Monday, October 11, 2010

October Fourteen

October Fourteen
by Jonathan Paul Diaz

I am not superstitious and i dont believe in fate
But there is something special about this certain date
Two years ago exactly on October Fourteen
I wrote a story entitled, "A Walk with Caileen"

For seven days i was engulfed making this story
Writing from the heart, basically it was about me
The story was more of a dream but not lacking emotion
It reflected my current state, I was ready to move on

Caileen was a girl and she was only seventeen
Unconsciously in the story her birthday was October Fourteen
Pretty, intelligent, kind hearted, talkative and sweet
Who would have thought i character i created i would meet

Exactly six months after finishing the story
The real life Caileen suddenly texted me
At first it was not clear but something was about to unfold
A different love story that has never been told

I fell in love with the real Caileen
Whose birthday does really fall on October Fourteen
Was it premonition? How did she become real?
Or was it my heart calling out to the other heart that it could feel?

Beyond human capacity i loved her dearly
On her birthday last year i wrote her a story
"Half of Me" because that is what she is to me
The reason i smile, and the only one who brings out
the awesome in me

Wake up amateur writer, life is not a fantasy
You can never have the ending written in your story
Caileen is indeed real but someone owns her heart
The fairy tale you so desired failed from the start

Yes i am awake and bleeding from within
Living lifelessly because i can never be with Caileen
And so it was premotion but a sugar coated fantasy
Happy what is written, but in real life a tragedy

October Fourteen will always be special to me
Never forgotten, never erased, etched in my heart's memory
I wish you a happy day and please wear that majestic smile that i have seen
You will never be mine but you will always be my Caileen

October Fourteen...

...i will never be one of your roses but remember I will always be that different flower

...I will never get to dance with you with that soft love song

...but in my imagination we shall never stop the song our hearts used to sing together...

...on your special day...

...even for a few seconds

...even if we are apart with me

...the real P.A. Kevins will always be in love with the real Caileen

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