Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Behind that Wall

Behind that Wall

by Jonathan Paul Diaz

Two worlds separated by a concrete barrier
Two people being drawn by the wall to come closer
Seated by the wall they start communicating
A brief exchange and a new friendship was beginning

As days passed the wall didnt matter
The two found a way to virtually be together
Even in their situation their feelings grew deeper
They have found love even if they were not together

With a chisel and hammer they both started chipping
After a few months face to face they were smiling
Finally holding hands and relaxing on warm embraces
Lips finally locked, under the wall two inseperable faces

But their moments of bliss didnt last long
The girl was pulled back to where she belongs
Again separated with the wall now fortified
In a span of a few days all their dreams have died

In tears and sorrow did they both linger
Back in their own worlds, now far from each other
In a few months the girl again started living
As in the other world the man was still waiting

In times of sadness and so much despair
Stare at the wall for there is always someone there
When your world brings you sorrow and in your knees you fall
Always remember there is a man who loves you behind that wall

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