Friday, March 18, 2011

God Bless Japan!


Watching the television has never been this depressing. Amidst the sad stories i really liked one story of CNN on a certain Japanese who lost his home. Instead of sulking he went to his restaurant and cooked food for his fellow victims. He fed them for free.

"Why do you do this?" CNN asked and the man just smiled and said. "Its makes me happy"

It makes him happy. You just have to admire him. Instead of pondering about his future, he instead fed his fellow victims for the simple reason that it makes him happy. How many people can do that? Losing almost everything and instead of trying to earn a little he even gave everything he had left.

I can relate to him, for two years i have been writing for free and really feeling good when some readers do like my story. Just like that Japanese man he would eventually have to charge for the food he is cooking. Because you cant live by mere thank yous and admiration. The sad part, when I started to charge for my stories a lot were angry and they didnt understand.

I envy that Japanese man, when he starts to charge for food again, they wont hate him. They would understand. That is how Japanese people are. They care for each other and they dont put a fellow country man down.

Just look at their discipline after the calamity. They line up without complain for food ration. Here in the Philippines its chaos. People would line up but they would try to get ahead or try to hoard if possible. Japanese people are behaved and they help each other.

If there are people who dont get food, they dont complain. They understand easily that there is no more to pass around. If that happened here it would already be chaotic and people would be rating and complaining. So now you know why we are still a third world country and why they are a first world.

I really loved seeing the Japanese people giving priority to their elders. A young man deciding to give his food ration to an older man. His reason, "He needs it more" he said. Yes there are some Filipinos who can do that but its so rare. Maybe it happens when there is no crisis, but in Japan it happens everyday crisis or not.

Japan may be in disarray right now but they will rise up once again. They were destroyed after that Hiroshima incident but look where they are now. That killer quake and Tsunami may have put them back down but hey they have discipline.

Its not good government that makes a country great. Its the people. Even if Japan is experiencing hardship right now, even if their economy falls, they will still be a First World Country in terms of their People.

You just cant envy them. Ang galing nila sobra! Kahit sira sira na mga bahay nila, kahit wala na pagkain pipila parin sila with no complain. Kung anong meron happy na sila. Sobrang disiplinado at sobrang mahal nila ang isat isa.

Pinoy kaya mo yon?


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