Monday, January 31, 2011

Test Shot 2


I was too busy the last few days trying to finish the first half of my Feb comm works. Hopefully with rush mode i can finish them all this week so i can have a three week vacation. And no i wont be doing any writing. I am going to learn about photography. Yes i have downloaded several e-books already. I have to start from the most basic.

I need how to shoot in manual mode and not depend on the automatic mode. I want to learn how to play with the Shutter speed, aperture and whatever ahahaha.

So this morning even though the sun was out it was really cold. Took out my new toy and did some more test shots. And trust me the images i took are all from around my neighborhood.

So here are a few of them, take note all are in automatic mode still. I am trying to get used to the zoom and other functions before i start taking shot in manual mode. I do hear that tinkering with the settings can give great shots so i can wait. For now i just want to marvel with the crisp pictures my toy can get.

I hate reading but when it comes to learning that is a different story.

BTW i really want to write the story RESBAK. The plot for the first book has been set in my mind. I might as well write it down on my scap pad on my vacation.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Testing My New Toy

Told you idiot pa ako Hahaha


Flower nanaman

Flower Power

I went rock climbing LOL

I just love clouds

15x zoom

Normal mode


I woke up early this morning to unplug the battery charger. Oh the GE X5 runs on AA batteries, yup four of them. Is it lame? Maybe but its quite good compared to other digital cameras where they have built in batteries. What if your battery runs out all of a sudden? Hehehe. For the GE X5 you can easily but four AA batteries.

Anyway, it came with a four factory made alkaline batteries (non rechargeable) and it also came with four Samya 2100mh rechargeable batteries with a charger of course. The lame part is that you have to charge it for 15 hours. That is why in my wishlist i asked for 4 Energizer Ni-mH rechargeable batteries plus a 15 minute Energizer Charger. The good part is that the charger comes with four free batteries LOL. That will make it a total of eight. Hahahaha.

So i immediately went out and started shooting. The sun was barely out so i took pictures of clouds. I did take pictures of whatever i can see outside the house and of course i tested the zoom capabilities.

I am still getting used to the GE X5, tried to test all the photo settings and I must admit first that i am an idiotic photographer. I am having fun, i did some downloads for ebooks. So now i will have to read.

Obviously i have many faults as seen in the pictures. So maybe after reading and a few more test shots i can get things right.

Start from the basics.

Time to read.


(I posted all my test pics at my photo album at Facebook...these are just a few of my idiotic shots)

Friday, January 28, 2011



I knew when i went to town a while ago to do some window shopping that i would be really tempted to buy something.

After months of drooling and preventing myself...i finally bought my GE X5

I got it for only 8990 Pesos, it comes with a 4Gb memory card. Batteries and Charger. It does look like a mini SLR camera but its only a bridge camera.

I will start learning now LOL. Have to read the manual and get used to the basics. And no you wont see me brag a profile picture showing me with the camera ahahahaha.

Here take a look at the specs of my new camera. This was taken from the GE website by the way. For 9k you get 14megapixels plus 15 times optical zoom! Not bad! Oh i am so excited to learn ahahahaha.

The Flower Festival of Baguio is fast approaching and i will really learn the basics. I will try to post some pics. Dont expect great ones since i am a beginner. Hehehehe. Goodbye to writing? Not really but at least now i have something to do during my free time.

Megapixels:14.1 megapixels Recording Media:Internal Memory: 18MB
SD/SDHC Card (up to 16G support)
Optical Zoom:15X AF Method:Single AF, Multi-AF (TTL 9-point), Face-Detection+Face AE, AF Assist Light (On/Off)
Digital Zoom:5.7X Output Jacks:USB2.0/AV-OUT (Integrated Proprietary Connector)
LCD Size:2.7 inch TFT color
LCD (230,400 pixels)
ISO Sensitivity:Auto, ISO 80/100/200/
Features: • Pan-Capture Panorama
• Auto Scene Detection
• Blink Detection
• Smile Detection
• Face Detection
• Optical Image Stabilization
• Red-Eye Removal
• High Dynamic Range
Shooting Modes:Auto, Manual, ASCN, Movie, Scene (Sport, Children, Indoor, Leaf, Snow, Sunset, Fireworks, Glass, Museum, Landscape, Night Landscape, Night Portrait), Portrait,
Other Features:PictBridge, ExifPrint Support,
Multi-language Support, High Dynamic Range

Focusing Range
(Wide) 60cm ~∞
(Tele) 200cm ~∞
(Wide) 5cm ~∞
(Tele) 200cm ~∞
Focal Length:4.9mm (Wide) –
73.5mm (Tele)
Power:4 x AA Alkaline Battery or 4AA NiMH Battery
27mm (Wide) -
405mm (Tele)
Weight: 13.4 oz. (Approx. 382g)
(Body only)
F Number:f/3.0 (Wide) –
f/5.2 (Tele)
Dimensions:4.02 inch Width x 2.87 inch Height x 2.68 inch Depth
File Format -
Still Movie:

Exif2.2 (JPEG)
QuickTime Motion JPEG, Audio: G.711 [monoaural]
WAVE [monoaural],
(Max 60 seconds)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Thoughts


So i just finished watching The Order of the Phoenix and its totally wrong ahahaha. Well yeah i did read the book and the movie was totally wrong. Anyway, i do understand the focus of the story to be on the action and suspense side. How i'd love to have a spin off having to focus on Harry and Ginny's love angle ahahaha.

Last night i watched the Goblet of Fire. I laughed out loud.

Now i know how Edward from Twilight really died before he became a vampire. He was killed by Valdemort. Oh yeah he killed Edward with the killing curse. That Green magnificent lighty spell that flat nose villain did in the graveyard. Hahahahaha!

So before Bella there was Cho nyahahahaha! Bella better thank He who should not be named. Anyway the actor who played Cedric did play Edward. I never watched any twilight movie, but in HP Cedric did have rosy cheeks. Did he have that too in Twilight? A vampire with rosy cheeks? Bwahahahahaha! Shouldnt they be all powdery faced?

And i realized something...why i had hots for Ginny from the start. I paused a frame from The Order of the Phoenix and to my shock...Bonnie Wright does look like my super crush since high school.

Oh yeah she does. If you put them beside each other they would look like sisters. Hahahaha. So it wasnt the red hair all along. Seriously Bonnie looks like....hahahaha she who should not be named. Up to now i cant even utter her name. Oh yeah she got me all weak until now.

Blame katorpehan!

Yesterday the clouds were fantastic. Even this morning. Still i dont have my GE X5. Still being this spoiled brat i guess when i could easily go to the mall and purchase it. My problem is when i get to the mall i might be tempted to get something more expensive. That is why i need to have a personal bodyguard to stop me. Hahahaha

Lunch time!


Sudden Laughtrip


Here is a funny thing about me. I do love daydreaming or mostly imagining plots and story scenes in my head at any time of the day. For example when i am hooked into writing a certain funny story, even at my breaks i do continue thinking about it inside my head.

During family dinners there are times when while eating i just think of a really funny scene and i just burst into laughter. Alone that is. And everyone starts to look at me and my plate. Thinking why am i laughing all of a sudden. Well it happens frequently, the worst part is there are times when i just cant stop laughing.

Just last night in bed it happened. I was really getting my sleep when Kiko and Jayps suddenly popped up in my head. Siga had a guitar and singing the song Billionaire but trust me to my own lyrics. And Kiko was doing the rap part. I just laughed so loud and for five minutes i could not stop.

