Thursday, June 30, 2011

A World of Fantasy...


The sun is shining brightly...but i still feel sleepy. The reason? I stayed up late reading my own work. Its a freaking miracle!

Sound weird right? I wrote the book and i enjoyed reading it. It should have been a spoiler already since i know whats going to happen. But seriously or amazingly it didnt happen that way. Its either my memory is giving up on me or i really did a serious brain damaging twist ahahaha. Or i conjured a memory erase spell on myself before reading.

So how did it happen? I did write this story down on my tiny notebook. Oh yes thats how i work. I have this normal notebook which i do carry around with me because anytime i think of something and i really have to write it down so i wont forget to include it in a story. I say a story because there are too many stories on my mind...around ten or more ahahaha.

So i encoded Resbak, my Pinoy version of Harry Potter. I enjoyed writing it to be honest. Then i started to edit. Usually i just browse to correct typos, add or delete scenes or fix some scenes. This time i just laughed, giggled, and seriously enjoyed the story. Maybe it was too long, 50 chapters for me to forget some scenes. I dont know, i just enjoyed reading it.

Last year one reader said he did have a hard time stopping. He was reading Salamangka. Mahirap daw bitawan. I experienced that for the first time ahahaha. Well the edits are done. I can finalize the ebook any time. It takes five minutes to do that but hey not just yet. But i must say its ready!

Oh as promised i attached the pic of the eagle. Some say its a falcon. BASTA BIRD okay?!!! Hahahaha. Sorry the image is not that clear because it was too far away. The trees were even dark. So tell me is that an eagle or a falcon. Basta alam ko bird siya and you can see its injured, it lost its tail or whatever that bunch of feathers on its butt. I aint a bird enthusiast...the animal that is ahahahaha.

Stupid me, when i woke up i tried to conjure a boil spell on the water nyahahaha. Of course it didnt work. If it did i would be blogging using my toes while my hands are doing other stuff...wholesome that is ahahaha.

Took a pic of a cloud...its either the effect of the story or am i really seeing a dragon? Nyhahaha

Epekto ng Resbak...

and i am even thinking of Book 3...and book 4 already. Oh yeah its going to be a long story....prrt hoy may Salamangka book 2 ka pa gagawin!! Yeah i know, the story is already done in my tiny notebook. Just too lazy to encode. I said i would do a love story first...Bespren: Heart Beats....but July is here. i have to prioritize comm works. Buti naman kung nabili agad yung story, thats the time i can give all my time and do it. But its a suntok sa buwan, so focus on the job that brings food to the table rather than work on something that will just gain molds in your hard drive. Its common sense.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Scheduled Blackout June 28 from 9AM to 5PM!

I usually would be irate but hey today was a different day. Went out before 7AM to avoid the traffic. Today was sun shiny day and so i wandered the streets of the town and simple enjoyed walking around.

Around 9AM i got back home. There was no electricity already. Took out my netbook and plugged in a loaned Globe T@ttoo. Oh yes i had to be online whatever it took because i am competitive and i didnt want to lose my number one Philippine ranking on Plurk ahahaha.

So after an update i took out my camera and waited outside. I was able to take a good shot of a crow. And then some carpenters were all looking a tall pine tree. They were arguing about something so i looked up. They said it was an owl. But i immediately took shot, took out my tripod because the tree was too tall.

It was an injured eagle. Oh wow a rare huge brown, somewhat golden eagle with yellow eyes. Yup i managed to take a few shots but that huge eagle flew away. It was injured and i noticed it was missing its tail feathers. No wonder why it seemed weak.

It must belong to some collector and that eagle managed to escape. The carpenters told me that the crow and the eagle were fighting since this morning....Resbak came to my mind ahahaha.

Around 10AM i called up the lumber store to order materials for my pet project. I am going to have a mini shade set up in my front porch so that even if its raining i can just sit down in front of the house and write without fear of getting wet....staring at the porch...she used to sit there....

A few minutes later i turned on my notebook, cleaned it ahahaha. Angelic? A bit, i managed to make my netbook and notebook pearl white again ahahaha.

So after cleaning i did some edits. There few typos...i cant believe i got hook in the story ahahaha. Yes amazingly i was like a kid enjoying the story. Wait i wrote this sh#t ahahaha. Anyway i ended up at chapter 19. Whew 205 pages. I still have a lot of chapters to edit and read.

Doing edits is fun, i can insert funnier scenes, i can enhance the drama and visual effects. Added kilig too to make the story more interesting.

