Monday, June 27, 2011

Of Dragons and magic...


After three months i have finally finished another e-book. Resbak!

It has 48 chapters excluding the prologue and epilogue. Does that make it a total of 50? I dont care but it does have 533 chapters after encoding. It might get a few more pages after all the edits have been done.

Salamangka was a touch of humans, demons and angels. Being a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan i was inspired to write my own version of a Pinoy magic wizard. Yes i do love fantasy stories.

Everyone loves secrets and twists. So after my successful Salamangka last year i have tried to outdo myself and create Raphael, the unknowing boy wizard. Mix comedy to make it fun, add suspense and really mind boggling twists to the story and of course...LOVE.

So now i am in the edit stage. Yes i have to read the whole story ahahaha. I am at the 10th chapter already and i had a good laugh at my own work. I had a fair share of "kilig" so far this means that i might have written something good. Well according to my own taste that is.

Wow this edit stage will take a long time it seems. I have 40 chapters to go. So why the need for edits? Of course to spice up the story and go over typos and story glitches. It happens when you are writing, the hands cannot cope up with the speed of the mind.

So most of the time the fingers do lag and during the edits you just get a good laugh at the errors. So the problem in making a story like this is you must avoid having the same plots like the famous stories. Sometimes you cannot avoid it but as much as possible make something original.

Again i tried my best to make the settings purely Pinoy. Well not that much since i didnt want to use the mambabarang or kulams. I had to use the western or European magic stuff ahahaha. And try to blend it in Pinoy settings.

Oh well imagination ko e. The love story is spread out. The first book will show the brewing love story between Raffy and Abbey. How about the twists? Well i really dont know but perhaps a lot of readers might be able to predict some scenes....or not ahahahaha.

You just have to twist the story in the most unpredictable way.

Three months hard work...

I have a friend who does write articles. She gets paid two dollars for every 150 words article she writes. So how much should i get paid if ever? The whole story reached 190 thousand words ahahahaha. Simple math it does give two thousand dollars. Not bad already. If only its that true but its not.

Mag apply nalang ata ako as article writer. At least well paid for the hard work unlike doing ebooks where you sell a few, say 40 copies, thats around 10 to 15k pesos. Three months hard work for that amount? Geez i would go with the two thousand dollars and thats enough compensation. This are the times you wish you have a desk job. 5K a month wala pang minimum wage ahahaha.

But hey this is the Philippines. A few buy a copy and hundreds do get to read it. Tapos gusto pa ng iba libre ahahahaha. Waste three months for free work? Oo do that para ma canonize ka narin bilang saint Paul ahahahah.
Then they complain...i hope they first imagine the hard work for three months. Thinking and bashing the keyboard. As if they would even think that far...

and you dream the impossible dream ahahahaha.

Katok sa ulo, wake up Paul. Next time dont write in advance. Just leave a list of possible stories and let them order. In this way you are sure you get paid well for the hard work rather than writing and wasting time in advance for nothing.

Oh well...


PS....late night blog post edit....i did some thinking and i am going to stop the edits. Continue it some other time. Enjoy the last days of June to rest for a busy July. Cant waste precious time for nothing so better spend it in a better way

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