Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sky is still waiting...


First of all i would like to thank everyone who greeted me last March 28. Oo kabirthday ko sina Pipoy etc. Hahahaha. Walang basagan ng trip okay?!! ahahaha.

Anyway maraming salamat sa mga nakaalala sa akin.

The past few days i was inactive online. I did miss blogging or whatever this is i am doing at this blog. I did miss downloading stuff and i did miss the radiation from the laptops ahahahaha. I needed my fix!

Some people know where i went, they kept asking why am i doing it? Well this is me, this is how i was raised. You dont need people to ask for your help, you give it willingly. When you help you just do it, no questions asked and nothing asked for in return. No hidden motives, you just do. Ganon ako pinalaki at ganon talaga ako so people who know stop asking why.

So where have i been? Did i leave? I never did.

All you have to do is look up and you will know where I am...

Yes i am talking to you...

The sky is still waiting...

Come fly with me...


Thursday, March 24, 2011

12 Hour Blackout Fun!

"Floral Choir"

"You're Mine!"





"Blue Medussa"

"Blue Queen"




What are you going to do when you wake up and find out that there is a blackout? Then you learn it is from 6AM up to 7PM that day. You check your mobile phones and see one with a single bar left and its making this irritating sounds indicating its near death. Your other phone has only 22 percent left.


I usually would go irate and anxious whenever situations like this would happen. Oh yeah i really get so paranoid specially when i was hooked to Mafia Wars. Well people change and so do i LOL. I welcomed this opportunity to do stuff which i rarely do.

So first thing i set my camera and tripod outside. I waited for the sun, oh yeah i got all the time to waste. I was not rushing, there was no time limits. I became creative and lucky! I posted some sample shots and the rest is at my Flickr account but only a few since i dont have a pro account. All other pictures at my Facebook account, sad to say FB crops the uploads LOL.

Then after lunch i took time to clean my laptops. Then i decided to install an extra memory card to my aged Compaq Presario. It had 2.5GB RAM...i removed the 512MB and inserted a new 1GB RAM which has been rotting in my Christmas stocking LOL.


Ahahaha then i enter Panic mode....NOT!!! So simple, keep calm and its obvious what made it go that way. Remove new memory and insert old one.

SAVED!!! Waste of time but i welcome the slight panic ahahaha.

So i cleaned them real good....and then i got bored....then i started to get anxious....then...

6AM THERE WAS LIGHT!!! And it was good! Hahahaha!

So i was productive today even if there was no electricity for 12 Hours.

Time is indeed gold...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I bit the moon...Burp!

"Grinch Moon"

"Bitten Blue Moon"

March 22: I bit the moon LOL



Let me rant just a bit. Okay so i really am pissed of with Sony Ericsson. They really do not want to release an Android 2.2 upgrade for the Xperia X10 family. I have an Xperia X10 mini and currently stuck at Android 2.1 OS.

Their lame reason still stands, they say that their developers have tested the Android 2.2 on the units and there is not much advantage or difference. So its better that the units stay at 2.1 for the best user experience.


Oh yeah?! Really? Geez have you seen the specs of their Flagship X10? 1Ghz processor and so on and so forth and it cant let Android 2.2 work? How come the LG could provide Android 2.2 to their GT540? Seriously the GT540 is an entry level compared to the SE Xperia X10.

The X10 mini, X8 and X10 mini pro has better specs compared to the GT540 but still the Xperia family looks ancient and Jurassic since they only have 2.1 while the GT540 brags a new Android 2.2

And there are lots of Phones out there with 2.2 because the companies making them think about their customers first not like SE.

In my opinion, they dont want to give the 2.2 upgrade so that people would buy their new phones. Oh yeah they do have four new phones with Android 2.3 already. Nice marketing strategy. You dont have to give that BS excuse to why you dont want to give 2.2 to the old Xperia users.

Its high time to cut loyalties! No more SE for me. For you people still amazed with SE products better think twice. Yes their new phones look enticing but at some point it will be stuck at a certain Android version while the rest of the world has moved on.

Just look at the 2010 Xperia products. In just a few months they have been XPIRED!!!

Cut the crap SE and just be honest. Just say you dont want to give the upgrade because you want to sell your new phones. With that answer i will accept.

So thats it for the ranting LOL.

Now i did take some shots of the moon AGAIN!!! But it was bitten. Oh yeah i was hungry so i took a bite ahahaha. Here let me showcase some shots i took the whole day yesterday...

I did notice the moon looked bigger...i dont know why but the last full moon at max zoom the moon fit the screen of my camera. Last night it seemed bigger.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Story Practice...


I have had this video picture story on my mind for a long time already but I have not been able to start it. Well i have taken the necessary photos to complete the story, i do already have the storyline but maybe i am just lazy LOL.