What was i laughing about? My lyrics ahaaha

(Jayps solo playing the guitar and singing)
I wanna be a billionaire so i must do bad
Kidnap all the rich friends that i have
I want to be in the cover of newspapers and magazines
But not in the obituary or have a reward money that can be seen

(Jayps and Kiko duet)
Oh everytime i close my eyes
I hear the wangwang and those red lights
An orange uniform with a big P alright
Swear to me you will write me everyday
When i am a billionaire

(Kiko solo rap)
Yeah I would have a show like Oprah
I will be the host of
and tell the world everyday how much i love ya

Buy pretty things to keep the smile on your face
A picture perfect smile that no one can erase
I can do that without money but i fear that id go empty
Its gonna kill me when one day that smile i cant see even
youre just with me

(Kiko and Jayps repeated ten times with blending LOL)
So i wanna be a billionaire

I know the rap part is a bit crappy. Actually the entire lyrics is. Babaw much ahahaha but i just couldnt stop laughing. Then i decided to make a short story about it. Of course a funny scene that you can find in SAMK2

Its in the other blog if you wanna read it. Its nothing much, just a short scene.

Anyway its back to watching for me now. I have nothing to do up to the first day of Feb. All comm works are done.


(PS No i have not written SAMK2 yet. Its just on my scrap pad. Doing some additions when i really am bored or if i have a good thought and i just scribble it on my pad)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eat, Burp, Fart


No that is not the title of the next Julia Roberts movie LMAO! Its how simple life really is. That is if you let it. But if you want it to be complicated....go ahead and fall in love.

Take out love and life would be really very simple.

Anyway moving on, Done with two HP movies. Oh hell yeah the extended Blu-ray versions. My two year old Dell laptop connected to my old Sharp 32 inch flat screen picture tube television. Connect two decent speakers to the laptop and there you go a simple home theater.

My old Dell laptop is already 3 years old, my bad. Dell really makes durable laptops. I saw online that they are selling something like this brand new for only 300 dollars. When this one conks out i am sure to get a new one. I dont care if this is old, its tried and tested reliable and durable.

So what if it comes with only 1GB RAM, my old Dell is stuffed with 3GB, of course the extra memory are gifts. So i can easily transfer the old ones to my new one in the future. Why am i sticking to the old one? Because my old TV is still working. Yeah i can easily go buy a new 32 inch LCD TV for 13k but what for? This old one is still working fine.

Old laptop? Yeah because it has SVGA connections. My old TV does not have HDMI yet. If the TV and laptop both dies at the same time then that is the time i will buy a new LCD TV and then i can now use my HP DV3 for watching videos.

Oh i so love my HP DV3 Laptop. I love it so bad to the point that i rarely use it. Its far better than the Dell, it has a 2Ghz processor, a separate 1Ghz video card, 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard disk space. I do use it sometimes for browsing just to get it running. I do even do some comm works on it.

I do most of my work on my ASUS EEE netbook. It only runs on Intel Atom, it has 2Gb RAM, Windows XP and a pretty 160Gb SSD Hard Drive. Oh yeah this is where i do the keyboard bashing and major downloads.

After downloading movies I transfer them to my 320GB external drive. Then i connect my external driver to my HP DV3, bring out my 512Gb Seagate external drive and have a back up copy. Hahahaha. The Seagate external drive is where i do keep the movies worth collecting. My 320Gb hard drive is the one i always bring whenever i get to travel. It comes with my ASUS.

Now my Seagate has only 180Gb left. Can you imagine how many movies it contains? LOL.

GINNY! oh yeah that pretty read head. She is the only reason why i got interested in HP in the first place. I have this thing with red hair. I dont know why.

I was watching a replay of Pacman's fight with Barrera a while ago. There was two minutes left on the last round when the fight was interrupted. Oh boy Breaking News! I was expecting something really shocking but in the end....The remains of bla bla will now be cremated...

HOLY CRAP! As if i wanted to know that! Who the hell wants to know that? Yeah so what if the recent carjackings and murders were top news? Because they are rich people. It happens everyday to common people but do the networks report them?

Oh is there a needed social status before you are news worthy? Akala ko ba walang kinikilingan? And do you think we the viewers will still be interested in the cremation? What do you think? They are treating us all as TSISMOSOS and TSISMOSAS! DEMET!

Breaking news....kulay ng urn ay gold. Breaking news...nag iyakan ang kamag anak ni bla bla....BS NAMAN O! TAO KASI SILA!

Breaking news...bumisita si Senator ganito at si Secretary ganito...


Buti pa ang mga mayaman at nasosolve agad ang crimes against them. Pero pag common tao...ten years tapos wala ka pang media coverage.

Ang common tao, pag nacar jack. Try niya idala sa media....WHO YOU? yan ang sagot sa iyo sabay dedma na. Pero pag mayaman ka...pinsan ni Senator bla bla...pamangkin ni general...tapos ilang araw lang solve na agad.


Mas maganda manood ng CNN kasi at least worth watching and bawat balita. Kesa naman local news na....GO FIGURE!

Bago masiraan ako ng bait manood nalang ako.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Sesame Street Wishes

Okay so the sun just teased me today!

Look at me at my second blog post for the day. I tried to stop myself but i really had to since my fingers needed some action LOL. This is better than picking my nose in search of that elusive "treasure" LMAO!

So the sun did actually decide to tease me. Oh yeah just like an FHM magazine. You see stuff but with coverings ahahahaha. Yeah the sun did tease me alright, it was like shining so brightly which made me go out and feel its warmth.

The dark clouds had to ruin it. Three freaking minutes i did enjoy the warmth and just like the models in the said magazine, it had to be covered ahahahaha. How i wish the sun was a Playboy magazine instead where we can see everything ahahaha. Excuse me i am not being green here. I am speaking about the sun's warmth. But the clouds just had to ruin it.

Well at least its better having the FHM sun experience compared to a Children's book ahahaha. Oh i can imagine how gloomy that day would be nyahahahaha!

Sorry writing is my drug so i just have to write anything that comes out of my mind. If i dont i would just be gripping my mouse and clicking away at a tech blog. I would reading any review available even if i am not interested. At least i get to be informed.

So i get an email from a friend. "I am working on Windows Vista, do you advice me to get Windows 7?" she asked.

Dont listen to everything you hear. Yeah you may hear that Win7 is better than Win Vista. Hey Win7 has been around for over a year and since its only now youre asking me that question means you have been working well with Vista. So i said stick to what you have since it is still working. When your laptop goes nuts then buy a new one with Win7 installed already.

That is common sense. So what if Win7 is better when you are working fine with Win Vista?

For me i like the complications that come with Vista. It makes your mind work. Win7 poses no challenge ahahaha. User friendly indeed but for people like me, oh we tend to become lazy and that is a big no no for an unruly mind. We just have to keep thinking.

No wonder i never liked smart phones ahahaha. They are so easy to operate. I'd rather have a complicated phone that lets me think compared to a phone that makes me go dumb.

Why do aliens have three fingers? Well they actually had five before they evolved. As technology improved they used less their two fingers that is why as they evolved the two less used fingers grew little until it was gone.

(Big grin on my face)

You dont believe me we are going to turn out like them? Tell me with all the gadgets around are you really using all your five fingers on them? There are people out there improving the speech to text software, in a few years we wont be even be having keyboards hahaha. Imagine just speaking and the computer writes for you.

Same goes with the smartphone. So in a few years we basically will be using our fingers less. Hahahaha...but we will still be trust me ahahaha.

How about their eyes? Oh dont worry the ozone wont be lasting much longer. Soon we get directly hit by ultraviolet rays. Dont worry our body will adapt. In what way? Look at the aliens and there is your answer. Hahaha. Trust me their eyes can withstand ultraviolet rays Dont believe me? Ask them nyahahahaha...if you see one.

So why are they visiting our planet? Hmmm they must be really be overpopulated on their distant moon already nyahahaa or they are concerned and trying to warn us. Or they are just there to watch us turn into them bwahahahaha.

Oh dont give me that BS that its impossible crap. Just look at their technology. We are close to them already.

There are people experimenting on so many things. One day a scientist will be able to develop a process where we can maximize our brain use. So instead of the usual 10 sesame! Imagine talking cool ahahaha. Moving objects with our mind...oh it really does happen and there are evidences.

And here comes the 2012 issue.