Reading and doing edits do take time. At this pace it might take me a few more days. But there are only two more days for June. I might not be able to finish it. I cant dedicate my whole day anyway. There is no rush, if i knew a group was going to take it then it might have been done a while ago ahahaha. When i know i have responsibilities i do get them done ASAP. But need to rush.

I found some pictures, one good pic of a flaming girl...this reminds me so much the story. And two more pictures that are possible covers...of course some edits needed.

I cant decide really which cover to use...the tribal dragon or this two new ones...


It really does not matter. Im off to watch my pet project now, the workers are doing overtime ahahaha.

Thank God it didnt rain today.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Of Dragons and magic...


After three months i have finally finished another e-book. Resbak!

It has 48 chapters excluding the prologue and epilogue. Does that make it a total of 50? I dont care but it does have 533 chapters after encoding. It might get a few more pages after all the edits have been done.

Salamangka was a touch of humans, demons and angels. Being a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan i was inspired to write my own version of a Pinoy magic wizard. Yes i do love fantasy stories.

Everyone loves secrets and twists. So after my successful Salamangka last year i have tried to outdo myself and create Raphael, the unknowing boy wizard. Mix comedy to make it fun, add suspense and really mind boggling twists to the story and of course...LOVE.

So now i am in the edit stage. Yes i have to read the whole story ahahaha. I am at the 10th chapter already and i had a good laugh at my own work. I had a fair share of "kilig" so far this means that i might have written something good. Well according to my own taste that is.

Wow this edit stage will take a long time it seems. I have 40 chapters to go. So why the need for edits? Of course to spice up the story and go over typos and story glitches. It happens when you are writing, the hands cannot cope up with the speed of the mind.

So most of the time the fingers do lag and during the edits you just get a good laugh at the errors. So the problem in making a story like this is you must avoid having the same plots like the famous stories. Sometimes you cannot avoid it but as much as possible make something original.

Again i tried my best to make the settings purely Pinoy. Well not that much since i didnt want to use the mambabarang or kulams. I had to use the western or European magic stuff ahahaha. And try to blend it in Pinoy settings.

Oh well imagination ko e. The love story is spread out. The first book will show the brewing love story between Raffy and Abbey. How about the twists? Well i really dont know but perhaps a lot of readers might be able to predict some scenes....or not ahahahaha.

You just have to twist the story in the most unpredictable way.

Three months hard work...

I have a friend who does write articles. She gets paid two dollars for every 150 words article she writes. So how much should i get paid if ever? The whole story reached 190 thousand words ahahahaha. Simple math it does give two thousand dollars. Not bad already. If only its that true but its not.

Mag apply nalang ata ako as article writer. At least well paid for the hard work unlike doing ebooks where you sell a few, say 40 copies, thats around 10 to 15k pesos. Three months hard work for that amount? Geez i would go with the two thousand dollars and thats enough compensation. This are the times you wish you have a desk job. 5K a month wala pang minimum wage ahahaha.

But hey this is the Philippines. A few buy a copy and hundreds do get to read it. Tapos gusto pa ng iba libre ahahahaha. Waste three months for free work? Oo do that para ma canonize ka narin bilang saint Paul ahahahah.
Then they complain...i hope they first imagine the hard work for three months. Thinking and bashing the keyboard. As if they would even think that far...

and you dream the impossible dream ahahahaha.

Katok sa ulo, wake up Paul. Next time dont write in advance. Just leave a list of possible stories and let them order. In this way you are sure you get paid well for the hard work rather than writing and wasting time in advance for nothing.

Oh well...


PS....late night blog post edit....i did some thinking and i am going to stop the edits. Continue it some other time. Enjoy the last days of June to rest for a busy July. Cant waste precious time for nothing so better spend it in a better way

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rain drops and more...


Its been raining for a week now. I do remember that Friday morning where i did enjoy the sunshine for almost an hour. Last Saturday it started to rain and it has been that way for a week. The sun did show itself for a few hours last Tuesday or Wednesday, i dont really remember anymore. All i know is i got out and just stood there for thirty minutes.

Turn on the TV and we see devastation. You hear blames being hurled from here and there. Seriously, where the heck did that "Ako ang simula" program go? Did the people join just to have an ID? Just to be in?

So what do those members really do? Isnt it that in english that translates to Change begins in me?

