Thursday, March 10, 2011


"Hide and Seek"

"Never Alone"



Two years ago i wrote Bespren. It was a story that has been playing on my mind for a very long time. So that time i do remember i did a casting call at Plurk and so i got the characters from the people who replied.

To be honest i was too busy at that moment since i was writing three stories at the same time. That was the time when i broke my two fingers. So for Bespren i really didnt post what was written on my scrap pad. I twisted the story a bit but lazily encoded just for the sake of the readers.

So you could check my other blog and see that the story is not well written. Aminado naman ako i did not encode the true story. You cant blame me because i had bigger plans for this story. This year i decided to finally encode the true story.

It has 25 Chapters. Total kilig from start to the end. I just did a little edit, i made the story more recent since the time it was conceptualized was two years ago.

262 pages in total. So if you would compare from the one posted on my blog, the scrap copy only had 100 plus pages. Now can you imagine what would 160 pages more would be like? But like my first two ebooks there are too many untrusted people out there. Nakakahiya kapwa Pinoy pa.

Sharing is not caring when it comes to intellectual property rights. The ebook is done and i dont care if it rots on my hard drive. I dont want to sell only a few copies and have hundreds read them due to pirates.

Not worth my effort if that happens. If it rots it rots. At least its in my terms.

So let me just share a few pictures that i have taken recently.



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