Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness

"Gimme some love"

"Separate Lives"

"Dancing Bird"




I am really fickle minded! LMAO! I said i wont blog but here i am. I said i wont take shots, but i did for the past two days. I said i will not write but i did.

I LIED! Hahahahaha! So sue me!

How can you not take out your camera for a cute dog? How can you not take out your camera when the butterflies are teasing you? You just have to. Oh well i did take lots of shots and here are some samples.

So i decided to take a week of from my Comm works, i was supposed to start them but i made a challenge to myself. I am going to finish them in two weeks so that i would be vacant by the last week of March. Then i saw my scrap pad and i was tempted to encode Bespren.

A lot do not believe that the one posted on the blog was just a scrap and crappy copy. Well i dont blame them because i made sure the story seemed complete. But of course it isnt and i held back the really juicy stuff and major storyline.

As i was encoding Bespren yesterday i just kept smiling the whole time since the whole story came back to my mind. On the blog i held back key scenes, now i know why people only like Pipoy ahahaha. I didnt include the best scenes of Annika. The story is about them two and not Pipoy alone. So the Complete story you get to see the two characters as a whole.

So how many chapters was in the blog? Fifteen and less than 100 pages. So how many chapters does the complete one have? More than 20 but less than 40, with almost 300 pages.

Ho hum i suddenly got bored...


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