Or did it transform to "Ako ang simula ng pagbabatikos"

I really thought "Ako ang simula ng pagbabago" but seriously? Dito sa Pinas? Open your eyes people. Its more of "Ako ang simula ng pagbabatikos, ako ang simula ng pagbibintang, ako ang simula ng paghuhusga" That is our society and culture of today.

Go ahead prove me wrong.

You cannot change society, what is there is already there. Change seems like a dream but yet possible...still a dream.

I am quite confused, maybe i should not continue writing and keep stocking ebooks. Its better if i just write down the possible titles with descriptions. Then if there are sufficient buyers that is the only time i drop comm works and work on the ordered ebook.

You have to adapt to what society is. So as long as there is no story ordered lets just focus on comm works. Its the practical way of doing things.

Yesterday i sort of had a premonition that is why i rememberd Kiko. I took out my real notebook and saw that i already have finished jotting down the whole story. I had a few laughs, i thought about encoding it but hey youre just wasting your time so just do a teaser and let those interested come forward.

Orbits...i really cant take it out of my head. The story telling is unique. That is one thing for certain. Still undecided how to end the story before i jot it down on my real notebook. Will i do my first tragedy or stick to a happy ending?

Though the story starts in a tragic manner.

Dont you just wish you could turn back time? Or be given the chance to go back in time to correct certains things in your life.

What if you were given 14 chances? What if you were given 14 coins? Each coin can take you back but you have to use it wisely.

English or tagalog? Hahahaha. I am inclined to write this story too soon.

14th Coin

I wish i had one of those coins. Yes just one. I wont change anything. I just need one coin...

To go back one time...


Friday, June 24, 2011

Towards the light...


Its been raining a lot lately. Cold weather or i like to call it bed weather. I have finished my comm works for June. I told myself to enjoy the rest of the days before i get busy again for July but i wanted to finish Resbak as soon as possible.

I have this writer's itch to do another story. Yes i have decided to go on with Bespren: Heart Beats because i want to get it off my mind already as my mind prepares for the my new story Orbits. So the interested parties out there you know what to do if you want it.

So what is Bespren: Heart Beats all about? I would say its much better than Pipoy and Annika. Maybe! Ahahahaha.

Its going to start cute, of course the two kids growing up. I want to show the bond that they have formed just like in the original Bespren story, not the one in the blog ahahaha. The ebook will show much more. Anyway as stated earlier the girl wants to be a singer so bad. The boy is there to support her all the way.

Its going to be fun filled, tons of cuteness and of course the heavy drama part. Is it really that difficult to express your love towards your best friend? Ahahaha. Does it bring confusion? Oh well who knows.

Why the rush? Because Orbits is invading my head already. I dont want to mix the two love stories up.

After this love story then i can proceed with the second book of Salamangka already. So far new stories have been creeping up on my mind lately. But i am just too busy with comm works. I would like to write ebooks but hey be practical.

I got news that my mom might be coming to the Philippines. Yeah i came from a broken family. I have not seen her for LONG time.

When that happens i would drop all works to spend time with her. Lucky those who grew up with a complete family. Now you know why in all my stories there are always those mothers who play an active role.

Something i never had growing up...

I do hope those people being bombarded by heavy rains are all safe.

I remember posting a picture about clouds. That day i admit i was not feeling right so i just pointed my camera upwards and took pictures of anything. How off was I? I didnt notice i took 500 pictures. Yeah and just a while ago i viewed the pics and let me post one that spoke to me.

I named it towards the light for no reason. Do pictures speak to you too? Or do you just take a look and thats it? Why not try letting the pictures speak to you.

I opened my notebook which i rarely use. Saw a few pics.....

I wish i never opened my notebook today....


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Hand of...

Hand of God

Mount Paulitious (Lol)


May 2009 I broke my two fingers due to excessive writing. I do remember writing non stop since January of that year. Just to please readers i just had to. It was really painful and instead of letting them heal i just kept on writing. I found an inspiration, it kept me going. I lost that inspiration and here i am still writing for the same reason why i even started.

Vitamin B complex. Its doing wonders for the two fingers. The nerves are healing and 230 pages in ten days is a good sign that they are indeed healing. Just imagine if i kept writing the whole month. i could finish one long novel or two short stories.

I didnt notice at first but my work for June is done. I got two weeks free time. Its about discipline, those who dont care would say keep writing and finish this and do this or that. To those who care, they would tell me to take a break.

I am hard headed, once i see my netbook i start bashing on the keyboard. Is it passion? Or is it my escape from reality?

