang yung strawberries na naka cover sa ibabaw. “Kiko!” sigaw ng siga at tanging narinig nila ay yung mala demonyong tawa ng binata sa malayo.

(After the boat scene from Neybor)

“Masaya pala kayo kasama e” sabi ng siga. “We taste even better” landi ni Kiko at nagtawanan sila ni Ben. “Seryoso ako pare, cool kayo kasama” sabi ni Jayps. “Ikaw din siga ayos kasama, we feel protected” landi ni Ben at nagtawanan yung tatlo.

Magkasama sina Ben, Kiko at Jayps na naglilibot ng park habang yung mga girls namasyal at namili ng mga souvenirs. “Kiko ano ba yung panaginip mo na yon? Bakit masyado ka worried?” tanong ng siga. “Ano? May bagong panaginip ka?” tanong ni Ben. “Oo e, nagstart nung nakitulog ako sa kanila” sabi ni Kiko.

“Bakit ano ba problema sa panaginip niya?” tanong ng siga at nagkatitigan yung mag bestfriend. “Its complicated pare” sabi ni Ben. “Sus parang wala kayong tiwala sa akin e” sabi ni Jayps. “Baka di kaya ihandle ng utak mo yung katotohanan” sabi ni Kiko. “Yeah right, kalokohan nanaman yan ano?” tanong ng siga.

“All my dreams that recur do come true” sabi ni Kiko. “At meron siyang ability” dagdag ni Ben. “What do you mean all your dreams come true?” tanong ng siga. “Dude plain and simple, kung ano napanaginipan ko magkakatotoo. I dreamt of getting married to Amy” kwento ni Kiko at natulala yung dalawa. “Si Amy? Bakit siya?” tanong ni Ben.

“Di ko nga alam e. Michi was there at ang lungkot ng mukha niya. Pare katabi pa kita, bestman ata kita at pareho kayo ng dad ko nagsasabi sa akin ng congratulations” sabi ni Kiko. “So ibig mo sabihin magkakatotoo yan?” tanong ng siga. “Ewan ko nga e, sana wag. Last time I dreamt of Michi even before I got to know her. Sa dream na yon she was breaking up with me” kwento ng binata.

“But you still ended up together, wait nangyari ba yung scene na yon?” tanong ng siga “Oo pare with a twist. As in lahat ng details ng dream ko nangyari. Pero nagprapractice pala kami ng isang drama scene. Thank God ganon, sa dream ko kasi parang bitin e. Can you imagine gaano kasakit makilala si Michi knowing that she would break my heart?” tanong ni Kiko.

“Yeah pero you still fought for her? Pare are you serious about this stuff? O binobola niyo lang ako?” tanong ng siga at biglang hinawakan ni Kiko kamay ng siga. “Sige dude try mo magsalita at whatever you say sasabayan ka niya” sabi ni Ben. “Yeah right” sabay na bigkas ni Kiko at Jayps at natulala yung siga at natawa.

“Coincidence…holy shi…seryoso ka?” sabay ulit ni binigkas at medyo kinilabutan ang siga. “O ano naniniwala ka na?” tanong ni Ben. “If I hold you hand I see the future of this day at alam ko mapapaaway tayo” sabi ni Kiko. “Mapapaaway kanino?” tanong ni Jayps. “Basta dude its going to happen. Now pag iniwasan natin yung mangyayari na yon it will still happen. Say for example nakita ni Kiko tatapak ka sa tae, sasabihin niya sa iyo yon then babantayan mo na bawat tapak mo”

“Maiiwasan mo nga siguro yung pagtapak pero kahit ano gawin mo mangyayari parin yon or may serious bad effect later” paliwanag ni Ben. “Binobola niyo lang ako. yang ginawa mo na pareho sinasabi natin is just a coincidence. Ability my ass dude. Okay say naiwasan ko tumapak sa tae. Don’t tell me magkakalat talaga ang madaming tae nalang sa daan para lang itama yung naiwasan ko na no. Ang tanga ko naman na pag nakatapak ako sa tae” bigkas ng siga sabay tumawa. “Ano sabi mo?!” sigaw ng isang lalake at paglingon nung tatlo may isang grupo ng lalake at yung isa nakatapak sa tae.

“Bakit may probelema ka sa sinabi ko?” tanong ni Jayps at inayos ang shades niya at natakot yung grupo ng mga lalake. Nagdedmahan na at tumawa ang siga nang naglakad silang tatlo palayo. “Dude, basta kasama niyo ako walang away na mangyayari” pasikat niya at bigla sila nabato at paglingon nila sobrang dami na yung grupo ng lalake.

“Ayan na tinawag na nila yung buong tropa nila Excursion pala sila e” bulong ni Ben. “O siga sabi mo you can protect us” landi ni Kiko. “Yeah pero thirty people…nag eekskursyon din pala ang mga body builders ano?” bulong ni Jayps at nangilabot. Lumapit ang mga kalaban at humarap si Kiko at nginitian sina Ben at Jayps.

“Don’t worry I know kung-fu” landi ni Kiko at biglang hinawakan ang isang kamay ng kalaban at namangha si Jayps sa galing ng pag iwas ni Kiko sa tira ng madaming lalake. Pasiklab yung binata ng skills, napansin ng siga na talagang hinahawakan ni Kiko ang mga kamay ng kalaban bago siya gaganti. “Pare should we help him?” bulong ng siga. “Nah, kaya niya yan. Si Kiko pa” pasikat ni Ben sabay ngiti.

Lumipas ang limang minuto at sumigaw si Kiko ng malakas. “Huwaaaaaahh!!” banat niya sabay nagpormang ala kung fu master na inuudyok pang lumapit ang mga kalaban. “I can hurt you some more but this time I cannot promise you all that I will hold back. You see you have angered me and I have no recourse but to hurt you” bigkas niya at nagsiatrasan ang mga kalaban. “Sensya na pre, were good” sabi ng isa at agad sila nag alisan.