Nostradamus predicted it. He had five drawings i think. The Mayans predicted it. The Egyptians and even the American Indians etc etc.

So what do you think? Are they all wrong? I am not sure how many drawings Nostradamus had, i already forgot but it really spoke of exactly what is happening right now. Seriously, about the floods, fires, disasters and even earthquakes. I just didnt pay much attention to that documentary. I watched it two years ago.

In his last drawing...the tree of life was still standing. So the earth will survive they say but it will be a new beginning. And Nostradamus said it is all up to us if we let it happen. And so we did ahahaha. If ever the world would end...its all because of man. No other reason.

So do i believe the 2012 issue? I wouldnt care less. If it happens then it happens. If not then good. Why am i not worried?

Why should i be? Its the easiest way out of all the misery. I'd welcome it. Instead of journeying with sadness, the sudden end to everything will be very welcome.

But thats just the pain inside me speaking.

Of course i dont want it to happen.

That is the hopeful side of me....

"Sunny day...wont you come out and play..." I wish the sun shines bright tomorrow, just like in Sesame Street


Long Weekend


All commissioned works for January are done! Oh yeah i finished them all yesterday with a bit of consequence. My two healing fingers were starting to ache but as of this morning they were okay. Yesterday i was wishing for a sunny day to start my long weekend. I wanted to start the day outside feeling the sunshine but this morning sad to say the sun did cooperate but the dark clouds did not.

Imagine Monday we had a 11 degrees celcius. Trust me it was not. It seemed colder but what can we do if PAGASA says its only eleven so be it. It was really cold and the next day PAGASA said it was 9 degrees but Monday was colder. So Baguio City hit the headlines again.

Wednesday the sun came out and gave us a decent 13 degrees celcius. Thursday it was 14 i guess but this morning oh boy i bet its around 12 or lower.

Funny thing about finishing work early is that my body and mind looks for it. Even if i know i have finished all works, i still want to work. My fingers itch to bash the keyboard and so here i am blogging.

I thought of continuing the encoding of Bespren Complete but for what? Its a total waste of time because i wont get anything out of it. I may be able to sell a few and those self centered bastards would just pass them around. So why bother? I am just being practical. Who would be that stupid to work for nothing?

Do you see a person working his ass off and not getting paid then still would work the next day? That is totally dumb. Its better to be a contracted worker. You work but you are assured to get paid or you are paid in advance to work. Just like my comm works. Trust me I am inspired to give my all in my comm works since i am paid.

"Pano naman kaming walang pera?" so many ask. "Pano naman ako pag wala ako pera?" i should answer but i am sure they will never comprehend that. If you want to eat a burger will you just wait in front of the restaurant for them to give you a burger? Go buy if you want one.

Then they start to hate you.

I was watching ANC, Baron was on a talk show and they were talking about his love life. One certain actress was said to be "The one who got away"

The one who got away....

The one who got away....

So what are you going to do? Wait and pray that everything changes? Pray that the one who got away would come back?

Stop time like Sebastian in the story Neybor and wait until forever? Its funny but i did write that story. So what did Sebastian do?

That is what i am going to do. Do you want to know what is it? Buy my ebook ahahahaha.

She may think i have given up. I dont blame her. She has made it clear many times that she is happy with her life now. When i start to move on why do i feel she starts to hate me. Does she want me to just keep waiting? Does she want me to keep showing that i will always be there?

Does she want me to rot in waiting and in the end she would never return? Its so easy for her because she is happy. I am not.

She was the one who got away...

Anyway enough fingering of the keyboard for today. Its a long weekend. I choose to unload movies from the laptop rather than work on an ebook that would not compensate my hard work.

Wait! Long weekend up to Sunday then Monday....oh boy i have nothing to do LOL. So its actually a long vacation until Feb where my comm works begin again. Hmmm i think i might bite the juicy offer for me to write ........ ahahaha a lot of people are going to be irate if they find out.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011



First of all let me thank those who have recently purchased my two ebooks. Thank you so much for purchasing and not being like the others who depend on dole outs. Who are they? The so called kapwa Pinoys na LINTA.

If youre hurt then good. It suits you and its good i cant see you because im gonna spell that damn word on your faces ahahaha. Using a pin that is. Oh trust me i am patient. I can even tattoo it with 720p accuracy.

Anyway, i was at the mall last Monday doing some window shopping. I set my eyes on a couple of Android phones and boy i was so tempted to go to the nearest ATM to withdraw some cash. I kept my cool and proceeded to the camera shop. Again i was tempted but i just shook my head and walked away. (E-head fan alert LOL)

So when i got home..."Your uncle has already bought your phone"

Music to my ears! "But its not the high end one" dad continues. As long as it runs smoothly i dont care if its mid range. So keeping my calm at the mall was a good sign after all. Hmmm how about the camera? Ahahahaha.

"Email me what you want".... Wow, is this really happening to me? Hahaha so i did some deep thinking and then i felt ashamed. I just settled for an Energizer quick charger and a 16GB SD card for my future camera that i will buy. Oh yeah the GE X5 runs on four AA batteries. Which is good since you can easily buy then anywhere...that is civilized that is ahahahaha.

The charger comes with 4 free rechargeable batteries already but i am really paraniod so i asked for a 4 pack rechargeable battery pack too. Why so many batteries? The camera comes with 4 more batteries. Now you will have 12!

Oh trust me when i say i want to learn. I will really learn from the basics. And when i have mastered the different shot situations then that is the time i will buy my own DSLR camera. I dont want to be like those starters who want to get a DSLR at once and in the end they dont even know how to use it LOL.

Starting with a bridge camera is good. It has a little SLR capabilities which is good. So when i start learning, i also learn what is it i dont have with my camera. The more i will be able to appreciate the DSLR.

Funny are those who quickly buy a DSLR and the only decent shot they get is their own photo holding the camera. They post as their profile pictures and whenever you see them upload some photos you start to think why did they buy an expensive camera when they cant even take good shots. Hahahaha.

Sagot nila....BASTA MERON! Bwahahahaha.

Yung iba may Iphone pero wala naman load. Tapos mapuputulan na sila ng kuryente. Bwahahahaha. Japorms japorms pag labas, pa Star Bucks pa pero pag uwi kawawa ang parents sa pagkayod pala. Hay naku only in the Philippines....and other countries pala ahahaha.

I will be able to finish my comm works by tomorrow. So its going to be a very long weekend for me. So much free rather watch videos than make an ebook. Making an ebook is pointless unless i will be compensated well. Pag hindi, common sense lang no.

Feb will be busy. I will be home then go to Manila to fetch my relatives. Be spending time in La Union for a celebration of sorts. Then second week off to Palawan. It will be hard squeezing in the comm works but i will be able to manage. I have the last week of January to start Feb work. In five days i will be able to do lots...robot mode.

Then i can continue my work at the last week of Feb. Problem solved! March is a different story. I want to make sure all my works are done before the last week. By the last week of to....TBA


Monday, January 17, 2011

Fresh Air


I spend the whole day yesterday watching the last two installments of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Three hours in the morning, the Two Towers extended really had added scenes compared to the normal movie release.

And so amidst the battle and storyline Liv Tyler is still a beauty. A long time crush i admit. Saw her in her dad's music videos. Became an instant fan of hers and i really did watch her movie, Stealing Beauty. Sad thing is she showed her breasts in that movie. Bummer. Im not that type of guy who has a crush and gets elated when that crush shows some skin.

Aside from loving the story of the trilogy, she was another reason why i loved the series. In the afternoon after lunch i continued with the Return of the King. Oh boy four hours, extended version that is. I started around one in the afternoon, i thought i would be done around four. Stopped the movie around three saying i needed a break, saw that there was still two hours left LOL.

Anyway after watching i caught my dad playing Plants versus Zombies. I couldnt stop laughing and teasing him. His excuse...anti stress ahahahah. I really think it adds to the stress. Anyway after dinner and two episdoes of Human Target with dad, i watch Dinner for the Schmucks.

