Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Hand of...

Hand of God

Mount Paulitious (Lol)


May 2009 I broke my two fingers due to excessive writing. I do remember writing non stop since January of that year. Just to please readers i just had to. It was really painful and instead of letting them heal i just kept on writing. I found an inspiration, it kept me going. I lost that inspiration and here i am still writing for the same reason why i even started.

Vitamin B complex. Its doing wonders for the two fingers. The nerves are healing and 230 pages in ten days is a good sign that they are indeed healing. Just imagine if i kept writing the whole month. i could finish one long novel or two short stories.

I didnt notice at first but my work for June is done. I got two weeks free time. Its about discipline, those who dont care would say keep writing and finish this and do this or that. To those who care, they would tell me to take a break.

I am hard headed, once i see my netbook i start bashing on the keyboard. Is it passion? Or is it my escape from reality?

Why did i start to write in the first place. Depression of course. My friend told me to write. So i did. It helped a lot, it served as an outlet for depression. Writing took my mind away from many things. I was the character in all my stories, all my what ifs, dreams, wishes and frustrations. Most scenarios are real but the endings are all fiction, they do contradict what is real...the what ifs and the wishes come in.

The defense mechanism of my mind is to keep thinking. When i am idle and start to remember the bad memories my mind helps me, it takes me away and invent scenes for a new story. Once that imagination touches my heart i do write it.

Lately the story Bespren: Heart Beats have been completed in my head. Yes that is where the magic begins. When my fingers are tired for the day, i take a pen and notebook and write. I must keep thinking. When i get tired i do watch, i watch a lot until i feel really sleepy. That is where i rest.

Bespren: Heart Beats and another new story Orbits. Hahahaha. Eto nanaman ako sa mga weird titles.

Basically Bespren: Heart Beats is a story of a girl and a boy, of course they are best of friends. It all started when little boy got bored of his toys and started to wander around the neighborhood. He ends up hearing a little girl singing. He climbs the gate to take a peek, he sees the little girl playing with a doll on a little sand lot. From that day on they became friends.

The girl loves to sing and the boy was always there to listen to her. Of course i wont spoil the story ahahaha. I am about to make a preview soon.

Ordinary Me part three...i have a good plot but nah maybe next time.

Orbits is something different. I wanted to be creative. Its about a guy who loves a girl so much, one day he goes to buy her a birthday gift. He sees his girlfriend kissing another guy inside a restaurant. Tragic? Oh yes i am going to do something different. So on that moment if you were the guy what would you do?

They guy in my story entered the restaurant. While his girlfriend was too busy locking lips with the other guy, he kisses her on the cheek and whispers "Advance happy birthday" and then leaves the gift on the table and goes out.

Sounds impossible? Yes i know.

How do you cope up with pain? Hahahaha. Well its a different take in story telling trust me. I am excited to write this actually.

Its super freezing here where i am now...where am i? Look at the picture you see that snow mountain? Can you tell me where i am now? Hahahaha.

One day i looked up and saw a hand...that picture above...can you see it too?

Happy Fathers Day to all dads.


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