Tumalikod si Kiko at biglang lumapit sa dalawang kaibigan niya at munting nang magcollapse sa neybyos. Agad umalalayo si Jayps at Ben, “Walanghiya kayo nanood lang kayo Mas malaki katawan niyo sa akin” sabi ni Kiko. “Siya kasi sabi niya kaya mo na daw e” sabi ng siga “Benditaaaaa…walanghiya ka, gusto mo talaga ako mamatay ano?” landi ni Kiko. “Di naman sa ganon Agua” sagot ni Ben at nagtawanan yung tatlo.

Dinner time sa hotel napansin ng lahat na wala si Jayps. “Saan ba siya pumunta?” tanong ni Monique. “Kiko at Ben hanapin niyo nga para makakain na tayo” sabi ni Michi. Tumayo yung dalawang binata at lumabas ng restaurant. Pinuntahan nung dalawa yung SUV at sa loob nakagapos ang mga paa at kamay ni Jayps.

Sinuot ni Kiko yung shades sabay pumorma. “Bagay ko ba?” tanong niya. “Walanghiya ka pakwalan niyo ako dito” sabi ng siga. “Ben did he say the magic word?” tanong ni Kiko. “Di pa e, should we wait for him to say it?” landi ng bestfriend niya. “Of course, para mareform itong siga na ito”

“I told you im going to break you. Ngayon sinong siga sa atin?”

Sa Aking Mga Kamay 2
Bagong Panaginip

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Salamangka: Ang Pagsubok Preview


Cool cover? I hope so. As promised i have encoded the preview to another possible ebook that i can encode. I am sure i dont have to tell you what this ebook is, the image above says it all. This is the sequel to the story i wrote last years.

So those who have bought the ebook last year, enjoy the preview.


Sa loob ng isang private subdivision…


Sa likod ng isang magarang bahay may dalawang binatang naglalaro ng basketball. Nag crossover dribble si Benjoe, nalusutan niya ang kanyang kaibigan para mag lay up pero nahuli yung bola sa board at natapalan ang kanyang tira ng napakatangkad niyang kaibigan. “Bwahahahahahaha! My turn!” sigaw ni Bartholomew, isang seven footer na binata.

Nilabas ng higante yung bola, konting dribble at sumaksak para magbigay ng isang monster dunk. Walang nagawa si Benjoe kundi mapakamot at matawa nalang. “Bakulaw ka masyado Barbs” sabi niya. “Twenty one to zero! Kutong lupa ka Benjoe. Wala ka bang talent sa larong to?” pasikat ng higante at nagtawanan yung dalawa.

“At pare naman call me by my new name, Bartholomew” sabi ng higante. “Whatever pare, oy sabi ni Tito Barney linisan mo daw kotse niya” sabi ni Benjoe. “Oh men, oo nga no. Mamaya na, kailangan ko mag practice pa. Alam mo naman ang star player kailangan lagi nag eensayo. Sa tingin mo pre pag graduate ko diretso nalang kaya ako sa NBA or mag PBA muna ako?” tanong ni Bart.

“Dude nasa sa iyo yan. Basta magsilbi ka muna sa National Team para wala sila masabi. Buwaya ka nga siguro dito pero pagdating mo sa NBA baka isa ka lang house lizard don. Magbigay ka muna karangalan sa bayan” sabi ni Benjoe. “Sabagay tama ka, bayan muna pero wala naman suporta dito e” reklamo ni Bart.

“Duh, saka lang nagkakaroon ng suporta pag may sure silang ipagmamalaki. Tignan mo yung soccer, wala naman suporta diyan dati pero nung nagsulputan yung mga pogi diyos ko kahit mag chip in yung mga babae at bading ng tig piso pwede na sila ipadala para lumaban kahit sa outerspace pa” sabi ni Benjoe.

“So sinasabi mo gwapo ako?” landi ni Bart. “Soccer player ka ba? Bakulaw ka, rare species na ang bakulaw na may talent kaya sigurado ako madami susuporta sa iyo. Ikaw na yung Philippine crocodile na mabait, kasi karamihan ng iba nasa gobyerno at nagpapayaman” banat ni Benjoe at nagtawanan yung dalawa.

Ayesha and Aryanna

Habang nagshoshooting yung magkaibigan may isang magandang dalaga ang biglang dumating. Nakasuot ito ng maiksing puti na Sunday dress, nakatalai ang kanyang buhok at napakasexy. “Hello Benjoe” bati niya kaya napalingon yung mga binata at napangiti.

“Hello Ayesha” bati ni Benjoe. “You look so pretty today Ayesha” sabi ni Bart. “Kailan ba hindi?” taray ng dalaga at nakiagaw sa bola at nagshoot. “Aye grabe naman yang suot mo ang iksi” sabi ni Benjoe at nginitian siya ng dalaga sabay hinaplos ang kamay. “Bakit di ko ba bagay?” lambing niya. “Ah bagay naman, pero di mo naman na kailangan magsuot ng ganyan e” sabi ng binata. “Gusto mo tanggalin ko?” banat ni Ayesha at nagtakip ng bibig si Bart sabay kuwnari umubo. “Mayaaa…mayaaa” bigkas niya at agad umirap ang dalaga at tinitigan siya ng masama. “Tse Maya ka diyan” sagot ng dalaga.

“Hello Benjoe” bati pa ng isang dalaga na kakadating. Napalingon yung tatlo at napanganga sa mapangahas suot ni Aryanna. Pula na mas maiksing Sunday dress, masyadong mababa ang neckline at lumapit ito kay Benjoe at humalik sa pisngi. “Ahh hi Aryanna” bati ng binata. “Gusto mo maglunch sa bahay? I learned how to cook” lambing ng dalaga at sumingit si Ayesha at tinulak siya palayo.

“Hello! May get together tayo sa bahay nila as if di mo alam” sabi ni Ayesha at siya naman ang yumakap kay Benjoe at hinalikan sa kabilang pisngi. “I baked your favorite brownies, do you want to come with me…I have a much shorter dress than hers” bulong ni Ayesha. “Hoy kayong dalawa baka nakakalimutan niyo na very loyal kay Maya yan” sabi ni Bart.

