Friday, May 27, 2011

Lock the doors...

Lock the doors and turn the light down low....


That was a short line from the famous audition song of my bet Scotty McCreery. Oh boy does he have a really deep voice ahahaha. Funny this is that he even sang his audition song again once he entered Hollywood. And he almost got cut even.

Well at least i named my four bets a few posts ago or even months ago. Jacob, Casey, Scotty and yes even Thia. Well at least all of them go in the top 11.

So anyway, i had fun watching the finale. I like the short skit where Casey and James were fighting for the most shocking one who got eliminated. In the end Pia showed up with a crown and sash ahahaha owning the most shocking tag.

I had fun watching Casey and Jack Black belt it out crazy style. Oh did you see Lauren kissing Scotty several times after? And Thia hugging Scotty several times ahahahaha. Its either they were really close or those two girls really like Scotty.

Oh well that is that.

Now, there is this PAGASA issue. Geez people common sense. Why did PAGASA say it will hit land? Of course they dont want to get fired. Last time they relied on the foreign news too you know ahaha. Then the storm shifted and hit land, they were too late to check the foreign sites who just updated their forecasts saying it would hit land ahahaha.

Oh yeah PAGASA got a bad scolding last time. So for Chedeng they chose the worse case scenario. Even if everyone says it wont hit land they chose to say it would. So people evacuated on a sun shiny day ahahaha. Still people complained when the typhoon didnt hit land. NAMAN!!!

Lahat nalang reklamo. Pag di tumama reklamo, pag tumama reklamo. E ano naman kasi sa tingin niyo kalagayan ng PAGASA? Takot din sila mawalan ng trabaho. Mas maganda na sa kanila magkamali sa hindi pagtama kesa dun sa tumama at sinabi nila hindi. Isipin niyo din sila duh!

Well blame the corrupt people for that.

I had fun writing Resbak, well a few chapters that is. I finished 27 chapters already. 13 more before i am done. The fighting scenes are getting intense and lots of secrets revealed already. Well there was a group supposed to buy it but they chose to get a love story first that is why here i am about to write a new story. Bertwal: Three Days. I guess they liked the teaser so much ahahaha.

So this is me going back to writing...

Way to go Scotty!!!


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