Funny movie but its really an eye opener. I can relate with the Schmucks. Often times we do outrageous stuff, to us it may be normal but to many they think we are idiots. Who are they to judge our happiness? If we are happy doing something different, why do others have to call us weird or idiots?

Anyway i dont want to go to that discussion because it would never end. The world is full of discriminate people. I am not saint because i do it too. In my case its for making others laugh. So why do i do it? Because majority of people do really like to laugh at other's mistakes. I do make people laugh in order to be accepted or liked. Sometimes i make jokes about myself, i do degrade myself just to see them laugh.

Today was a different day. After a long time i was able to breath. Ive been hard up breathing because of something traumatic that happened almost three years ago. The reason why i started writing.

Today was different. After three years and eleven month of not seeing each other i finally met her again. To be honest i didnt know how i would react. Would i be angry? Would i be cold? Will i just casual and straight to the point?

10:30am i was able to breath again. No hate. No anger. Total closure. Maybe its just what i needed. A face to face encounter to tell my me that I am still alive and i can finally breath freely. I have no reason for writing sad stories now.

From now on i will be able to write better stories now. No more bitterness, no more hate, no more holding back.

Fresh air!

I am me again. And it really feels good to be back.


Saturday, January 15, 2011



Its was buzzing around the Internet yesterday but i did not pay much attention. Yes it was the inclusion of the 13th Zodiac sign.

So i did some research and found out that the so called 13th sign has been there for so long. The so called wise guys just didnt consider it. The lame excuse was since there are only 12 month, there should be only 12 signs. Hohohohoho!

Time travel back...there were not even 12 months in a year before. That is why you get to hear this person living for 600 years bwahahaha and so on and so forth. Now where did i read about super old people? Hmmm let me remember....the stories from the Bible of course!

So it did make sense why people got to live for hundreds of years. Because there were lesser months in one year ahahaha. Let me try to average....lets say one person really gets to live an average of 70 years....back in those days the world was not polluted much so we can add 30 years or more. Lets just say the average life span was 100 years.

So if we had a person live 600 years...and say it was actually 100 years. That is six times. So in their calendar there must have been only 2 months ahahaha. Birthday party every two months ahahaha. New year celebration every 2 months. Whew!

Well i dont know really if that is true. Its just me trying to make myself believe the FACTS because i am a science person.

Then as years passed...we get to learn that the emperor did name one month from one person. Etcetera etcetera....until we finally got 12 months. Look even Christmas day was not supposed to be on December. It was around March back then. Then some wise guy made it December to coincide with one Jew event or so they say. I am not sure so go check for yourself.

Speaking of Zodiac change. I am an Arian. So i believed. But it really made sense.

ARIES SUN : Active, intelligent, famous, traveler, wealthy, warrior, variable fortune, ambitious, phlegmatic, powerful, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering, initiative.

Aggressive, willful, powerful, assertive; enthusiastic about whatever interests you at the moment, focused in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term; ego expression; adventurious, pioneering; Warrior-type energy; impatient with having to cooperate with others, works best alone or in leadership role; unconcerned with approval or acceptance; lacks persistance and stamina; honest and forthright, "what you see is what you get", not given to airs or pretenses; the first expression (or incarnation ) of spirit within a new cycle on the physical plane.

General behavior: Aries loves freedom, and will accept any challenge. Aries will get impatient if your ideas do not work out immediately and as expected. You are unwilling to follow someone else's suggestions, especially if they do not make sense to you. You often have excess energy which can make you aggressive. Arians are brave leaders who express care and concern for all they lead. However, an Arian as a follower is rare, and can be troublesome. Some Arians will act self-centered because they believe that their views are right, and anyone who conflicts with them is wrong. Because you are open and honest, you will make energetic and generous friends. Arians have trouble compromising which can lead to problems in otherwise smooth friendships.

Trust me this is so me.

Now with the inclusion of the 13th sign LOL, it sound creepy...I am now Pisces

PISCES SUN : Pearl merchant, peaceful, wealthy, uneventful, religious, prodigal, loved by women.

Mysticism, escape into the One; sees the unity, fails to make "normal" distinctions, often weak ego; victim, martyr, servant; tends to escapism, fantasy, drugs (especially alcohol), religion; very receptive, sensitive, even psychic; co-dependency, care-taking; withdrawn from the world; release from the world.

General character: Two fish are associated with your Zodiac Sign. You are generous, caring, and kind. However, you tend to be more concerned about other people's problems than your own. You are not a decisive person and may change your mind many times. You are also a follower, but you do not always choose good leaders. Because of your good qualities, you are popular with many types of people, but when you are secretive you drive these friends away. Weak concentration skills can get you into trouble at school.

BWahahahahahahahahah i cant stop laughing.

Okay so i would agree with being peaceful, compared to an Arian who is a warrior. But its true, i would go for peace first. But it is also true when i am angry...I am a true Arian. So am i both? Is it really possible?

Or was i an Arian first then as time passed by i turned out to be Pisces after all. Did the stars change me in time?

Arian by heart i guess because ever since i was not a good follower. I mean i could be a good follower but i was always ambitious. I wanted to lead. Even when i was a boy scout, i did take commands well but i wanted to be the one giving them.

So i climbed my way to the top and i got to be a crew head, then i became a troop head, and finally i got to be a scout master. But of course this leading thing was not always for me. I knew when to be a follower and when to be the leader. If i knew i could do better that was only the time i made my move.

Then i read Pisces traits...."You are not a decisive often change your mind"

So true but only recently. I used to stick to my first decision. Lately i always think everything twice before i make a move.

"You are popular with many types of people because of your qualities" an Pisces trait....really? ahahaha.

"Loved by women" another Pisces trait BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OH REALLY NOW?

For the last two traits i really cant comment ahahaha. People who know me what do you think?

Am i an Aries or a Pisces? Or am i both?


On a lighter note...I wonder how those Zodiac or horoscope experts are now? Bwahahahaha. Its like a big punch in the face huh?

Imagine you coming out with 2011 Horoscope. You write or speak what you believe will happen only to find out that some wise guys decide to include the 13th sign. Hahahahaha.

So you experts or star readers out there tell me did you omit the 13th sign too? Oh come on if you really are a star reader then you knew that the 13th sign was always there. If you are a true believer of this science you well know that the 13th sign has much effect on the other signs. So what are the predictions you have made previously all BS?

Well i am waiting for some known Star readers who made false predictions say "Ah kaya pala namali ako kasi may 13th sign na" bwahahahahahaha. DA!!! Ang tagal na nung 13th sign doon o. Sabi nga nila it was even the symbol for medicine...or so they say.

Okay so Pluto is not a planet.

We have 13 Zodiac signs.

Will the church tell the truth now? ahahahaha.

What am i talking about? Well i do love conspiracy theories. Once i read Da Vinci code i was curious about the Church history. Why they had their own army before. Why they hunted down those other scrolls and burned them.

If they were concerned for history then why do they need to burn the other scrolls and writings? Is there a big secret they are hiding? Why have an army to kill those who had this scrolls?

So many movies and books about these things. I do want to read them all but i am too lazy to do so. There was one movie i did watch. I forgot the title but it was about the scroll of Jesus. Yes his writings. Several people found it and the secret church army hunted them down. Why?

Well in the end they read the scrolls and found out that Jesus said to be just a plain carpenter.

I am not saying anything i was just telling the story of what i watched. I really forgot the title to this one. I think it was 2009 or 2008 if i am not mistaken.

There are too many secrets in the world. Some are kept to protect history i guess. To protect the belief of millions or even billions. Imagine a big breaking news one day telling the truth about something you have believed in for so many years.

Its the same with the Planet Pluto. When i was young i believed it was a planet because they said it was. Recently they said otherwise. So why was it so easy to accept? Because of science and its evidence and it didnt affect people that much.