“Bakit wala naman kaming ginagawang masama pa e” sabi ni Ayesha at natawa si Benjoe at napakamot. “Alam mo sana hindi nalang sila nanalo sa lotto para di sila nakabili ng bahay dito. Mas peaceful dito noon nung wala yung pamilya ni Maya sa subdivision natin” sabi ni Aryanna. “Kaya nga sa lahat pa ng pagbibilhan ng bahay dito pa, sana sa abroad nalang. Pwede naman long distance relationship e, tapos pag malungkot si Benjoe…kaya ko punan ang pagkukulang ni Maya” banat ni Ayesha sabay kinindatan ang binata.

“O pare bakit tahimik ka ata? Mukhang ineenjoy mo naman ata” sabi ni Bart. “Hindi pare, nagugutom lang ako” sabi ni Benjoe. “Alam mo you look so sweaty so you can take a shower sa bahay” landi ni Aryanna. “I like it when you look sweaty, no need to shower” banat ni Ayesha at napakamot si Bart at muling umubo. “Mayaaa..Mayaaa” banat niya at natawa si Benjoe at inuga ang kanyang ulo.


Sa loob ng bahay nina Benjoe tinutulungan ni Maya si Amelia mag ihaw ng barbeque sa garden. “Alam mo iha ako nalang, hanapin mo nalang si Benjoe at yung iba kasi malapit na tayo kakain” sabi ni Amelia. “Okay lang po tita, nandon lang siya kina Bart naglalaro ng basketball” sabi ng dalaga.

“Iha ano balita sa parents mo?” tanong ni Antonio na naghahanda ng mga plato sa outdoor table. “Tito nasa Paris po sila ngayon. Tapos bukas po ay pupunta na sila sa Caribbean cruise nila” sabi ni Maya. “Di ka ba naiinggit Maya?” tanong ni Amelia. “Hindi po tita, di ko kaya iwanan dito si Benjoe, mahirap na” sabi ng dalaga at natawa ang mga magulang ng binata.

“Ate ilalabas narin po ba yung buko pandan?” tanong ni Insyang. “Ah hindi pa, mamaya na yon para malamig. Siya nga pala nasan si cute Mina?” tanong ni Amelia. “Ay nandon po ate sa taas kasama si baby Iofel” sabi ni Insyang. “Tita ilang months palang ni Iofel at ang likot na niya pero she is so cute. I remember Mina being like that nung baby siya” sabi ni Maya.

“Oo nga e, kaya lagi napupuyat si Benjoe kasi gusto niya siya yung mag alaga sa kapatid niya. Do you know that pag si Benjoe ang nag aalaga sa kanya hindi siya umiiyak?” sabi ni Amelia. “Wow so magaling pala siya mag alaga ng bata” sabi ni Maya. “Oo kaya sigurado ako maalagaan mabuti magiging anak niyo. Gusto ko lalake unang apo ko” sabi ni Antonio.

“Ano ka ba Antonio?! Bata pa sila at wag ka muna magsasabi ng ganyan” sermon ni Amelia. “Sinasabi ko lang naman e. E malay ko ba ano ginagawa nilang dalawa pag nagkukulong sila sa kwarto” sabi ni Antonio at nagulat si Maya. “Hala tito hindi po ganon” sabi ni Maya. “Antonio!” sigaw ni Amelia kaya natawa nalang ang asawa niya at napakamot.

“Pasensya ka na iha, ganyan talaga asawa ko. Hindi dapat kami nakikialam sa inyo. We know naman you two are very responsible” sabi ni Amelia. “Tita hindi po ganon” sabi ni Maya. “We just hang out, surf ng web or nanonood kami ng movies” hirit ng dalaga. “Tapos?” landi ni Antonio at natawa si Amelia. “Its okay iha nagbibiro lang kami” sabi niya.

“Hang out e di dapat sa labas ng bahay or outdoor. Surf ng web e mas malaki yung computer sa study room. Nood ng movies e may home theater tayo. Bakit kailangan pa gawin mga yon sa kwartong nakasara?” banat ni Antonio at namumula na mukha ni Maya pero si Amelia tawa ng tawa. “Don’t mind him iha, nanghuhuli lang yan. Its okay if you two are doing something else” sabi niya.

“Tita! Hala wala pong ganon” sabi ni Maya at natatawa na siya. “Anong ganon?” tanong ni Antonio. “Tumigil ka na nga diyan Antonio, nahihiya na si Maya” sermon ni Amelia. “But you two kiss?” hirit niya at napahalakhak talaga yung dalawa. “Tignan mo to, curious ka din pala e” sabi ni Antonio. “E malay ko ba kung may tinatagong sikreto anak natin. Baka mamaya mabulaga nalang tayo e kinukulot pala niya si Maya o kaya nagpepedicure at manicure. Tapos one day bigla nalang siya magladlad” bulyaw ni Amelia.

“Kaya naman pala lagi niya kasama si Bart. Oh my God! Uso pa naman ang bromance ngayon. Diyos ko nangingilabot ako isipin anak ko at si Bart. Baka isang araw dadating siya at sasabihin, Dad, Mom, kami na ni Bart” bigkas ni Antonio at super laugh trip silang tatlo. “Tapos pupunta si Bart kay Barney, Dad im pregnant and Benjoe is the father. Syempre kahit na bading gusto ko si Benjoe parin ang lalake, ayaw ko siya yung mabubuntis” hirit niya at halos maiyak na sa tawa si Maya at Amelia. “Hon, hindi nabubuntis ang bakla” sabi ni Amelia. “Oo nga pala, pero pwede sila mag adopt ng bata tapos dad, mom, eto na yung apo niyo, we named him Shutralala Phenisia” sabi ni Antonio at muli sila naghalakhakan.

“Tita don’t worry lalake po si Benjoe” sabi ni Maya at nanlaki ang mga mata ng mag asawa. “Aha! Sapat nang katibayan yan, malaman na iyong sinabi, Amelia wag ka nang hihirit. Napatunayan na natin na magpapatuloy ang ating royal blood” sabi ni Antonio at nagtawanan yung tatlo. “Tito, tita he has so much respect for me at di pa kami umabot don pero we do kiss” bulong ni Maya.


Sa loob ng baby’s room umiiyak ang baby kaya hinaplos ni Mina yung tiyan nito. “Baby don’t cry, gutom ka ba? Inubos mo naman kasi mga dede mo. Ang takaw takaw mo masyado” sabi ng bata. Hindi tumigil sa pag iyak ang baby kaya nagpanic na si Mina at napalingon sa paligid. Nakita yung maliit na stuff toy at agad niya ito kinuha at pinakita sa baby.

