Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Human...


All I can say is WHEW!

I have finished one of my commissioned works. Well its almost two years I have been doing this commissioned work for one client who has became my friend already. Imagine having two books, yes two ebooks. A total of 73 chapters with a 2700 pages more or less.

Oh hell yeah, thats like 30 to 50 pages per chapter. And we are about to enter book three this August. The storyline has gotten intense so i was too busy the past few days.

I had fun meeting up with my ex and her bestfriend last Thursday. I did treat them out for lunch and we had a fun time catching up. The next day, a taxi rammed our porch. Yeah a bit of damage, i felt pity for the driver. He said he would come back on Monday to settle things. Yes i didnt bother to call the cops. I am too trusting i guess.

I got too hooked with my commissioned work. Yes its that intense. Now with two weeks to go for July i have nothing left to do...other commissioned work on hold due. Why? The clients are too busy at their work. By August they said the funds start rolling in again so that is when i continue their comm work.

So what do i do with two weeks off? Make another ebook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!!!

Honestly i could have finished my comm work sooner but i decided to be human. Yes i agreed to meet up with my ex and her bestfriend. And yes i only worked during mornings because i spent all my afternoons with dad watching Season 1 to 2 of White Collar. We actually love it, action, suspense and comedy.

Today i just made the pdf format of the second book of my comm work. I am awaiting for my father to arrive from work so we can start season 3 of White Collar of finish the XIII series which we already started days ago.

To be honest the last time i became human and had fun was March 30, 2010. Yes for three days. Then i became a robot again.

Dont you just love people replying on the page feeling excited about Salamangka book 2 when you have not sold them book one ahahaha. Makes you wonder how they read it but this is the Philippines. Its normal. Dont even ask how anymore.

Two solid weeks of being human i choose. Avoid the netbook and laptop. Unless there is a new commissioned work offered of course i will grab it.

If not then no worries.


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