Now comes this Zodiac issue. Oh boy there are violent reactions. Its understandable because a lot did believe to be a certain sign for all of their lives and suddenly they are not.

So what more big revelations are there?

Will we get to know big secrets soon? Area 51? The real moon walk incident?

So many secrets....

A lot we are not prepared to accept.

On a funny note...damn i lost my horns! Di na ako torero! ahahahaha! But wait!!! Maninisid na ako! Bwahahahaha....Aquaman!!! weh! Kaya naman pala dati ko pang hilig sumisid e nyahahahahaha!


Friday, January 14, 2011


Good day...i dont know for you but it is for me LOL. In any way maki good day nalang kayo sa akin. Let me spread the love ahahaha.

I wasnt able to blog yesterday since i was too busy. Oh from the moment i woke up and after doing my daily rituals...i found myself situated on a soft couch fronting my work netbook. I bashed away at its keyboard with a jumbo cup of coffee on my right side...even if i am left handed.

After four cups of coffee later i was not yet done with my commissioned work chapter. Four tv series episodes and six hours of sleep later i continued. Just around lunchtime today i was finished finally...yes with two cups of coffee that is.

Work done for the week! Now i browse the net and see terrible news. Broadband capping!

I did remember years ago when i got my first broadband connection. So happy i was that i could now stay home and work. I used to go to my dad's office to use his office connection. Funny thing is that the office connection was only 512kbps. So what at least i could get download speeds of 30-40kbps compared to 3kbps dial up LOL

So when i got my first broadband connection at home it was like heaven. Still they could only offer 512kbps but who cared, i was used to dial up for so many years. 512kbps was like Christmas everyday already.

I could remember when i had dial up. I stayed away from big files. When i saw a file 100Mb or more i would immediately turn the other way and drool. Geez 10mb would already be an hour worth of download ahahaha.

When i got broadband oh hell yeah! 100Mb was no sweat at all. So being a part of the first lucky subscribers to wireless broadband i did enjoy 1mpbs connection...yep 1mbps even if i paid for 512kbps.That was because the nodes were still empty.

Two months later, the system was obviously overloaded. Speed check...200kbps! WTF!!!! Several complaints ensued and imagine they told me this lame reason..."Your plan is 990 pesos a month for a plan that IS UP TO 512kbps"

Whew!!! So below 512kbps it is still justifiable? CRAP!!! Because they used the words "UP TO"

Holy crap!!! But of course i understand, up to 512kbps nga naman. Pero BS na yung 200kbps! If it was 450-500kbps it is more understable and acceptable. Pero 200kbps and you tell me justified kasi "UP TO"? UP YOURS!!!!

So they managed to fix it naman...a decent 400kbps during daytime. 300kbps during peak hours and beyond 512kbps during off peak AKA 1am onwards. So ano gusto niyo madaling araw kami mag internet ganon? Tapos sa umaga tatanga nalang kami at maglalaway? BS!!! UP YOURS!!! ahahahaha.

One year of complaining and still nothing! Then there were rumors that the local phone company was expanding and their DSL services would be now available citywide. Bwahahahahahaha!!! Hell yeah! They scampered and did upgrades. They were threatened. And yes i did feel the change. I got contant 500 to 550kbps the whole day and 600kbps off peak hours.

Dati kasi, 6am to 8am...40kbps average speed download. 8am onwards it goes down to 35-40kbps. At 3PM, 20-30kbps and most often reaches even 10kbps in the evening.

With their upgrade...i got a decent 45-60kbps the whole day. TWO YEARS LATE!!!

I got connected with the local telephone company, i called my old provider to tell them i would now disconnect from them. "May we know the reason sir?" he asked. "Super slow internet connection" i said.

"Sir would you like me to waive your present bill. Yes sir free usage for one month and then i will send a technical representative do check on your line so we can make it better"

"Sorry you are two years late. I have been complaining ever since. I just stuck around with your BS service since it was the only one available at this area. Sorry you are two years late"

Now i have a 1mbps connection. Did a speed check on the first day of goes something like that. Several days wait here what the hell is going on? READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!

Oh there it is...."SPEED UP TO 1MBPS" holy crap! Here we go again ahahahaha. Well at least it is justifiably close to 1mpbs!!!

With 1mbps connection, a 100mb file is chicken feed. Ahahahaha. I actually did a torture test on my connection. In one day i was able to download 7GB worth of files. Well not one day but from 6am up to 10pm lang naman. Pero 7GB? ahahahaha

With my old connection...i could manage 1GB only...two years later with their so called upgrade i could get 2-3GB for the whole day. With my new connection i get 3GB for half a day...well 6am to 12am that is ahaha oh yeah 4 hours.

But i love my new connection. Seriously that is. The sad part is that why do i have to pay for the phone? Ahahahaha. Sabi nila kailangan daw kasi may kasamang phone line. So instead of 999 for 1mbps i have to shelve out a few extra cash for the phone line ahahaha. Wow ha. Ang alam ko naman pwede lang internet e kung gugustuhin nila that is ahahaha. Oh well sayang din yung display na phone sa living room. Pag bored pinaparing ko siya using my mobile phone just to hear it work naman and know what i am paying extra for ahahahaha.

BROADBAND CAPPING!!!! This really gives me shivers. Hey its been only 9 days with my new connection and i read that they are going to cap the broadband usage? Holy cow!!!

Well i read that its possible that the cap is 100GB a month per user. So i did some math and that is like 3Gb a day only! Then i did some thinking. Its not everyday i get to download something really. But what if there are lots of things i want to download on that month?

With my torture test i got 7GB in one day...and they are going to cap me with 3Gb a day? BULL FROG!!!

First of all we got one of the most expensive broadbands in the world. And they cant even promise us a stable connection. There is always a fine print of the freaking words "UP TO"

You cant see a company offering "SURE 1MBPS....or EXACTLY 1MBPS" its always "UP TO" so to justify their incompetence just in case they screw up, which is often that is. Hahahaha.

Now you want to cap it? DUH! With the money i am paying a month with my new connection i would get a connection which is double or triple from another country, without CAPPING even.

What reason did the NTC say why they want broadband capping? For better internet connection nationwide. BS!!!






Buti nalang nakita ko sa ANC, the Senate is investigating about Internet connections. Hohohohoh Broadband that is. So i expect the companies to shape up para di sila mapahiya.

I cant imagine a donut shop advertising, 100 pesos for a box of donuts, up to 10 pieces. When you open you have only 9....or even 8...and they can say its justifiable kasi sabi naman sa ad na "up to" e ahahahahaha.

Diba mas maganda bumili nung sure na may sampo ang laman? COMMON SENSE! ahahaha.

Now people will say iba naman ang internet e. Di mo naman pwede gawin constant yan e kasi madaming external and internal variables involved. BS!!!! Wag kayo magrarason ng BS na ganyan.

If a company wants a subscriber to get 1mbps constantly they can do that. They can even assure that if they want to. Kasi ang problema, pag isang facility or equipement, sabi doon ay it can serve 60 subscribers with sure 1mbps connection.

Ang ginagawa ng iba ay...61...pwede short overloaded na sige parin ng sige kasi sayang yung bayad.

Imagine they should set it at 60. Bakit nag overload? Kasi beyond 60 that means new equipment. Panibagong gastos. Pero konting overload lang...extra kita na yon! Kasi po ganito yan. Say may 70 subscribers sa isang area. 60 lang yung capacity ng system for efficient internet connection. Pag 60 lang ayun assured na 1mbps lahat. Maybe fluctuating kasi nga po copper lines parin ang gamit ng Pinas.

Just like our place, kokonti palang kami. So i am having a fair and decent average of 0.94-1.04mbps connection. If they overloaded then i am sure i would be getting around 700kbps-900kbps at only feel 1mbps during off peak. That is just a hunch and hopefully they dont overload.

Unlike my old connection, the tech guys admit that the node was overloaded ahahahaha! Paging the Senate!