So yesterday i had another simple idea. So consider this as practice for my video story project.

Let the title be....

by Jonathan Paul Diaz

Everyday was simple... Alone I was but contented

...until our first "HELLO"

That simple hello changed everything...we became closer

Not wanting to be alone anymore...but always being with you

and I found...Happiness didnt just left me...

... Alone i was again

...I ask why as the sadness started creeping in

...was it something i said?

...was it something i did?

...friends did come to comfort me matter how hard they isnt the same without you

...Will you come back? I can wait...i will wait...please come back to me...

...being alone has never been this lonely...

...i will wait...


-The End-

Yeah i know its a crappy story but its just a practice for my bigger project and its going to be in video format LOL. Its much easier writing ahahaha. But hey just call this branching out.

So please do comment, be as harsh as you wanna be ahahaha.

My simple photo collection (Warning: Idiotic photgrapher)

Showcase blog of my written stories (Warning: Amateur Writer)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Day After...

"My Blue Marble"


Sunday was a lazy day. I planned to sleep the whole morning since i stay up until three in the morning just to take shots of the Super moon.

I blogged yesterday...

The rest of the day was simple, i watched some videos that were piling on my old and trusted Compaq laptop. A simple connection to the old and trusted Sharp television set plus simple 3D speakers and there you go my own home theater system LOL!

Little Fockers! I was expecting it to be about the little kids, the twins to be exact but it really was not. Gaylord Focker and Jack Byrnes were the real kids in this movie. I had a good laugh at the musical condom, a really good laugh. The music goes faster as you go faster LMAO! She even really shook the condom and the music really did go fast.

Storyline was quite the same. Gaylord always being misunderstood and underestimated. Oh well at least there was a new character which really spiced things up ahahahaha....a bit.

I did watch Spartacus the prequel after...actually episode 4 to 6. I really love the Starz channel ahahaha. This series is filled with blood, gore and... go figure ahahaha.

In the evening i was ready to watch Love and Other Drugs when something outside caught my attention. Clear evening sky. No clouds at all and the moon really shining brightly. I immediately took my tripod, camera and one stool.

From eight to nine in the evening there i was in our front porch taking pictures of the moon. It was located at the east it seems it was the same size like the supermoon. Yeah right as if i can really tell from this far ahahahaha.

So again i played with lots of settings. Of course i already knew that the best ISO setting was at 80 up to 100. So last night i just played with the white balance and the shutter speed. And yes i did try to kill the moon again ahahaha.

I totally maxed out the zoom function of the camera. Fifteen optical plus five digital so that makes it a total of eighty five times zoom. There is one thing i realized, the extent of the capability of my camera. I am not complaining, i am a beginner and i chose this good bridge camera.

I really want a crisp and clear shot of the moon, in order to achieve that i really need a better camera. DSLR is the way with a really good lens but hey, i am just learning. At least i know better now and i wont be taking moon shots forever ahahaha.

So i am happy with the results i got. I really love placing the white balance at incandescent. The moon really turns blue marble...

After taking 180 shots...Love and Other Drugs...humorous...the love story part was not that really good but i did eyes did! LMAO!

Til next time


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supah Moon Madness

Yes its true the moon is revolving...check third pic and look closer

So its true what they teach us LOL

Blue Moon: Para maiba...not post processed. WB set to incandescent

Hmmm...nice cover for Twinkle Twinkle 3?


Okay so it was a "supermoon" as they say. It only happens every twenty years so it goes. A lot of people were so frustrated because they were expecting the moon to go SUPER SIZE! Nyahahahaha. First of all peeps look where we are in the globe. Do you really expect the Philippines to see the moon at a super size?

Maybe they were expecting the moon to really go super big time but sorry to disappoint but you got it all wrong. If only you read farther, the scientist say that we can see the moon go 14 percent bigger. Hahahahaha! 14 percent, okay? Now do you know how big is 14 percent? You barely wont notice the change.

As a person beginning in photography it was a great chance to practice moon shots. Who cares about the hoopla about the moon going super size. For me i just needed it to be round or full as they say.

So with a fully charged battery and 600 shots to spare from my memory card i started taking shots around nine in the evening. Oh boy the clouds were not very cooperative. So i waited a few minutes when they partially cleared and the learning process began.

I only have a GE X5, it has 14 megapixels, a permanent wide lens that can give me 15 times optical zoom. And i am a beginner. Well at least i know what i am doing compared to those who bought a DSLR for the sake of having one ahahahaha.

Camera was set at Auto. Everything was in auto....oh yes i have a tripod now not like before were i really had to hold my breath for every shot. Tripod was set, camera ready, me perfectly seated and ready to learn.

Focus, zoom, take the shot! CRAP! Ahahaha. Okay so i set the metering exposure to SPOT.