Pansamantala tumigil si Iofel sa pag iyak at tinignan ang stuff toy. “O see its mister bear” bigkas ni Mina at biglang hinawakan ng baby yung mga kamay ng stuff toy at nahiwalay ito sa katawan. “Hala, nasira…oh don’t cry baby…teka lang” sabi ng bata at muling naghanap ng laruan sa paligid. Sa isang sulok pinulot pa niya yung isang stuff toy nang bigla siyang napalingon at nakita si Iofel naglalakad.

Nagulat si Mina at biglang napaupo sa gulat, si Iofel lumapit sa crib niya at inuga uga ito habang nakatingin sa kanya. “Ahh…gusto mo sa crib?” tanong ni Mina at ngumiti yung baby at tinungo ang kanyang ulo. Tulala si Mina at dahan dahan tumayo sabay binuhat yung baby at pinasok sa crib.

Pagkahiga nung bata tinuro nito yung mga nakasabit na revoliving hanging stars. Pinaikot ni Mina ang mga yon at biglang tumawa yung baby at naaliw. In shock talaga si Mina kaya dahan dahan siyang lumayo at tinignan yung kama at bigla nalang tumakbo palabas ng kwarto.


Katatapos ng misa at masayang umuwi ng bahay si Mika. Agad nagtungo ang dalaga sa kanyang kwarto para magpahinga. Habang nakahiga sa kama ay biglang nagbaga ang kanyang mga mata. Para siyang zombie na tumayo at nagtungo sa harapan ng kanyang computer at nagtype ng mabilis.

Lumipas ang trenta minutos natauhan ang dalaga at nakita ang kanyang sinulat sa kanyang computer. “Oh Lord, here we go again” bigkas niya at agad niya kinuha ang kanyang cellphone at may tinawagan.


“Iha tinanggap mo na ba yung promotion mo na maging news anchor?” tanong ng isang matandang babae. “Not yet ma, pinag iisipan ko pa” sagot ni Jamie. “Pinag iisipan? Ano pang pag iisipan mo? Iha naman natatakot ako para sa iyo pag lagi kang nasa field reporting. At least itong news anchor job permanent job mo na” sabi ng nanay niya.

“Hindi po ganon, we still have to do field work for our researches” sabi ni Jamie. “I know pero din a tulad ng dati na babad ka sa field at nag aantay ng kaganapan. Hay naku iha sana tanggapin mo na para pwede na ako magretiro. O siya nga pala have you finished writing the book?” tanong ng nanay niya at nagtitigan yung dalawa.

“Yes ma, finalization nalang po tapos pwede na itago yung libro ng tagapag ayos” sabi ng dalaga at biglang nagring ang phone niya at agad niya ito sinagot. “Oh Mika! Long time no hear….what?” bigkas ni Jamie at napatayo ang nanay niya.

Pagkapatay ng telepono ay muling nagkatitigan yung dalawa at sabay pang huminga ng malalim. “The book is not finished yet ano?” tanong ng nanay niya. “Yes ma, something is going to happen again” bigkas ng dalaga.

Brod at Brad

Sa isang golf course sa malapit naglalaro yung dalawang matanda. Yung matandang nakaputi ready na magputt, huminga siya ng malalim at tinira ang bola. Pinanood niya gumulong ang bola pero nagtaka nang nalipat ang pwesto ng butas.

“Madaya ka! Nilipat mo yung butas!” sigaw ni Brod. “Duh! What are you talking about? Malabo lang mata mo” sagot ni Brad at siya naman ang nagready para sa kanyang putt. Pagtira niya sa bola gumulong ito papunta sa butas. Imbes na mashoot at nanatili yung bola sa ibabaw ng butas.

“Nandadaya ka din! Bakit biglang lumaki tong bola ko?!” sigaw ni Brad. “Haler! Tignan mo mainit ngayon baka nag expand yung bola. Not counted yan, kasi kailangan mashoot yung bola sa butas. E yan nasa ibabaw lang” sabi ni Brod. “E pano papasok yan?” sigaw ni Brad. “Aba malay, antayin natin guminaw baka magshrink bola mo” sagot ng kanyang kaibigan.

“Tabla nanaman tayo!” sabi ni Brad. “As usual. I think we should go now. Di tayo dapat late sa party” sabi ni Brod. “Hay, oo nga pala. Sa tingin mo they will be fine?” tanong ni Brad. “Of course they will be” sabi ng kaibigan niya.

“Pano mo sinasabi na they will be fine e alam mo may nagbabantang panganib sa kanilang lahat? They don’t have powers, they don’t even remember who they all are” sabi ni Brad. “Hay naku trust me they will be fine. Tara na miss ko na si baby Iofel” sabi ni Brod.

Get Together

Nagtipon tipon ang lahat sa bahay nina Benjoe, pagpasok ni Bart agad niya nakita si Mina na in shock. “Oh whats wrong little girl?” tanong niya at tinuro ng bata ang kwarto sa taas. Agad umakyat yung dalawa at binuhat ni Bart yung baby. Pinulot ni Mina yung isang fairy tale book pero si Bart kumuha ng encyclopedia at sinimulan basahan si Iofel.

“Nasan na ba tayo dati? Ah oo dito ata” sabi ni Bart at sinimulan niya magbasa habang si Mina nayakap yung fairy tale book at napaupo nalang sa isang tabi sa gulat.

Samantala habang nagtipon yung iba sa garden may dumating na isa pang dalaga at agad yumakap kay Benjoe. “Uy Bea!” bati ng binata. “Too close” bulong ni Maya at agad bumitaw si Bea at nagpacute. “Maya talaga o, just being friendly” sabi ng dalaga. “Oo nga naman” sabi ni Ayesha sabay niyakap kaliwang braso ni Benjoe habang si Aryanna naman sa kabila. Ngumiti lang si Maya at lumapit sa nobya niya at bigla ito hinalikan sa labi.

