Friday, June 25, 2010

Never A Memory

Never A Memory

by Paul Diaz

Two strangers we began, living separate worlds apart
A single text message sent and the pen of fate had to start
Our story began with a plot that was still unknown
Our worlds moved closer to each other, attracted to
the true colors that we have shown

Days have passed and barriers were torn down as our worlds became just one
Our story now had direction, our love story had just began
The smile i lost not so long ago you did return to my face
And so my heart began to beat again, my arms now longing for your embrace

Heroes are usually us men, with awe we sweep women of their feet
From the depths of depression my hero is you, armed with a love that
is true and sweet
The missing pieces of the broken me you filled with pieces of your own
There was no me, there was no you, it was now we as our love had grown

I was able to dream again, asleep or awake it was always the same
My once lifeless heart now was full of joy and keeps shouting your name
I once secluded myself, to hide from pain my heart i covered in stone
Now my heart is free, Its you i want, only you i want to be with,
you and you alone

A few more chapters and months that passed we finally met
You gave me the best birthday gift that i could ever get
To hold your hand, wrap you around my arms and see your smile
This are all the reasons that would make living worthwhile

Our story took a turn for the worst and fate ended it abruptly
What i thought was to be an epic novel became just a short story
This was something i was forced to accept, something i never wanted
What was recently a joyous heart was now beating so slowly, so lifeless
and seeming dead

I take out my phone and see a thousand messages, the memories bury me deeper
I close my eyes and then i do remember, our first kiss, our first embrace, and
the tons of laughter
Tears would do me no good, pleading wont even bring you back to me
I am in pain, i want you as you and never as a memory

It will take some time for me to move on and for this fool to accept
I am undergoing a very hard time for my stubborn heart is on write-protect
But all of this will pass because i already knew from the very start
The moment i said i love you, was the same time i broke my own heart

...still hoping that you will never be a memory

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