Much better now but still its not the shots i want. Now i go to AP mode (Aperture Priority) and set it to 6.6 while the rest i dont know ahahahaha. Much much better but still not satisfied.

Thirty shots already down....setting ISO to 80....whoa now i am almost there.

Going manual, ahahah feeling na to!

ISO = 80
f/6.6 (well naka zoom e, cant go beyond that)
shutter? hmmm lets play with i say ahahahaha

CRAP!!! All white! Shutter speed set to something really crappy ahahahaha. Adjust to 1/60 and still crappy a bit....set to 1/200 and TADA!!!

ISO = 80
EV = 0
Spot metering
Shutter = playing with 1/200 - 1/1000

Yes i did play with the shutter speed and i noticed the higher the denominator i go the hue of the moon changes to bronze. And so i went beyond 1000...OH MY GOD I KILLED THE MOON!!! ahahahaha. Yup with 1/3000 the moon had decayed and was already dead ahahaha. I laughed out loud...dont do this when you are alone...the neighbors tend to peek and find you crazy nyahahaha.

So i went back inside the house around 11pm and watched Spartacus, the prequel of course.

Around 2AM i went back outside and the clouds were very cooperative now. Clear sky and full moon. Super size my ass i say ahahahaha. But hey i had fun playing for one hour.

And did you know if you play with the white balance you get super cool colors ahahaha. Sorry naman beginner nga e! Favorite setting was incandescent because i got a BLUE MOON!

Screw super moon i say, i got Blue moon!

So let me share with you my idiotic shots...sharing only a few out of 500 shots ahahahaha.

Ahem, i only got a point and shoot bridge camera.

GE X5....Yes my camera has a built in ref inside it! DUH!!!
Its cheap, 8990 pesos and good for a beginner like me who is fickle minded ahahaha. Amazingly its almost two months and i still am taking shots. Most of the time when i get a new hobby it does not last.

I need more practice. I have lots to learn. I still am an idiotic photographer and proud of it. At least i dont go shooting myself holding a camera ahahaha. And i dont do post processing!!! Well only for placing watermarks if that counts.


Friday, March 18, 2011

God Bless Japan!


Watching the television has never been this depressing. Amidst the sad stories i really liked one story of CNN on a certain Japanese who lost his home. Instead of sulking he went to his restaurant and cooked food for his fellow victims. He fed them for free.

"Why do you do this?" CNN asked and the man just smiled and said. "Its makes me happy"

It makes him happy. You just have to admire him. Instead of pondering about his future, he instead fed his fellow victims for the simple reason that it makes him happy. How many people can do that? Losing almost everything and instead of trying to earn a little he even gave everything he had left.

I can relate to him, for two years i have been writing for free and really feeling good when some readers do like my story. Just like that Japanese man he would eventually have to charge for the food he is cooking. Because you cant live by mere thank yous and admiration. The sad part, when I started to charge for my stories a lot were angry and they didnt understand.

I envy that Japanese man, when he starts to charge for food again, they wont hate him. They would understand. That is how Japanese people are. They care for each other and they dont put a fellow country man down.

Just look at their discipline after the calamity. They line up without complain for food ration. Here in the Philippines its chaos. People would line up but they would try to get ahead or try to hoard if possible. Japanese people are behaved and they help each other.

If there are people who dont get food, they dont complain. They understand easily that there is no more to pass around. If that happened here it would already be chaotic and people would be rating and complaining. So now you know why we are still a third world country and why they are a first world.

I really loved seeing the Japanese people giving priority to their elders. A young man deciding to give his food ration to an older man. His reason, "He needs it more" he said. Yes there are some Filipinos who can do that but its so rare. Maybe it happens when there is no crisis, but in Japan it happens everyday crisis or not.

Japan may be in disarray right now but they will rise up once again. They were destroyed after that Hiroshima incident but look where they are now. That killer quake and Tsunami may have put them back down but hey they have discipline.

Its not good government that makes a country great. Its the people. Even if Japan is experiencing hardship right now, even if their economy falls, they will still be a First World Country in terms of their People.

You just cant envy them. Ang galing nila sobra! Kahit sira sira na mga bahay nila, kahit wala na pagkain pipila parin sila with no complain. Kung anong meron happy na sila. Sobrang disiplinado at sobrang mahal nila ang isat isa.

Pinoy kaya mo yon?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Godzilla rises....


Turn off the TV and stop watching depressing news! Yes Japan did experience a terrible strong quake. At first report it was an 8.8 magnitude, then a few minutes later they have edited their reports and say it was 8.9 in magnitude. Then finally they say it was 8.4.

But all news around the world stuck with the highest, 8.9 magnitude. You have to wonder why they didnt want to report the real magnitude of 8.4. To sensationalize! What do you expect? That is how the media works.