“Hanggang yakap lang kayo” landi niya sabay ngisi kaya si Benjoe napakamot nalang at natawa. “Sino pa bang wala? Baka pwede na tayo kumain” sabi ni Barney. “Wala pa yung dalawang matanda” sabi ni Antonio. “Oo nga we should wait a few minutes more” sabi ni Amelia.

Pagdating nina Brod at Brad nagsimula ang kainan. Punong puno ang bahay nina Benjoe ng mga kaibigan at mga magulang nila.

Sa isang gilid nagtungo yung dalawang matanda at napatingala sa langit kung saan may kislap silang nakita. “O bakit kayo nandito? Tara doon at kain na po tayo” sabi ni Benjoe at sa labas ng bahay may napansin siyang mga bata na naglalakad at kinakawayan siya. “Cute kids” sabi ni Brod. “Oo nga po e, lately ang daming kids dito sa subdivision na naglalaro. Baka may bagong lipat. Tara na po” sabi ng binata.

“Sige iho, susunod kami. Medyo pagod lang kami at naglaro kami ng golf” sabi ni Brad. “O sige po mauna nap o ako” sabi ng binata at nagtungo sa hardin. Nagtitigan yung dalawang matanda at kinawayan yung mga bata. “He does not even recognize the little angels and demons” bulong ni Brod.

“Oo nga e, pero sa tingin mo sapat na sila to keep them safe?” tanong ni Brad at muli sila napatingala at nakita nila si Angela at ibang mga archangel na nakatambay sa ulap para magbantay. “For now they are” bulong ni Brod at sinenyasan ang mga anghel.

Bagong Banta

Sa isang apartment building malapit sa university na pinapasukan nina Benjoe may pitong babae ang dumating. Kumatok sila sa pinto ng apartment at sinalubong sila ng ngiti nung may ari. “Good afternoon kayo ba yung kukuha nitong apartment?” tanong ng matandang babae.

“Yes, so move away now, me and my sisters will be staying here for good” sabi ng isang dalaga. “Wow pito kayo magkakapatid?” tanong ng matanda. “Yes, eto bayad” sagot ng isang dalaga at nagulat yung matanda sa dami ng pera. “Pero sobra ata ito iha” sabi ng may ari. “Bibilhin na namin ito, lahat ng ito. I am sure sapat na yan para sa lahat?” sabi ng isang dalaga. “Oo sa inyo na to, pero bakit niyo kailangan bilhin ito?” tanong ng matanda.

“Madami kang tanong” sigaw ng isa at biglang napalibutan ng itim na usok yung matandang babae at hinigop siya ng lupa. “Girls, this is our place now, and that school is going to be our playground” sabi ng isang dalaga at nagtawanan yung pito.


Malakas ang pagbabaga ng apoy sa isang lugar sa impyerno. Nakaupo sa trono si Satanas at hinihimas ang kanyang baba. “Saturnino…Saturnino…apo ko” bigkas niya sabay tawa. Pinagmasdan ni Satanas ang kanyang kaharian at huminga ng malalim.

“Saturnino apo ko…youre kingdom awaits you…all of these will be yours…”

Salamangka: Ang Pagsubok
by Jonathan Paul Diaz


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heart Beats


I encoded the preview only for one of the stories i have in my notebook. Just in case if there are people interested. Of course i am going to try a new system, doing advanced work does not seem favorable. So instead of wasting time and effort there must be sufficient orders, that is the only time i begin encoding.

But of course this story wont be the only one available, i still have to encode the previews to Sa Aking mga Kamay 2, Ordinary Me 3, Orbits, 14th Coin, etc etc.

So that if there are no ebook orders then i can just focus all my time in doing comm works. My extra time i can use it doing other things that are productive. So here is one possible ebook that i could encode.

Its just like a restaurant where you choose your order. But for sure when one does order the food i am going to cook will be really delicious. Unlike a fastfood where they cook lots in advance but in the end they waste ingredients and time in preparing something that would not be sold.


“Joshua!” sigaw ng isang babae at hinabol ang isang batang lalake na basang basa palabas ng kubeta. Malakas ang tawa ng bata na parang kiti kiti, naghabulan yung mag ina hanggang sa nahuli si Joshua sa loob ng kanyang kwarto. Binalot ni Aileen anak niya ng tuwalya sabay pinagkikiliti. “Ikaw ang likot likot mo ha, binigyan mo nanaman si yaya mo ng lilinisan niya” sabi ng nanay.

May malakas na kalabog ang narinig nila sa hallway, agad sila sumilip at nakita nila ang isang lalakeng bulagta sa sahig. “Bakit basa yung sahig?” tanong ni Jonas at natawa ang kanyang asawa. “Itong anak natin nakawala ulit pagkatapos maligo” sabi niya at lumapit ang hubad na bata at naupo sa dibdib ng tatay niya. “Daddy pasyal tayo ulit” lambing ng bata. “Josh kapapasyal natin kahapon” sagot ni Jonas.

“E daddy gabi naman yon e tapos pagod ka sa work. Pasyal tayo ngayon umaga ulit” sabi ni Josh. “Kung papasyal tayo ngayon hindi na tayo papasyal bukas after church” sabi ng tatay niya at nagsimangot yung bata. “Payagan mo nalang ako maglaro sa labas ng bahay” sabi ni Josh at nagkatinginan yung mag asawa. “Hindi ka lalabas ng gate” sabi ni Aileen. “Yes mommy” pacute ng bata at pumayag yung mag asawa.

Pagkatapos mabihisan anak nila sinamahan nina Jonas at Aileen ang bata maglaro sa kanilang hardin. “Malapit ka na pumasok sa school anak” sabi ni Jonas habang inaalalayan yung anak nila sumakay sa kanyang bike. “Madami kang makikilalang friends doon” dagdag ni Aileen. “Doon kami maglalaro?” tanong ni Josh. “Hindi anak, papasok ka sa school para mag aral. Pero bibigyan din kayo ng play time ninyo” sabi ni Jonas.

