Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nine Two Five

Nine Two Five

by Jonathan Paul Diaz

My friend will say yes to her suitor today, that is how it started
There is no difference i commented and so we debated
Both not wanting to lose we fought tooth and nail
And then you attached two words and i couldnt even exhale

Beyond a friend that is how you accepted me
Not just me, not even you, now its we
I was happy where i was but you took me higher
A tremendous state of bliss, hoping that it would last forever

And the following day our love was immediately tested
A typhoon named Ondoy had your place severely devastated
I was so far away, i felt your fear and hated this day
I prayed so hard for God not to end our love this way

And the sun shone brightly, he did hear my prayer
With one test down, he gave us another
Ten straight days the rain poured so badly
I never felt it because you made me feel you were beside me

A few months later our love slowly faded
But you went out of your way to have it reignited
Three wonderful days, it was finally just you and me
Every second we were together is clearly recorded in my memory

Its nine two five again and i know i should be greeting you
Something that starts with happy and ends with i love you
The last three words are still true but the greeting lost its way
Its nine two five again, today was supposed to be a happy day was supposed to be a happy day

...still, i love you

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