Friday, July 29, 2011

August Warm Up


The last few days of July...have to end my two week vacation and get ready for a hectic August. My fingers are well rested, so here i am blogging while enjoying a giant mug of hot coffee on a cold and cloudy day.

The two weeks i could have spent writing or starting a new story but like i said there is no point anymore in doing advanced works. If i do it would only end up in chaos hahaha. Imagine if i finish another ebook, i post about it and nothing happens. Some would get mad since another group would just come and take it. They would say its unfair. How the hell does it become unfair? To whom? To them perhaps, how about me peeps? I made a product, there is one group willing to take it so common sense dictates for me to sell it.

Anyway i am quite excited for August, the start of the third book of one of my commissioned works. I have done recon work for the attached images. Attached images? Oh yes, in order to make the visualization easier.

A new group has contacted me, we are currently ironing out the plot of their private story. Quite challenging story due to so many characters. My problem will be making a solid story so as to not hurt them hahaha. Bakit siya bida? Bakit ako ganito lang? Kaya nga iron out e. Nyahahaha.

My mind is really itching for Orbits, another group called me up asking what is it all about. If i told them then it would spoil the story. It starts with the heart break as posted in the preview. The story begins a few days after that scene where the girls is torn and feeling so bad so she tries to reach out to the guy who seems to be avoiding her.

Its a mix of flashbacks plus current events. Just to spice up the story. So how about Salamangka 2? Yeah its on my brain. Another itch i have actually but hey writing it seems not to be in my favor. So if you were me what would you do? Accept commissioned works where you surely get paid or waste your time writing knowing that you would earn so less and the rest goes to the pirates.

Enough of that. So what did i do the past two weeks? Scribbled on my notebook, watched tons of anime, played a few pc games ( a dangerous sign, i think im getting my gaming groove back) and i took photos of anything.

One day i was taking photos of the clouds again, i didnt notice i took a shot of a face until i viewed them a while ago. Quite creepy face, its the one posted above. Seriously, when i was taking shots of the clouds i really did not notice it.

So bring on August! I am ready!

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