“Bakit pa kasi tayo lipat dito. Wala na yung mga kalaro ko. Sabi ko kasi wag tayo aalis sa old house” tampon g bata. “E anak si daddy mo gumanda yung work niya. Mas malaki makikita niya money dito. Tapos pati ako mag work narin” sabi ni Aileen. “E pano ako mommy? Lagi nalang ako sa loob ng house. Wala ako makalaro. Si daddy lagi nasa work tapos ikaw mag work ka wala na ako kasama kundi si yaya” sabi ni Josh at nagpedal ng konti.

“Anak malapit ka naman na papasok e. Pag nasa school ka nasa work kami. At yung kukunin kong work pang umaga lang anak tapos pwede ako mag home tutorial. Pupunta yung mga student dito tapos tuturuan ko sila” sabi ni Aileen. “Kailangan mag work iho kasi kailangan natin ng pera para mabayaran natin ng buo itong bahay natin at para mabili ko na yung gusto mong laruan, ano ba yon?” landi ni Jonas at napangiti yung bata at nagpacute. “Playstation daddy na maraming bala, maraming maraming maraming marami na bala” bulong niya sabay tumawa.

Naupo sina Aileen at Jonas sa ilalim ng shade at pinanood ang anak nilang magbike paikot sa hardin. “Alam mo naman you don’t need to work, sapat na yung sweldo ko para sa atin” sabi ni Jonas. “I know but I cant be idle. Tutal papasok na si Josh sa school. Half day lang naman ako magtuturo ng music sa university. Inayos na ni mama yung schedule ko. And I can teach piano lessons dito sa house. Sayang din yung extra income” sabi ni Aileen.

“Sa tingin mo we made the right move? Parang malungkot si Josh dito” tanong ni Jonas. “Let him adjust konti, isang buwan palang tayo dito. At sigurado ako pag pasukan na magbabago na lahat. Happy ako sa promotion mo, dati para kang alipin sa dati mong work, now ikaw na boss. At mas gusto ko work mo ngayon kasi amin ka ni Josh ng Sabado at Lingo” sabi ni Aileen.

“Maybe he is lonely and needs a brother or a sister?” bulong ni Jonas sabay hinaplos kamay ng kanyang asawa at natawa si Aileen. “Ah ayaw mo talaga ako pagtrabahuin ha” sagot ni Aileen at naghalikan yung dalawa.

Napalingon si Josh at nakita naghahalikan ang kanyang mga magulang. Dahan dahan siya bumaba ng bike niya at nagtungo sa gate. Maingat niya ito binuksan sabay lumabas at nagbungisngis. Sa dati nilang tirahan paglabas palang ng gate bahay na agad ng kanyang mga kalaro ang katapat. Ngayon malalayo agkwat ng bahay, nasa malaking subdivision na sila at medyo nalungkot yung bata.

Naglakad lakad si Josh at natapat sa isang pula na gate. May naririnig siyang boses ng batang babae na kumakanta kaya sinubukan niya akyatin yung gate. Nasilip ni Josh ang isang batang babae na nakaupo sa maliit na sand box sa harapan ng hardin. Cute yung batang babae, may curly hair, nakaupo sa buhangin at kinakantahan ang kanyang laruan na manika.

“Ano ginagawa mo?” tanong ni Josh kaya napatigil sa pagkanta ang batang babae at tinignan siya. “Hala baka masugat ka may spikes diyan o” sabi ng batang babae na tumayo at lumapit sa gate. “Ano ginagawa mo diyan?” tanong niya. “Narinig kita kumakanta” sabi ng batang lalake. Nagkatitigan saglit yung dalawa at naawa yung batang babae kaya binuksan niya yung gate.

Bumaba si Josh at pumasok sa loob at agad tinignan yung manika. “Yan lang ba toys mo?” tanong niya. “Hindi, halika doon laro tayo” sabi ng batang babae at nagtungo yung dalawa sa maliit na sandbox at naupo. “Barbie this is our new friend at kasama natin siya magmeryenda” sabi ng batang babae at natawa si Josh sa maliit na tea set.

Pinaupo ng batang babae yung doll niya at kunwari nagtimpla ng inumin sabay binigay kay Josh. “Wala naman laman e” sagot niya. “Meron!” sigaw ng batang babae. “Wala o!” bawi ng batang lalake sabay tinaob yung maliit na cup. “Hala nabuhos na yung chocolate! Linisan mo yan!” sigaw ng batang babae sabay pinokpok ng tiny cup si Josh sa ulo. “O di nabuhos narin laman ng cup mo” sabi ng batang lalake at muli sila nagkatitigan at parang iiyak na yung batang babae.

“Lilinisan ko na” bulong ni Josh sabay kunwari nagpupunas sa buhangin. Nagtimpla kunwari sabay kinargahan ang mga tiny cups ng imaginary chocolate drink. Napangiti yung batang babae at kunwari uminom at muling kumanta. “Ako si Joshua, ikaw ano name mo?” tanong ng batang lalake.

Tumigil ang cute girl sa pagkanta sabay ngumiti at nag deep breath, “My name is Eliza May Cuenco Flores, my nickname is Elay. I am five years old. My mother’s name is Maribeth Cuenco Flores and my father is Timothy Go Flores” bigkas ng batang babae sabay nag exhale at natawa si Josh.

“Bakit ang haba ng sinabi mo?” tanong ng batang lalake. “Kasi sabi ni mama ganon daw pag magpapakilala sa school” sabi ni Elay. “Papasok din ako pero di pa tinuro ni mommy ko yan e” sabi ni Josh. “Hala ka! Dapat alam mo kasi yun daw sasabihin mo agad sa school” sabi ng batang babae. “E di magpapaturo ako mamaya. Iisa lang ba yung school dito? Pareho ba tayo?” tanong ni Josh.

“Di ko alam basta sabi ni mama school yon” sabi ni Elay at biglang nagbukas ang pinto at may babaeng sumilip. “Oh iha who is that?” tanong ni Beth. “Mommy this is Josh my friend” sabi ng batang babae. “Your friend? Naku iho taga saan ka?” tanong ni Beth at nagturo si Josh sabay ngumiti. “Hindi ka ba hahanapin ng parents mo Josh?” hirit ng nanay ni Elay. “Pinayagan nila ako magplay outside” sagot ng batang lalake.

