Friday, June 24, 2011

Towards the light...


Its been raining a lot lately. Cold weather or i like to call it bed weather. I have finished my comm works for June. I told myself to enjoy the rest of the days before i get busy again for July but i wanted to finish Resbak as soon as possible.

I have this writer's itch to do another story. Yes i have decided to go on with Bespren: Heart Beats because i want to get it off my mind already as my mind prepares for the my new story Orbits. So the interested parties out there you know what to do if you want it.

So what is Bespren: Heart Beats all about? I would say its much better than Pipoy and Annika. Maybe! Ahahahaha.

Its going to start cute, of course the two kids growing up. I want to show the bond that they have formed just like in the original Bespren story, not the one in the blog ahahaha. The ebook will show much more. Anyway as stated earlier the girl wants to be a singer so bad. The boy is there to support her all the way.

Its going to be fun filled, tons of cuteness and of course the heavy drama part. Is it really that difficult to express your love towards your best friend? Ahahaha. Does it bring confusion? Oh well who knows.

Why the rush? Because Orbits is invading my head already. I dont want to mix the two love stories up.

After this love story then i can proceed with the second book of Salamangka already. So far new stories have been creeping up on my mind lately. But i am just too busy with comm works. I would like to write ebooks but hey be practical.

I got news that my mom might be coming to the Philippines. Yeah i came from a broken family. I have not seen her for LONG time.

When that happens i would drop all works to spend time with her. Lucky those who grew up with a complete family. Now you know why in all my stories there are always those mothers who play an active role.

Something i never had growing up...

I do hope those people being bombarded by heavy rains are all safe.

I remember posting a picture about clouds. That day i admit i was not feeling right so i just pointed my camera upwards and took pictures of anything. How off was I? I didnt notice i took 500 pictures. Yeah and just a while ago i viewed the pics and let me post one that spoke to me.

I named it towards the light for no reason. Do pictures speak to you too? Or do you just take a look and thats it? Why not try letting the pictures speak to you.

I opened my notebook which i rarely use. Saw a few pics.....

I wish i never opened my notebook today....


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