Why did i start to write in the first place. Depression of course. My friend told me to write. So i did. It helped a lot, it served as an outlet for depression. Writing took my mind away from many things. I was the character in all my stories, all my what ifs, dreams, wishes and frustrations. Most scenarios are real but the endings are all fiction, they do contradict what is real...the what ifs and the wishes come in.

The defense mechanism of my mind is to keep thinking. When i am idle and start to remember the bad memories my mind helps me, it takes me away and invent scenes for a new story. Once that imagination touches my heart i do write it.

Lately the story Bespren: Heart Beats have been completed in my head. Yes that is where the magic begins. When my fingers are tired for the day, i take a pen and notebook and write. I must keep thinking. When i get tired i do watch, i watch a lot until i feel really sleepy. That is where i rest.

Bespren: Heart Beats and another new story Orbits. Hahahaha. Eto nanaman ako sa mga weird titles.

Basically Bespren: Heart Beats is a story of a girl and a boy, of course they are best of friends. It all started when little boy got bored of his toys and started to wander around the neighborhood. He ends up hearing a little girl singing. He climbs the gate to take a peek, he sees the little girl playing with a doll on a little sand lot. From that day on they became friends.

The girl loves to sing and the boy was always there to listen to her. Of course i wont spoil the story ahahaha. I am about to make a preview soon.

Ordinary Me part three...i have a good plot but nah maybe next time.

Orbits is something different. I wanted to be creative. Its about a guy who loves a girl so much, one day he goes to buy her a birthday gift. He sees his girlfriend kissing another guy inside a restaurant. Tragic? Oh yes i am going to do something different. So on that moment if you were the guy what would you do?

They guy in my story entered the restaurant. While his girlfriend was too busy locking lips with the other guy, he kisses her on the cheek and whispers "Advance happy birthday" and then leaves the gift on the table and goes out.

Sounds impossible? Yes i know.

How do you cope up with pain? Hahahaha. Well its a different take in story telling trust me. I am excited to write this actually.

Its super freezing here where i am now...where am i? Look at the picture you see that snow mountain? Can you tell me where i am now? Hahahaha.

One day i looked up and saw a hand...that picture above...can you see it too?

Happy Fathers Day to all dads.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flight of Angels


Had to put Resbak on hold. I am going to be really busy for June and July doing commissioned works.

I am excited to write Salamangka book 2. I was planning to write several short chapters and post them so that its easier to understand their current situation. Of course its going to be fun-filled but i opted not to since not all will be able to comprehend because they have not read the first book. So why bother? I'd rather include them in the story and make it go beyond 50 chapters.

I took a photo of the sky before the storm. It must be the heavens speaking to me. It was exactly one of the scenes in my imagination for Salamangka. I named it the flight of Angels.

But after Resbak i am planning to do a love story. A music fun filled love story but negotiations are underway so perhaps its going to be a commissioned work if i prove to them that the story is solid.

I might as well unclog my hard disk space soon. You know what i mean, the ebooks there are gaining molds.

I cant stop looking at this picture. Someone tell me why.


PS. There is a big difference! Its true i was breathing before I met you. I am still breathing after i lost you. Yes there is a big difference. I could still dream about you and me having a fairy tale ending. After you decided to stop everything, i cannot dream about you anymore. The moment i think about you i just have to stop and accept the truth that there is nothing beyond wishful thinking. So yes there is a big difference.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Here Pussy Pussy...

"Sure ka ako nagnakaw ng fish?"

"Tiger ako at hindi ako kumakain ng fish!"

"Sabi ko Tiger ako! Tiger! Di ba obvious?"

"Hindi ako yung sanhi ng fishkill...sinilip ko lang yung aquarium"

"Makulit ka sabi ko Tiger ako e...i stalk my prey..."

"Tse! Makulit ka, maghanap ka kausap mo!"

"WEH! DI NGA?!! AKO?!!!"

"Mwihihihi honest di ako yun..."

"O sabi mo may black spot sa mukha yung salarin...look at me wala!"

"Imposible makita mo pa ako, naka camouflage na ako mwihihihi"


So ive been busy lately and it took a pussy to draw my attention. Hahahaha. Who wouldnt? If this pussy looked like this.

Since wala ako magawa i took pictures of it and i just placed captions. Well at least nakarelax ako konti. I got really hooked to Resbak (Fantasy love story) and Message Failed ( A comedy love story)

And its June...gonna be a really busy month.

This pussy is anti stress ahahaha. Here pussy pussy...