So as i was saying, pag may 70 subscribers na...magdadalawang isip sila. Kasi there are 10 extra subscribers...will they buy equipment just for the 10 subscribers? Or will they just tell them to wait for the expansion and not let them connected.

Sana they be decent to tell them to wait for expansion. Minsan kasi mapilit din yung iba. "Bakit sila nakabitan. Ayan o ang lapit lang. Bakit pa kami mag aantay ng expansion e katabi lang namin sila?"


So if they see that there is like 40 to 50 in the waiting, ayun new equipment. Expansion time. Then they can re-route the lines. Para ang magkakapitbahay from the same equipment na tapos yung malayo na dun na sa new system...or however that goes.

Sana ganon para maganda ang internet connection pero sad to say....with ten extra...they fit them in. Sige kabitan na yan sayang ang kita. Tutal di naman techie masyado yung 60 siguro so di sila mag complain that much. Hahahahaha. Honestly ganito naman talaga dito sa Pinas diba?

Or they wait for complaints to pile up and then they say "Okay bad move nga" ahahahaha.

So what my new provider is doing nationwide is really great. Imagine they do advertise that there are 1000 connections available for first come first served basis. That is really good. Dapat may order.

How i wish they dont overload the system here at our place. With my old provider, aminado sila they were overloaded. Just recently did they add nodes and upgrades.

The senate should investigate this. Overloaded nodes and systems. For sure when they do this biglang gaganda ang connections sa buong Pinas. Oh trust me on this one.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

March 15 Madness

Sorry i was not able to blog yesterday. Naks naman blog daw o ahahaha. As if naman may nagbabasa ng mga pinagsusulat mo dito. Nyahahaha. Ni wala comments nga kasi non sense mga post mo. But wait!!! Maybe they dont know comments are activated again LOL.

Anyway i laughed so hard knowing that lots of people did believe the hoax. Facebook was closing on March 15 the story said. Seriously? You believed that crap?

Come on, Facebook is hundred million dollar company. Mark invented it but as the ball rolled investors came in and stocks were divided. If you watched the movie you would know that Mark does own the majority of stock, and not all of them. Even that Napster dude got a share of stock.

So Mark cannot just say I will close Facebook because I'm stressed. Oh no it does not work that way. That may be his sentiments but for sure not all of the stock holders. If the article said all stock holders agreed with him that is the right time for you to panic.

But still, seriously? They will just simply close a multi million dollar company for a lame reason? Oh come on people! If all the stock holders are indeed saints then that is possible. Shutting down that sure money making company due to stress?

Well if they agreed then for sure they wont just shut it down. There will be lots of other people interested to buy their stocks and take over the company. Oh yeah that is how it works. Mark, being the majority stock holder does have a say but so does the rest of the stock holders. You dont believe me, watch Wallstreet 1 and 2 ahahaha.

If Mark wanted out then he could have just sold his stocks and retire even richer by doing that. Trust me a lot would but his stocks in a blink of an eye. So right from the start that story was a hoax.

Anyway Mark clarified that issue already and said they are not going anywhere and they are just starting. I hope that clarification issue spreads just as fast as the hoax did so i wont be seeing those annoying posts about the hoax anymore.

I forgot to blog yesterday because i was in the zone. Yup, i was doing a commissioned work chapter. I just finished it today, 35 pages for one chapter. Oh yeah i was really pumped up with the good plot on my head.

So yesterday i was bashing away at the keyboard was IDM was busy downloading the second season of my favorite series.

Rest day for tomorrow and of course for the remaining hours of this day. I wanted to continue encoding Bespren but for what? MPEX is gaining molds already in my hard drive but i dont intend to gain nothing like my first two ebooks. I have been ignoring messages from one comm work group wanting to buy it and now i am really tempted to bite at their offer.

I still have not done a preview chapter for Resbak. The same group is already bugging me to do so but i dont really have the time and proper motivation yet. So guys give me more time. Maybe next week since my mind is focused on my current comm works and i hate to add another story on my mind right now.

Friday will be another busy day for sure as i continue my comm works. Sunday will be another rest day for Monday i will be really busy.

People keep asking me about the house of Jeff. I offered it so many times and only a very few are interested so just like i said i wont be doing it anymore. I have no free time to write for free. I got lots of bills to pay and projects to fund.

I watched the American last night, it was quite boring to be honest. Now i know why they casted George Clooney in it LOL. But i did understand the story. Its about a guy finding love which is difficult in his line of work. His employer tells him alway, "Dont make friends"

Geez, i can remember the first scene where he actually shot his love interest. Im sure she was his love interest but he was forced to shoot her because she saw him kill a man who was after him. Maybe if she didnt act hysterical he might have not killed her.

Why do i say love interest? Well he was haunted by that. Well anyway he found love with a working girl or call girl? Yes he was really in love and so he wanted out of his "job" and his boss wanted him dead. Maybe he knew too much.

So in the end he got to kill his boss but was shot at the same time. When he was about to rendezvous with his love interest he finds out he was shot too. And the story cuts. LOL. Make up your own ending that is. Tragic? It depends on your imagination.

I might try that ending one time in a story. I actually did once but i got lots of comments asking what happened. LOL. So maybe its a bad idea ahahaha. People want closure!

I dont know what else to talk about so i end today here.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Good day,

I was listening to Kuya Kim last week and he said that it would be a rainy week ahead. As I woke up this morning he wasnt joking. Well almost, i woke up around six in the morning and stepped out of the house to turn off the street light. There are two posts near our house, one is automatic and one is manual LOL. As a good citizen i turned off the manual light post.

Anyway i noticed the dark gray clouds immediately and felt a little drizzle. This is bad i said so i knew the rains would come soon. Seven in the morning and the he was really right i guess, another hour passed and oh boy i was preparing for rain.

8:15AM the sun peeked and shone brightly and never stopped. So its going to be a sunny day after all. Still i was lazy so i took out my netbook and began working on comm works.

Lunch time and i was finished with one. I was lazy to start another one so i did some daydreaming and thought of my planned story Resbak. One comm work group has been asking about it, but i could not commit anything since the plot was not yet ironed out. So during the daydreaming process i did think of this sixteen year old boy.

He was enrolling at college so far away from their home. He didnt know why his father wanted him to enroll at a such far away college when they had one good school near their place. So as a good boy he did as instructed but while in line he noticed a pretty girl pass by the street. He was so intrigued and yes fixated so he decided to ran after the girl.

The young lady turned at a corner, he ran faster and when he did turn the corner it was a dead end and the girl was not there anymore. He starts to tremble in fear and laugh at himself. Was it really a ghost? He didnt go back to school for enrollment, he decided to go home and tell his father about it and begins to question again why he was to enroll at that far away college.

The next day, he lost the argument, he was again in cue but the girl passed by again. He ran faster this time but still he didnt see her at the dead end. He inspected the place and looked for a secret door but to no avail.

He was now really intrigued so he decided to go home again and tell his father about it. He lost the argument so on the final day of enrollment he didnt go to school. He hid himself near the dead end and after a few minutes he saw his dream girl pass by and enter a wall. In disbelief he approached the wall and knocked on it. Fear engulfed him but he was sure he was not dreaming. He heard several voice so he hid himself again, several youngsters did enter the wall too so once alone he rushed the wall and BLAM! He sprawled on the floor laughing at himself.

He knew he wasnt dreaming so he waited. A middle aged man approached the wall, he rushed the man and grabbed on to his clothes. They both entered the wall and the young man was so surprised to see a huge school campus.

The middle aged man was so surprised for he let in a stranger, he told the young man to get out for he did not belong there. So he ran, a chase started around the campus....

Enough spoilers hehehe. A lot did happen after that. They try to erase his memory but to no avail, so the young boy uses his knowledge of the school as blackmail so they were forced to accept him with a stern warning.

"You can get killed anytime since you are powerless and you dont know magic"

Pinoy Hogwarts? Hmmmm maybe but with a twist ahahaha.