So how strong is an 8.4 magnitude quake? Majority of the Baguio people should have an idea. Several years ago, 1990 to be exact, we had a 7.7 magnitude quake here in Baguio. Well they kept changing its numbers too and say it was just 7.2.

No matter what the number was, IT WAS FREAKINGLY STRONG!!!

I was strolling along Session road, my usual path from school. I do remember it was day light saving time and i was a cleaner at class. So with DST the time was advanced by one hour. I cant imagine what would have happened if it was not DST. We could have been inside the classroom...all students would have been.

So as i was walking, a street vendor started to shout "GINGGINED!" and she was holding on to her small seat. I was not fluent on Ilocano back then yet so i didnt know what she was saying until the earth shook.

Oh no it was not the usual cradle type shake. It was a really strong shake that would make you lose balance. I really fell down, well almost everyone did. We could not even stand up because the quake just kept on getting stronger.

The parked cars on the downward sloped Session Road were even moving! The buildings were really swaying. We were so damn scared we just had to stand up, holding on to each other even if you dont know them. Everyone just helped each other to get up and we all ran towards the center isle to avoid the buildings.

Safely at the center the earth just kept shaking wildly, while a lot of people were praying and crying, some of us was staring at one building, we were watching it sway and a few seconds later the first floor was gone. The building lost one floor but it was still standing.

I was alone that time, so i decided to go home even if the earth just kept on shaking. I saw my "Lolo", i call him lolo because he was the mentor of my dad. He was not really my grandfather. He was on the other side of the fence. "Nandon kotse ko sa baba, antayin kita don" he said. Great! Now i have a ride home since we were neighbors. The problem was the earth shook strong again and there was this guy from the City Hall office using a megaphone telling us to move away from the center isle since it was made of metal and the electric wires could snap and you know what comes next.

Every moved away, one strong quake and we were all moving back to the isle. It was like dancing cha-cha, when the quake subsides we would move away from the isle, when there is an aftershock we would all go back at the center. LOL!

What made it worse was the sky became dark and it really rained hard. My heart was pounding, i was afraid but there was no point in screaming and crying like what others did. I just had to go home. So i walked amidst the rain and aftershocks. I saw people coming out of windows using tied blankets, most of them were even naked. Oh that building was a hotel...then i suddenly remembered the toy store. Oh yeah, our favorite toy store and i wanted to go there but then i was the floor that the building had just collapsed on and it was even across the fence.

So i continued walking, and i saw lots of people gathered at Melvin Jones football field. All kneeling and praying to God. I could have joined them but i just said my own little prayer. All i asked was he guide on my way home.

It was going to be a long and lonely walk but i think God answered my prayers immediately. I saw my schoolmate with his mom and brothers. They too were heading home and it just so happened our houses were on the same direction.

We walked, we never felt tired. Maybe it was adrenaline. It was a long walk really then once they were close to their home my godfather and his family drove by. They saw me and offered to take me home.

So i got home. i was not shaken, i was not scared anymore. There is no point in being scared. You just have to plan for the day when it stops. Baguio was in ruins for a long time. It took us a long time to recover but look at us now.

So stop worrying and stop thinking of scenarios. If calamities happen, they just happen. You just have to look forward to the things you want to do after it.

Am i stone cold? Nope, i just have hope that there will be a brighter day ahead.

Always remember shit happens.

But there is always hope.


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Thursday, March 10, 2011


"Hide and Seek"

"Never Alone"



Two years ago i wrote Bespren. It was a story that has been playing on my mind for a very long time. So that time i do remember i did a casting call at Plurk and so i got the characters from the people who replied.

To be honest i was too busy at that moment since i was writing three stories at the same time. That was the time when i broke my two fingers. So for Bespren i really didnt post what was written on my scrap pad. I twisted the story a bit but lazily encoded just for the sake of the readers.

So you could check my other blog and see that the story is not well written. Aminado naman ako i did not encode the true story. You cant blame me because i had bigger plans for this story. This year i decided to finally encode the true story.

It has 25 Chapters. Total kilig from start to the end. I just did a little edit, i made the story more recent since the time it was conceptualized was two years ago.

262 pages in total. So if you would compare from the one posted on my blog, the scrap copy only had 100 plus pages. Now can you imagine what would 160 pages more would be like? But like my first two ebooks there are too many untrusted people out there. Nakakahiya kapwa Pinoy pa.

Sharing is not caring when it comes to intellectual property rights. The ebook is done and i dont care if it rots on my hard drive. I dont want to sell only a few copies and have hundreds read them due to pirates.

Not worth my effort if that happens. If it rots it rots. At least its in my terms.

So let me just share a few pictures that i have taken recently.



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