Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rain drops and more...


Its been raining for a week now. I do remember that Friday morning where i did enjoy the sunshine for almost an hour. Last Saturday it started to rain and it has been that way for a week. The sun did show itself for a few hours last Tuesday or Wednesday, i dont really remember anymore. All i know is i got out and just stood there for thirty minutes.

Turn on the TV and we see devastation. You hear blames being hurled from here and there. Seriously, where the heck did that "Ako ang simula" program go? Did the people join just to have an ID? Just to be in?

So what do those members really do? Isnt it that in english that translates to Change begins in me?

Or did it transform to "Ako ang simula ng pagbabatikos"

I really thought "Ako ang simula ng pagbabago" but seriously? Dito sa Pinas? Open your eyes people. Its more of "Ako ang simula ng pagbabatikos, ako ang simula ng pagbibintang, ako ang simula ng paghuhusga" That is our society and culture of today.

Go ahead prove me wrong.

You cannot change society, what is there is already there. Change seems like a dream but yet possible...still a dream.

I am quite confused, maybe i should not continue writing and keep stocking ebooks. Its better if i just write down the possible titles with descriptions. Then if there are sufficient buyers that is the only time i drop comm works and work on the ordered ebook.

You have to adapt to what society is. So as long as there is no story ordered lets just focus on comm works. Its the practical way of doing things.

Yesterday i sort of had a premonition that is why i rememberd Kiko. I took out my real notebook and saw that i already have finished jotting down the whole story. I had a few laughs, i thought about encoding it but hey youre just wasting your time so just do a teaser and let those interested come forward.

Orbits...i really cant take it out of my head. The story telling is unique. That is one thing for certain. Still undecided how to end the story before i jot it down on my real notebook. Will i do my first tragedy or stick to a happy ending?

Though the story starts in a tragic manner.

Dont you just wish you could turn back time? Or be given the chance to go back in time to correct certains things in your life.

What if you were given 14 chances? What if you were given 14 coins? Each coin can take you back but you have to use it wisely.

English or tagalog? Hahahaha. I am inclined to write this story too soon.

14th Coin

I wish i had one of those coins. Yes just one. I wont change anything. I just need one coin...

To go back one time...


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