So how will this powerless young boy survive in a magic school? How will he win the heart of his dream girl at the same time?

So many twists, so many secrets to be revealed.

This is.....RESBAK!

With Salamangka taking the path of Lord of the Rings with a twist, i wanted to have a Pinoy Harry Potter this time, with a twist! LOL.

Basically its a love story, full of comedy i promise. But can you imagine how he will survive? This isnt simple Hogwarts, in this school you can duel fellow students anytime....much of the explaining later on ahahahah.

Of course aside from the love story and struggle for survival there is a bigger story. It might span into four books. Hehehehe. So i hope you comm group members are reading this, what do you think? Worth your money? If it is then lets talk.

Now back to comm works for the rest of the day....


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cool New Browser


What can i say? Cool! Well it has Facebook integration. On the photos i deactivated the left "Edge" but the right "Edge" is present.

The left edge will show your online friends from Facebook. On the upper left portion of the browser you will see even your profile pic, yes mine is that little smiley with glasses. It indicates that you are online at Facebook. But i deactivated my left edge since i dont want to go into chats LOL.

On the right edge you see the applications edge. Super cool. At first install it already had Facebook and Twitter. I just added a while ago my Plurk account. Status updates from friends do pop up at the bottom right of the browser, Facebook or Twitter, trust me its gonna show up for a second, complete with Profile picture of your friend and their update.

So far i have three apps, Plurk, Facebook and Twitter. Its quite fun really because i only have this blog open as i am writing but i can keep track of my Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus plurk.

ROCKMELT, under beta testing is way cool! Its fast even when browsing sites. Chrome users need not adjust because they are much the same.

On the left side, upper left side we have our little Facebook profile pic, click on it and a panel comes down. You can choose to post a Facebook status update or a Tweeter update. The good thing about using this on Facebook updates is that your post will have a ROCKMELT tag on it.
If i wanna twit, all i have to do is click my profile pic for Twitter on the right edge and a panel comes out, i can simply write a twit that easy hehehe.

If i am at a different site, all i have to do is click on my Facebook avatar on the right edge to check updates...oh yes they will show up.

Super cool browser!!! Easy to use even!


(How did i get it? I got invited. The download link works only once. But i got 2 more invites left to give up. If anyone is interested then we got to be friends on Facebook. Thats how it works trust me. Coz there is this little icon on the upper right can see it at the that time when that pic was taken i had six invites left. Now i am down to two. You can only invite your friends. It automatically sends them a Facebook message that includes the DL link)

Eye for an Eye

No thats not a local television show LOL. That was Eye to Eye i think where you could always hear the famous line, "Kilala mo ba ako?" Ahahaha yeah that husky womanly voice of ate Inday.

Well its really sad knowing that your works has been passed around by the people you thought you trusted. I was even chatting with them, exchanging jokes online but behind the scenes oh boy they are acting like Santa Claus to their friends. Those lucky ones who got the ebook even passed it around even more.

So in the end, is a recipient really innocent? "Pinasa lang naman sa akin e" palusot...yeah right! So why would someone pass the ebook to you if you were not even interested in the first place? Lets say i was one of these morons who got an illegal copy. So i read the ebook and found it i just log on to my email account and forward it to all my contacts? Oh really?

So there is what you call an eye for an eye. Trust me i will get even ahahaha. So how do i get even? Of course it takes time to know what the culprits love doing, just like me i like writing and they pirate so i will get to know what they like doing and lets just say i will take it away too. Even trade, mata sa mata. Excuse me there is a justice system....yeah can come later.

I saw online the last image captured by a murdered person. He was taking a photo of his family on New Year's eve. The sad part is near his family there was this person person with a cap pointing a gun at him. The man died but he was able to capture his killer. Anyway the killer was caught recently.

I feel just like that man, imagine he saw the person who was going to end his life. I on the other hand am mingling with the people who will stab me at the back ahahaha. The difference, i am still alive. Lucky me i guess but for now let us pray for the early repose of the souls of my pirates. Yes i am serious ahahaha.

On a lighter note....MOTOROLA XOOM! The alleged I-pad killer ahahaha. Its got Android 3 (Honeycomb) !!!!

Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor (1Ghz)
1Ghz RAM
32 Gb built in memory
32 Gb maximum microSD card slot

5Mp camera
Dual LED flash
720p HD video capture (1280x720)
2Mp front camera (Hell yeah video call capable!!!)

Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G

Eat that I-pad!!! Hahahaha! Oh yes its a gigantic phone too! Its dual band (900, 1800)

No idea on the price yet, but for sure its going to be close to the price of the Samsung Tablet. Around 34k i guess. But still i would go for a good laptop instead ahahahah. Its so odd answering my 10 inch phone in public bwahahahaha.

"Pare patext nga" someone would say and you hold on your Xoom tablet tight and face it to him bwahahaha. "O sige magtype ka na, hahawakan ko" you say nyahahahaha.

And you walk around with the ten inch tablet near your ear and begin to talk. People around you would say you are "Pasikat" or "Sira ulo" bwahahahahaha. And one person looks at you shortly and grabs your tablet and runs away really fast ahahahaha. Gone in sixty seconds!

So this year we expect lots of tablets coming out. More touch screen phones and i heard super cheap digital cameras. Yes i read online that major manufacturers are coming out with $100 dollars and less priced cameras.

Why? Because of sales drops...why buy a camera when your phone has one? Photo experts would disagree and say "Iba parin ang kuha ng real camera"

My answer, "Shut up" ahahaha. Trip nga nila papakialaman niyo pa. Di lahat expert so mind your own business.

On TV...a little Indian man pole dancing LOL!!! What the hell am i watching? Bwahahaha...oh its ANC...2010 in review...oh there is that Japanese chick with four i-phones singing and playing stuff...she is good. But i like those two college guys with PVC pipes better. They Rock!!!

Oh great coffee is out...i guess thats my time online. Time to watch some videos now. I lost interest in continuing my encodes. I'd rather focus on commissioned works now. At least i can trust these people.

So many stories still unencoded and unwritten, i will continue what i love doing if i find the proper motivation but for sure i am going to get even.

Now playing....BEP....Oooooh ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhaaddd the time of my life....tugs tugs tugs....and i never felt this way before...tugs tugs tugs Tweety Bird....Tweety Bird....Had the time of my life.....

....but it only lasted for three days.

Hahahaha oh well....its the truth....and to you i owe....tugs tugs tugs....Im really loving this song already ahahahaha.

No wonder it was really meant in the past tense.

I had the time of my life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Woke up at 4am...freezing cold!

Turn...pull the blanket and wear the bonnet...sleep again. Woke up at six, it was still freezing cold. Several turns and i couldnt get my sleep back. Turned on Mini Moni, yes my laptops do have names ahahaha. E paki niyo ba kasi nyahahaha.

Anyway, i immediately found the first season of my favorite series. Oh yes this is where Elisha Cuthbert became famous. Amazingly there were 24 links of 130MB each, MKV format. I piled them up in my IDM and began downloading.

I did some math on my head, the total size of all the files would amount to 3GB. Geez, with my old connection that would take me one a a half day. With my new connection I was done when Eat Bulaga started. I'm not bragging but I am just happy. But i guess in other countries they would have finished earlier. Saw some friends in a forum who boast their connections. Oh yeah i do drool with their 15Mbps download speeds.

Fiber Optic lines! That is what they use. A good investment for their internet providers. Here we still use Copper Wire lines ahahaha. My brain seems to be working fine still, i can still explain the history of the telephone, the dial up internet and even the transition to ADSL ahahaha. Well when i graduated from school, dial up internet was still the IN thing. And our thesis was about ADSL, broadband internet....memory lane....

Its quite difficult being an ECE person. Whenever there is a new tech thing out there you dont simply ride on the band wagon to get one. You immediately look for the specifications ahahaha.

I do remember there was this Asus EEE craze years back. Oh a lot of people were fooled by the small netbook. It was even cheap i do remember. That item was selling like hotcakes. For me i immediately looked for the specs and laughed out loud.

