Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supah Moon Madness

Yes its true the moon is revolving...check third pic and look closer

So its true what they teach us LOL

Blue Moon: Para maiba...not post processed. WB set to incandescent

Hmmm...nice cover for Twinkle Twinkle 3?


Okay so it was a "supermoon" as they say. It only happens every twenty years so it goes. A lot of people were so frustrated because they were expecting the moon to go SUPER SIZE! Nyahahahaha. First of all peeps look where we are in the globe. Do you really expect the Philippines to see the moon at a super size?

Maybe they were expecting the moon to really go super big time but sorry to disappoint but you got it all wrong. If only you read farther, the scientist say that we can see the moon go 14 percent bigger. Hahahahaha! 14 percent, okay? Now do you know how big is 14 percent? You barely wont notice the change.

As a person beginning in photography it was a great chance to practice moon shots. Who cares about the hoopla about the moon going super size. For me i just needed it to be round or full as they say.

So with a fully charged battery and 600 shots to spare from my memory card i started taking shots around nine in the evening. Oh boy the clouds were not very cooperative. So i waited a few minutes when they partially cleared and the learning process began.

I only have a GE X5, it has 14 megapixels, a permanent wide lens that can give me 15 times optical zoom. And i am a beginner. Well at least i know what i am doing compared to those who bought a DSLR for the sake of having one ahahahaha.

Camera was set at Auto. Everything was in auto....oh yes i have a tripod now not like before were i really had to hold my breath for every shot. Tripod was set, camera ready, me perfectly seated and ready to learn.

Focus, zoom, take the shot! CRAP! Ahahaha. Okay so i set the metering exposure to SPOT.

Much better now but still its not the shots i want. Now i go to AP mode (Aperture Priority) and set it to 6.6 while the rest i dont know ahahahaha. Much much better but still not satisfied.

Thirty shots already down....setting ISO to 80....whoa now i am almost there.

Going manual, ahahah feeling na to!

ISO = 80
f/6.6 (well naka zoom e, cant go beyond that)
shutter? hmmm lets play with i say ahahahaha

CRAP!!! All white! Shutter speed set to something really crappy ahahahaha. Adjust to 1/60 and still crappy a bit....set to 1/200 and TADA!!!

ISO = 80
EV = 0
Spot metering
Shutter = playing with 1/200 - 1/1000

Yes i did play with the shutter speed and i noticed the higher the denominator i go the hue of the moon changes to bronze. And so i went beyond 1000...OH MY GOD I KILLED THE MOON!!! ahahahaha. Yup with 1/3000 the moon had decayed and was already dead ahahaha. I laughed out loud...dont do this when you are alone...the neighbors tend to peek and find you crazy nyahahaha.

So i went back inside the house around 11pm and watched Spartacus, the prequel of course.

Around 2AM i went back outside and the clouds were very cooperative now. Clear sky and full moon. Super size my ass i say ahahahaha. But hey i had fun playing for one hour.

And did you know if you play with the white balance you get super cool colors ahahaha. Sorry naman beginner nga e! Favorite setting was incandescent because i got a BLUE MOON!

Screw super moon i say, i got Blue moon!

So let me share with you my idiotic shots...sharing only a few out of 500 shots ahahahaha.

Ahem, i only got a point and shoot bridge camera.

GE X5....Yes my camera has a built in ref inside it! DUH!!!
Its cheap, 8990 pesos and good for a beginner like me who is fickle minded ahahaha. Amazingly its almost two months and i still am taking shots. Most of the time when i get a new hobby it does not last.

I need more practice. I have lots to learn. I still am an idiotic photographer and proud of it. At least i dont go shooting myself holding a camera ahahaha. And i dont do post processing!!! Well only for placing watermarks if that counts.


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