Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Itch...


Second day of my two week vacation and i already am having the itch. I promised myself not to bash the keyboard. I just made this blog post as an exemption because i just had to get the itch out of my system.

I want to write, i do have lots of stories to tell but seriously where do you see a worker who does tire himself out working and in the end not getting paid? Quite dumb isnt it? Yes it is. People dont go abroad seeking better jobs to not get paid ahahahaha.

The driver who rammed my porch came back yesterday. I gave him the price for the repairs and told him to just come weekly and give whatever he can give. He is an honest and apologetic man, he told me he will pay up because it was his responsibility. But i just had to cut him some slack so no matter how long it will take, no matter how much he can pay weekly i dont mind.

Then when he has fully paid, i told him he can come watch the repairs himself. I would have shouldered the repairs, but he said he must face his responsibility. So i do applaud him. Kokonti nalang ang mga taong ganyan. Yung iba siguro tatakbuhan na ako. I am just too trusting perhaps. So problem solved.

Due to boredom, yesterday i visited the front page of Plurk and saw dozens of really stupid quotes. Oh yes they are really stupid. Imagine there was this one quote saying, "You are not really happy because you are still looking for something or someone to make you happy"

So how dumb is that? Okay so the person who made that quote is dumb. The dumber people are those who liked it ahahahaha. But wait theres more, the dumbest people are those who appreciated it and even reposted it. Bwahahahahahaha. Seriously?

Why the hell do you need to invent stupid and nonsense quotes anyway? Then youre even so proud to broadcast it. Its better if you have made a really good quote and share it. But seriously? Do you really have to push yourself that hard to make a nonsense one? Just because some words you used are good to hear makes it sound good already?

So if youre bored you can easily go to the Plurk front page and knock yourself out laughing. Or you can just log in to your social network account and read the posts of your friends. I am sure there are some there who would really make you laugh, when you try to correct them you get "unfriended" ahahahaha. Who cares! Its better not to get associated with dumb people anyway.

That is why i shifted to Google+

Yup the social network of Google is much better.

So i have two weeks of boredom ahead. Better enjoy the rain and keep this itch on bay.

Oh if you got offended by this post of mine, I am truly sorry. Its just me ranting and unleashing the itch to write. "Bato bato sa langit ang matamaan....pasensya nalang"

Still i have to say sorry to those who got offended. Pero totoo naman diba? Hahahaha. Wag ka na mag paimpress sa mali. Kung ano meron ka at kung ano kaya mo doon ka magpaimpress. Wag masyado try hard baka mapahiya ka lang.

Makinig kay Lady Gaga, you were born that way. Tapos may isang kanta pa, "You were meant to be the way your are exactly"

So focus on your strengths and do not try so hard to be someone else. The moment you try to be someone else and you fail, its you who gets the shame and not the person you were trying to be. And you may succeed on trying to be someone else, but up to when can you be that someone else? The longer you pretend, the more you forget who you really are.

Kung sino ka, yun ka!


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