“Oh okay then, wait dadalhan ko kayo ng meryenda” sabi ni Beth at pumasok ng bahay. Kumanta nanaman si Elay habang sinusuklayan ang kanyang manika, si Josh napangiti lang at pinagmasdan ang bagong kaibigan niya. Nakabalik si Beth dala ang meryenda, napansin niya si Josh na titig na titig sa kanyang anak na kumakanta.

“Si Elay gusto niya daw maging sikat na singer balang araw. Kaya lagi siya kumakanta. She knows how to play the piano” sabi ng nanay. “Mommy ko marunong may piano, may malaki kami piano sa house” sabi ni Josh at napatigil si Elay sa pagkanta. “Yung malaki na malaki?” tanong niya. “Oo yung black tapos malaki” sabi ng batang lalake at si Elay nagsimangot at napatingin sa kanyang nanay.

“When we have enough money iha I promise bibilhan ka ng papa mo yung maganda na talaga. Magtiis ka muna sa organ” sabi ni Beth at hinimas ang ulo ng anak niya. “Josh! Joshua!” dinig nila sigaw mula sa kalsada kaya napatayo ang batang lalake at napatingin sa gate. Nagtungo si Beth sa gate at binuksan ito sabay sumilip sa labas. “Is Joshua your son?” tanong niya at napatingin sa kanya si Aileen at Jonas.

“Yes is he there?” tanong ni Jonas at lalong binuksan ni Beth yung gate at nakasilip yung dalawa sa loob. Si Josh takot na takot na nakatayo sa may sandbox, nakatingin sila pareho ni Elay sa kanyang mga magulang. “Hello my name is Beth, and that is my daughter Elay. Nadatnan ko na sila magkasama naglalaro, I asked him if hahanapin siya sabi niya pinayagan niyo daw maglaro sa labas” sabi ni Beth.

“Kasalanan namin, di namin narinig nakalabas na pala siya ng gate” sabi ni Jonas sabay hinimas noo niya. “Pasensya ka na sa abala ha, pilyong bata kasi yan” sabi ni Aileen. “Oh its nothing, he just came to play. Pasok kayo nasobrahan ko yung ginawa kong meryenda. My husband is inside. Let the kids play, tutal wala din nakakalaro dito si Elay and I am sure wala din nakakalaro si Josh” sabi ni Beth.

Takot na takot yung batang lalake, nakalapit ang kanyang mga magulang pero sumama sila pumasok sa loob ng bahay. “Tim may bisita tayo” sabi ni Beth at nagtungo yung tatlo sa dining table para magmeryenda. Lumabas si Tim mula sa isang kwarto at nginitian yung mag asawa. “Kapit bahay natin sila, si Aileen at Jonas, their son is outside playing with Elay” sabi ni Beth.

Nakipagkamayan si Tim kina Aileen at Jonas, sumilip siya sa labas konti para tignan yung dalawang bata. “Kayo ba yung bagong lipat two houses away?” tanong niya. “Oo isang buwan palang kami dito” sabi ni Jonas. “Thank God nakaalis narin yung bruhang yon” sabi ni Tim. “Hon! Don’t say that!” sabi ni Beth. “Ah si Mrs Deltoro ba? Takot na takot din si Josh sa kanya noon e” sabi ni Aileen at nagtawanan yung apat.

“Hay naku pati si Elay, sobrang iyak tuwing nakikita yung matandang yon. Buti naman kinuha na siya ng mga naka niya sa States” sabi ni Beth. “We were lucky to buy her house for a cheap price. Well medyo mahal pero worth it kasi malapit lang dito yung mga schools at work place ko” sabi ni Jonas. “You know what may home owners association kami dito, why don’t you come with us tomorrow para makilala niyo lahat. Im sure permanent na kayo dito” sabi ni Tim.

“Oh yes, we would love that” sabi ni Aileen at biglang pumasok yung dalawang bata. “Oh did you finish your meryenda already?” tanong ni Beth. “Not yet mama” sagot ni Elay at hinila kamay ni Josh papunta sa salas kung saan nandon yung electric organ. “Daddy! Hindi nakasaksak!” sigaw ng batang babae kaya tumayo si Tim. “Halikayo at panoorin niyo si Elay, she can play the piano” pasikat niya at lahat sila nagtungo sa salas.

Nagpiano si Elay at nabilib si Aileen, nakita niya si Josh nakaupo sa tabi ng bagong kaibigan niya at titig na titig ito sa kanya. Nang magkamali si Elay ay tumawa yung batang lalake. “Bakit marunong ka ba?” pataray na sagot ng batang babae. “Hindi pero si mommy ko magaling” pasikat ni Josh at lahat napatingin kay Aileen.

“Do you play?” tanong ni Beth. “She is a music major” sabi ni Jonas. “Oh lets hear her play then” sabi ni Tim. Naupo si Aileen habang si Elay nakasimangot na nakatayo sa isang tabi. Nabilib ang lahat sa galing ng nanay ni Josh kaya lalong napikon si Elay. “Kasi maliit lang piano ko” bulong niya. “Tuturuan ka ni mommy ko” sabi ni Josh bigla at nagliwanag ang mukha ng batang babae at tinignan ang kanyang mga magulang.

“We can pay you” sabi ni Beth. “Oh no, I never taught anyone yet. Nagbabalak ako mag tutorial and lessons pero I can teach Elay for free. My first student, do you want me to teach you iha?” sabi ni Aileen at lumapit si Elay at nagpacute. Tumayo si Aileen at pinaupo si Elay sa harapan ng organ, muling tumabi si Josh sa kaibigan niya.

“Since malayo pa yung pasukan she can come over to the house and I can teach her” sabi ni Aileen. “Sige nga iha mag play ka pa para alam ko saan magstart lessons mo” hirit niya at game na game naman nagpasikat si Elay at sinabayan pa ito ng kanta. “Wow youre daughter has a nice voice too” sabi ni Jonas. “So does Joshua play the piano?” tanong ni Beth.

“Oh no, ganyan lang yan. Tuwing naglalaro ako uupo lang siya sa tabi ko at makikinig. I tried to teach him many times pero ayaw niya talaga. Gusto niya lang maupo at manood” sabi ni Aileen. “Nung baby yan pag hindi na namin alam gagawin namin para patigilin siya sa pag iyak, Aileen would play and then the crying stops. You could see Josh really listen. Akala nga namin magmamana siya sa mommy niya pero so far hindi naman” sabi ni Jonas.

