Monday, March 21, 2011

The Day After...

"My Blue Marble"


Sunday was a lazy day. I planned to sleep the whole morning since i stay up until three in the morning just to take shots of the Super moon.

I blogged yesterday...

The rest of the day was simple, i watched some videos that were piling on my old and trusted Compaq laptop. A simple connection to the old and trusted Sharp television set plus simple 3D speakers and there you go my own home theater system LOL!

Little Fockers! I was expecting it to be about the little kids, the twins to be exact but it really was not. Gaylord Focker and Jack Byrnes were the real kids in this movie. I had a good laugh at the musical condom, a really good laugh. The music goes faster as you go faster LMAO! She even really shook the condom and the music really did go fast.

Storyline was quite the same. Gaylord always being misunderstood and underestimated. Oh well at least there was a new character which really spiced things up ahahahaha....a bit.

I did watch Spartacus the prequel after...actually episode 4 to 6. I really love the Starz channel ahahaha. This series is filled with blood, gore and... go figure ahahaha.

In the evening i was ready to watch Love and Other Drugs when something outside caught my attention. Clear evening sky. No clouds at all and the moon really shining brightly. I immediately took my tripod, camera and one stool.

From eight to nine in the evening there i was in our front porch taking pictures of the moon. It was located at the east it seems it was the same size like the supermoon. Yeah right as if i can really tell from this far ahahahaha.

So again i played with lots of settings. Of course i already knew that the best ISO setting was at 80 up to 100. So last night i just played with the white balance and the shutter speed. And yes i did try to kill the moon again ahahaha.

I totally maxed out the zoom function of the camera. Fifteen optical plus five digital so that makes it a total of eighty five times zoom. There is one thing i realized, the extent of the capability of my camera. I am not complaining, i am a beginner and i chose this good bridge camera.

I really want a crisp and clear shot of the moon, in order to achieve that i really need a better camera. DSLR is the way with a really good lens but hey, i am just learning. At least i know better now and i wont be taking moon shots forever ahahaha.

So i am happy with the results i got. I really love placing the white balance at incandescent. The moon really turns blue marble...

After taking 180 shots...Love and Other Drugs...humorous...the love story part was not that really good but i did eyes did! LMAO!

Til next time


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