Monday, July 25, 2011

My State of the Nation Address...


I do remember people rejoicing last year when the Philippines elected a new president. Tuwid na daan was their theme and so the people were full of hope. A year later there are just too many people bashing the government for false promises.

Geez its been a year. Next time you vote for a MIRACLE WORKER!!! Oh yeah i think that is what majority want. The president that can just snap his fingers and everything will be okay. For those who have brains you all know that kind of president is not possible.

Everyone wants this, that, blah blah blah, but hey look at the bigger picture. If you were the president what could you have done? Would you just say okay stop this, do this, do that, and just make the people happy? Every action there is an equivalent reaction.

Try playing SIM CITY, lets see how you fare. Yes its a computer game and you get to play a mayor. Go ahead lets see if you can manage to get a perfect city. Lets see you click your way out of the problems.

One groups wants this, one group wants that. Everyone wants something done but seriously go read some books and you will find out that running a country is not that easy. What people expect is that once you have a new president, all problems will be solved. Sumbong dito, sumbong doon, gusto ito, gusto yon, ang masama AGAD!!!!

Militant groups rally on the streets fighting for several causes, oh i have nothing against them but if only they used their brains well and tried to understand how a government works then perhaps they might behave. But no, they insist what they want. A few flaws they go to the streets like unlearned human beings.

Every action has an equivalent reaction. Always remember that. If the president does this there will always be a reaction that will cause a problem in another sector. If the president listens to all those people asking for things done, he might be able to get them done but you also have to think of the effects. Some people will be happy but another problem will always pop up due to the solution.

That is why being a president you have to think hard, choose the best course of action. But people will never understand because there are too many greedy people out there, they want what they want. They think running a government is just like waving a wand and saying a spell then everything will be fine.

Parang aso na gutom tatahol nalang yan. Di titigil hanggang bigyan mo ng pagkain. Pag nabigyan mo tatahimik na yan hanggang sa magutom ulit. Di alam ng aso may pinagdadaanan pala amo niya pero walang pakialam ang aso basta mapakain siya. If only that dog would have a little understanding then he might learn to wait.

And why the hell did i compare some people to dogs? Simple, because they dont use their brains. They just go blah blah blah blah until they get what they want. Then if they need something else they go blah blah blah blah again. Kung sana nag isip sila kahit konti lang tapos intindihin lahat, siguro tatahimik sila at baka tutulong kesa sa blah blah blah blah blah.

They should get rid of stupid useless subjects and replace them with Political Science subjects. Para naman habang bata pa maintindihan na ng bata pano magpatakbo ng gobyerno. Para pag tanda nila maintindihan nila maigi kesa na kakahol kahol nalang basta basta.

Oh im not siding with the governement. I too feel what other people are feeling but the only difference is i use my brain and try to understand things. I just dont go barking out there for lame reasons.

Utak muna bago kahol.

Anyway on a lighter side of things. I have enjoyed my one week vacation so far. Now i am entering my second week. My fingers are so relaxed but my brain....ayaw tumigil sa kakaisip!!!

So i have stories that have not been written

Salamangka 2
Sa Aking mga Kamay 2
Bespren: Heart Beats

just last night i have completed inside my head another story, 14th Coin. I think im doing this in tagalog. But i prefer it in english. So what is it all about? Well i really cant say but a little preview will tell you that this one is a tear jerker.

Imagine being in so much pain, losing a loved one who you loved so much. What if someone comes to you and offers you a way to go back and relive your life with that special someone? But everytime you do you have to relive all the pain too.

Here is the catch, you can do something to change the outcome but of course it wont be that easy. That person gives you 14 coins, in each coin you get to return and relive everything. So you have 14 chances to make everything right but there will always be new challenges to foil your plan. Will you take the offer?

Then another story entitled "Waiting by the gate", now this is another tearjerker. Cant say much about this because i am keeping this story close to my heart. Then i remembered i still have stories like Realm of Butterflies, My Evil Heart, Crazy Love, and so on.

How about Twinkle Twinkle 3? Vampire Paulito in the city? Hahaha. Yeah right.
Ordinary Me 3? Frank...i dont think a lot would like reading about him anymore.

I am too busy to do any of them. Id rather focus on the third book of my commissioned work. Third book? Hell yeah!!! Book 1 and 2 have 73 chapters, 2800 pages combined. Hahahaha. The story gets hotter and hotter as we enter book 3.

So whats the difference between a normal story and a commissioned work? Well since im paid with a CW then i do recon work, oh yeah, i add images to the stories to make the story easier to imagine. 30 to 50 pages per chapter, oh hell yeah expect a solid chapter everytime. The best part is that i make sure that every centavo is worth it.

That is better than getting nothing at all isnt it?

So now i end this post and resume watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Hahahah. Isip bata! At least may isip kesa naman sa wala. Episode 78 out of 224 done. Sakto bago mag August matapos ko to. Then when the new month arrives i would be busy again.


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