Yeah it was small, it was light, it had Wireless Fidelity (Wi-fi) and it had a decent processor to do office and school stuff. What made me laugh was the memory. Imagine a netbook with a hard drive that is a memory card LOL! That time 4GB was the standard memory card.

Just as expected a lot of people were selling their units for less. LUGI MUCH!!!

That is why last January 2010, my uncle said he had an extra notebook. Before he even rode the plane i already asked for it. When they arrived here at the Philippines my dad went to pick them up. He saw the netbook and wanted it. So we talked over the phone and i asked what Brand? He said it was an Asus EEE. I laughed and said it was yours. He asked my why i was laughing and i said it was not nice.

He came home to Baguio and gave me the netbook. My dad trusts me so much and i guess he didnt want the netbook after my laugh. I didnt even want to touch it but it was so cute that i had to get my hands on it.

Turned it on and i was amazed to see windows XP load. A quick system check and i was shocked to see it had two partitions of 70GB each. "What the hell is going on here?" i asked ahahaha. RAM size, i dreaming. Quick internet check and oh wow i was so wrong.

My bad! Everytime i head Asus EEE, i turn away but i was so wrong. They did major upgrades to their cute netbook. It had a decent Atom processor, the hard drive was even SSD. This cute machine was MINE! ahahahaha.

And then there was the I-pad. Spec check....1Ghz processor...memory...32GB...all yours!!! Hahahaha. A little common sense people, 50k pesos for that machine or a decent netbook or even notebook?

There is a netbook worth 11k, it has 160GB hard drive, more than 1Ghz processor, 2GB save 39k and you can do more stuff! Its even portable, so what if i cant finger the screen? I can do more, save more with that cheap netbook.

What they dont know is that the I-pad was created to rival the Kindle, an ebook reader. So it was Apple's ebook reader that could do more. The cheap netbook can read ebooks too you know ahahaha.

My Sony K800i is ready to retire. I hate being an ECE at moments like this. For several months i cant decide what to get. Definitely I am getting an Android OS phone...the BADA OS seems tempting but the Android has more free applications.

I-phone? Yeah right! ahahaha.

So what am i looking for anyway? I need a decent processor, 600Mhz to 800Mhz would do fine...1Ghz is more tempting but those phones come with a 30k price tag.

"Pati ba naman phone may processor?" they ask. Syempre! "E ano naman difference kasi pag mabilis processor?" hirit nila. Shungak mag testing ka ng mga touch screen, pag mag shift ka ng page at nakita mo may lag meaning mabagal ang processor. Pag walang lag, ay maganda at mabilis processor niyan. Thats the easiest way to explain trust me. If i explain technically wala na... ahahaha

Wi-fi capable dapat! Kasi may router sa bahay, pag tamad bumangon mag net nalang sa phone ng libre! Pag may Hot spots sa mall or sa kahit saan libre net pa.

Camera? Basta ayos at nakakakuha ng picture okay na. Kasi kukuha din lang ako ng Bridge Camera ko.

So why cant i choose yet? Kasi karamihan Android 1.6 up to 2.1 lang. Gusto ko Froyo (2.2) or 2.3 na para ayos...but wait theres more! Google announces Android 3! CRAP!!! Hahahaha.

Dibale matagal pa konti ang Android 3, so it must be 2.2 ready because for sure a 2.3 update will be available.

Bakit kasi importante pa ang version? Kasi sa 2.2 pwede ka na magsave ng apps sa memory card. At syempre the higher the version the smoother the operating system. The good thing in being hesistant is that the prices go down in time ahahaha.

I can go for an LG Optimus One, it has Android 2.2, 600Mhz processor and it costs 12k only

I can opt for HTC Wildfire, same specs with LG but its 14k i think

There is the Samsung Spica, same specs with those stated above, the price almost the same as the two.

Or we can go cute ahahaha, Sony X10 mini....really decent camera but Android 1.6 lang ahahaha...still waiting if they have a 2.2 update. If they do then this might be the one since i have been a Sony fan eversince.

Or i can shelve out more money to have the HTC Desire...oh i dont need the HD capabilities.

Or the Samsung Galaxy this is the PHONE! Trust me this is better than the I-phone.

Pag makunat ka may Cherry Mobile naman na Touchscreen, may 1Ghz snap dragon processor pa at Android 2.2 siya ahahaha. And trust me its cheap. Will i go for this phone? Ahahaha! Nuff said.

Acer Ferrari? 29k? Bwahahaha bakit ko bibilhin yung pangalan? Katumbas lang niya yung Optimus One. Maganda lang tignan yung Acer Ferrari. Pag pasikat ka e di go ahahaha. Mag practice ka narin tumakbo at mabibilis ang mga snatcher.

So ano kukunin mo?

I have no idea. Bihira ko naman gamitin CP ko nyahahaha.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sprite Day


Forgot to blog today...almost! Well i was busy this morning because i went out to buy some much needed tummy medicine. Oh i have been not dumping waste normally ahahaha. The solid waste is too much assorted if you get my drift. Its been that way for days so the only remedy to this is Sprite. Trust me it works. Now i can even dispose the waste ahahahaha. Geez.

"Kadiri naman ng blog na to" i can hear one commenting already ahahaha. "E Ano paki mo?! Wag mo basagin trip ko okay?" sagot ko naman. Para naman di ka umeebs ahahaha. E ano kung bulgar ako. E di wag ka magbasa bwahahaha.

Anyway I dont know why Sprite works but after my first glass i was that confident already LOL. Trust me i can feel the healing effect of taking four glasses which i am already regretting by the way. Go figure!

So once i got home i turned on my laptop....wait i left it Drive by E-heads was playing. Yeah i am an E-head fan eversince i can remember. So took off my decent clothes and wore beggar clothes. Yes a shirt with more than four holes, in some my fingers cant even fit but there are two that i can count that can fit my fist LOL.

Why the heck is the screen of my laptop so dark? The shades dumbass!

Okay so i open the word pad and take my scrap pad and begin encoding chapter 2. Wait i need coffee...i mix up a huge jumbo cup of coffee and take a sandwich. Check my favorite sites and find new videos. Line them up in IDM and encode begins.

Coffee was gone in thirty minutes and so i had my first glass of Sprite. Hell yeah i burped. Which is quite better than farting and getting so dizzy after LOL. Turn on the TV and look its Ted Williams!!! The homeless guy...but wait theres more!!!

Wow he has a new haircut and clean decent clothes. He is located inside a radio station and being interview live on CBS news...lucky guy. I hear he already has work and his 92 year old mother is so happy for him.

Anyway back to work. Done in an hour and now the comm work chapters begin. Shorts getting tighter LMAO!!!

11 Degrees celcius today compared to 12.4 degrees yesterday. No wonder i was almost naked yesterday ahahaha. Today is different but i still can manage to wear air cool clothes. Finished my comm work chapters at 4pm. Start playing music...Lady Gaga. Oh yeah believe it. I went Ra Ra Oh lala whatever or however it goes i dont really care as long as i get to shake my booty.

I peek at the boob tube and see a familiar face. A general's wife...their house has been robbed. Here in Baguio...tsk tsk tsk...and then i hear dad's voice..."Thats your aunt" he said and oh yeah and i see my cousin being interviewed. Memory gap...they were just here last January 2 ahahaha.

"Good afternoon sir gusto lang namin magbigay ng babasahin"

"Oh ano naman mababasa ko diyan?"

"Sir tignan niyo po, basahin niyo para ma enlighten kayo"

"Di na switch ko nalang yung ilaw mamaya"

"Sir sige na try niyo lang"

"Wala bang audio book yan or mp3? Tinatamad ako magbasa e"


So now the weekend is about to start...what will i watch?

Ten Commandments in 3D! Blu-ray pa! Bwahahahaha!

Ay ukis ti saba naglamin manen!