Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flight of Angels


Had to put Resbak on hold. I am going to be really busy for June and July doing commissioned works.

I am excited to write Salamangka book 2. I was planning to write several short chapters and post them so that its easier to understand their current situation. Of course its going to be fun-filled but i opted not to since not all will be able to comprehend because they have not read the first book. So why bother? I'd rather include them in the story and make it go beyond 50 chapters.

I took a photo of the sky before the storm. It must be the heavens speaking to me. It was exactly one of the scenes in my imagination for Salamangka. I named it the flight of Angels.

But after Resbak i am planning to do a love story. A music fun filled love story but negotiations are underway so perhaps its going to be a commissioned work if i prove to them that the story is solid.

I might as well unclog my hard disk space soon. You know what i mean, the ebooks there are gaining molds.

I cant stop looking at this picture. Someone tell me why.


PS. There is a big difference! Its true i was breathing before I met you. I am still breathing after i lost you. Yes there is a big difference. I could still dream about you and me having a fairy tale ending. After you decided to stop everything, i cannot dream about you anymore. The moment i think about you i just have to stop and accept the truth that there is nothing beyond wishful thinking. So yes there is a big difference.

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