Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Sunshine


Its been a while. I did enjoy my long vacation, well the rains did spoil it a bit. It seemed that it would just keep raining forever lol. Anyway, the sun is out and the first thing i did was grab my camera and click away.

Pictures do really speak to me, for the past few days i was hesitant in writing anything. Well i did not know what to choose. I do have Salamangka book two, Orbits, and Bespren Heart Beats to choose from.

I really wanted to Orbits, because i already thought of tons of funny scenes but through the pictures you will see what i chose to write.

I need a bit of warm up for my commissioned works so whatever i chose to write i will do it only during my free time.

It is really time to part ways with Bespren and MPEX, if the 100 group does not make in on time then i am really sorry. They were available since January but it is evident that majority of the readers do want it for free. I should have sold it already before to one group. Now they are offering to take them but for a lower price. Oh well that is life.

So take a look at the pics and you will know what ebook will be gaining molds on my hard drive soon.



  1. Just curious. Have you read "The Secret Diary of Cameron Baum?"

  2. Oh im sorry, i do love to write but sad to say i dont like reading much