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That above is the cover of my latest e-book. The title is Resbak. Its a Pinoy magic fantasy love story. Of course it has my trademark humor. It would have been so boring to have a simple fantasy story that is full of fights so i really had to evolve that fantasy story around a brewing love story.

Just like HP, there was a brewing love story that was not evident from the start. We got to know Harry's love interest in the latter books. Here from the start its quite obvious already ahahaha. So what can people expect here?

Well tons of secrets! A normal guy seeing a pretty girl, love at first sight? It happens most of the time in the real world but in this story there was something deeper. Ang babaw naman pag love at first sight lang ahahahah.

So without magic he did his best to get to know that girl. He followed her and found out later that the girl entered a magic wall that leads to a magic school. TADA!!! Nope it aint Hogwats ahahaha. I cant say anymore how he got enrolled but trust me he did hehe.

So from the start its going to be full of fights. There are really lots of enemies and twists. So after three months of hard work i managed to write 50 chapters with 540 pages. Whew! I am happy i managed to make a story like this. Of course i aint no JK Rowling but hey this accidental writer did his best.

I do remember trying out a fantasy story, a superhero type story with Ordinary Me. It was in english and i do have plans of remaking that story. Because my skills long ago were not that good. So maybe i might re-write it to make it better. I didnt know people would like it, so book 2 was written.

But before that there was Twinkle Twinkle. Yes i do remember why i wrote this Pinoy Vampire story. Twi....yes i didnt like Twilight so i tried to make a spoof but hey why spoof it so i was serious and wrote a decent and funny Pinoy vampire story.

I did level up with Twinkle Twinkle 2, this is where i learned how to really twist the story from the first one ahahaha. Yeah i did an erotic Salamangka but last year i made a new one. A better wholesome version. Lots of readers think that Salamangka is still the erotic one ahahaha.

No people Salamangka: Ang Tagapagmana is a new story, wholesome dark fantasy love story. Dual love story i should say. Its going to be one year this September, do you want to know how many copies have been sold? Less than 60, but more than 300 or even 400 have read it. Hahahaha. Welcome to the Philippines!

Neybor, a comedy love story sold 40 copies but you can see forums and blogs talking about it. Even if those people didnt buy from me ahahahaha. And they ask why i dont want to release Bespren Complete, MPEX and Resbak immediately after e-book completion. Go figure!

I might really stop doing advanced writing. I will just really post what is available to encode and leave it at that. If there are sufficient buyers that would compensate the hard work then that is the time i will write them. Just like comm works.

The copies of Bespren and MP on the blog are just showcase copies. Siyempre pigil. Then some people say i am cheating them? Hahahahaha. Libre na nga sila pa nagrereklamo.

I have tons of stories i am itching to write. On the top of the list is Bespren: Heart Beats. No its not Pipoy and Annika anymore but its going to be Josh and Elay. Actually there are lots of Bespren variations ahahaha.

How about another Neybor? Yes i do have plans but the story on my tiny notebook is not complete yet.

So how about SAMK2? Of course there is one ready already to be encoded! How about a teaser then? Hmmm well the story takes a major twist. We all know Kiko has this ability but what if it backfires on him? Hahahaha. So twisted that it makes Michelle break up with him and its his burden to win her back.

So what is that dream on the end of SAMK all about? The new dream? Hahahaha...very intriguing isnt it? Why are they congratulating him? All of you have to remember that whatever Kiko dreams it comes true with a twist that is ahahahahah.

Yes Juan Pablo and Monique will be casted here. The misadventures of KBJ? The kids story arch has 40 small chapters already. Sorry peeps only a few has been posted on the free blog since a group did buy them, its called comm works. Of course others will feel cheated again. As if i promised writing for free forever.

The second phase of the misadventures is all about Kiko, Ben and Juan Pablo already. Story arch takes place after SAMK ends. Where they all meet each other for the first time. A preview of the trio is seen at the end of Neybor, that is likewise the preview to SAMK2.

At the end of Bespren Complete you get to see the start of MPEX ahahahah. Remember in MP where Monique has a crush on Pipoy...well you get to see a short scene where they first see each other at the end of Bespren Complete.

Likewise at the end of Bespren complete you get to see a preview of Bespren: Heart Beats.

So all stories seem to be related? Of course sa Mahiwagang Mundo ni Paulito.

Ordinary Me 3? I am starting to jot down some plots and scenes already. If i see that there is a worthy plot to bring Frank back then why not?

Salamangka: Ang Pagsubok? Hmmmm.... no comment yet but in my tiny notebook yes its already there. Those who bought and recieved a pirated copy should remember all the mysteries involved. Slowly they shall be revealed....

For now its July 1 already! I have to rest for the comm works begin again.


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  1. Kuya :D Saan ko pwede ma basa ang Pipoy Book 2 ? kasi kahit yun yung kaunaunahan kong nabasa na Story Di matangal sa utak ko si pipoy e xD :3 ... naiintriga ako e gusto ko malaman mga mang yayari paglabas nila sa dormitoryo :3

    1. meron na po ba kaung book 2 ni pipoy ngaun?

  2. Btw kuya aako to si Pipoy_fan haha yung nag msg sayo sa plunk ba yun ? O.o nakalimutan ko link e wahahhaha Di rin na save kailangan safe ako kaya naka incognito delikado baka mamaya isipin ni Gf Manyak ako xD lihim ko lng yun xD