“Well si Elay naman tinuruan siya ng younger sister ko. Basics lang pero we were amazed when siya na mismo kumakapa ng mga nota. Just by hearing the song she would be able to play it afterwards” sabi ni Tim at nabilib si Aileen. “I really should teach her, may potential siya” bigkas niya at pinagmasdan si Elay.

Pinatugotog ni Elay yung Chop Sticks, napangiti ang kanilang mga magulang hanggang sa biglang nasira yung tugtog. “Bakit mo pinindot!?” sigaw ni Elay at nakita ng lahat daliri ni Josh nakapindot sa isang key. “Pano yang ginagawa mo?” bulong niya. “Ah sige ganito dalawa tayo” sabi ni Elay at tinuruan niya ang kanyang kaibigan.

“So you have two students now” sabi ni Jonas at napangiti si Aileen pagkat ngayon niya lang nakita nagkaroon ng interes ang kanyang anak sa paglaro ng piano. “Sana nga” bulong niya at sumandal sa kanyang asawa. Sabay nagpapatugtog si Elay at Josh, mali mali man ang piyesa nila dahil sa batang lalake pero pareho sila nagtatawanan.

Dito nagsisimula ang kanilang kwento.

Bespren: Josh and Elay


by Jonathan Paul Diaz


Friday, July 1, 2011



That above is the cover of my latest e-book. The title is Resbak. Its a Pinoy magic fantasy love story. Of course it has my trademark humor. It would have been so boring to have a simple fantasy story that is full of fights so i really had to evolve that fantasy story around a brewing love story.

Just like HP, there was a brewing love story that was not evident from the start. We got to know Harry's love interest in the latter books. Here from the start its quite obvious already ahahaha. So what can people expect here?

Well tons of secrets! A normal guy seeing a pretty girl, love at first sight? It happens most of the time in the real world but in this story there was something deeper. Ang babaw naman pag love at first sight lang ahahahah.

So without magic he did his best to get to know that girl. He followed her and found out later that the girl entered a magic wall that leads to a magic school. TADA!!! Nope it aint Hogwats ahahaha. I cant say anymore how he got enrolled but trust me he did hehe.

So from the start its going to be full of fights. There are really lots of enemies and twists. So after three months of hard work i managed to write 50 chapters with 540 pages. Whew! I am happy i managed to make a story like this. Of course i aint no JK Rowling but hey this accidental writer did his best.

I do remember trying out a fantasy story, a superhero type story with Ordinary Me. It was in english and i do have plans of remaking that story. Because my skills long ago were not that good. So maybe i might re-write it to make it better. I didnt know people would like it, so book 2 was written.

But before that there was Twinkle Twinkle. Yes i do remember why i wrote this Pinoy Vampire story. Twi....yes i didnt like Twilight so i tried to make a spoof but hey why spoof it so i was serious and wrote a decent and funny Pinoy vampire story.

I did level up with Twinkle Twinkle 2, this is where i learned how to really twist the story from the first one ahahaha. Yeah i did an erotic Salamangka but last year i made a new one. A better wholesome version. Lots of readers think that Salamangka is still the erotic one ahahaha.

No people Salamangka: Ang Tagapagmana is a new story, wholesome dark fantasy love story. Dual love story i should say. Its going to be one year this September, do you want to know how many copies have been sold? Less than 60, but more than 300 or even 400 have read it. Hahahaha. Welcome to the Philippines!

Neybor, a comedy love story sold 40 copies but you can see forums and blogs talking about it. Even if those people didnt buy from me ahahahaha. And they ask why i dont want to release Bespren Complete, MPEX and Resbak immediately after e-book completion. Go figure!

I might really stop doing advanced writing. I will just really post what is available to encode and leave it at that. If there are sufficient buyers that would compensate the hard work then that is the time i will write them. Just like comm works.

The copies of Bespren and MP on the blog are just showcase copies. Siyempre pigil. Then some people say i am cheating them? Hahahahaha. Libre na nga sila pa nagrereklamo.

I have tons of stories i am itching to write. On the top of the list is Bespren: Heart Beats. No its not Pipoy and Annika anymore but its going to be Josh and Elay. Actually there are lots of Bespren variations ahahaha.

How about another Neybor? Yes i do have plans but the story on my tiny notebook is not complete yet.

So how about SAMK2? Of course there is one ready already to be encoded! How about a teaser then? Hmmm well the story takes a major twist. We all know Kiko has this ability but what if it backfires on him? Hahahaha. So twisted that it makes Michelle break up with him and its his burden to win her back.

So what is that dream on the end of SAMK all about? The new dream? Hahahaha...very intriguing isnt it? Why are they congratulating him? All of you have to remember that whatever Kiko dreams it comes true with a twist that is ahahahahah.

Yes Juan Pablo and Monique will be casted here. The misadventures of KBJ? The kids story arch has 40 small chapters already. Sorry peeps only a few has been posted on the free blog since a group did buy them, its called comm works. Of course others will feel cheated again. As if i promised writing for free forever.

The second phase of the misadventures is all about Kiko, Ben and Juan Pablo already. Story arch takes place after SAMK ends. Where they all meet each other for the first time. A preview of the trio is seen at the end of Neybor, that is likewise the preview to SAMK2.

At the end of Bespren Complete you get to see the start of MPEX ahahahah. Remember in MP where Monique has a crush on Pipoy...well you get to see a short scene where they first see each other at the end of Bespren Complete.

Likewise at the end of Bespren complete you get to see a preview of Bespren: Heart Beats.

So all stories seem to be related? Of course sa Mahiwagang Mundo ni Paulito.

Ordinary Me 3? I am starting to jot down some plots and scenes already. If i see that there is a worthy plot to bring Frank back then why not?

Salamangka: Ang Pagsubok? Hmmmm.... no comment yet but in my tiny notebook yes its already there. Those who bought and recieved a pirated copy should remember all the mysteries involved. Slowly they shall be revealed....

For now its July 1 already! I have to rest for the comm works begin again.


For those interested to purchase the ebook