Thursday, March 24, 2011

12 Hour Blackout Fun!

"Floral Choir"

"You're Mine!"





"Blue Medussa"

"Blue Queen"




What are you going to do when you wake up and find out that there is a blackout? Then you learn it is from 6AM up to 7PM that day. You check your mobile phones and see one with a single bar left and its making this irritating sounds indicating its near death. Your other phone has only 22 percent left.


I usually would go irate and anxious whenever situations like this would happen. Oh yeah i really get so paranoid specially when i was hooked to Mafia Wars. Well people change and so do i LOL. I welcomed this opportunity to do stuff which i rarely do.

So first thing i set my camera and tripod outside. I waited for the sun, oh yeah i got all the time to waste. I was not rushing, there was no time limits. I became creative and lucky! I posted some sample shots and the rest is at my Flickr account but only a few since i dont have a pro account. All other pictures at my Facebook account, sad to say FB crops the uploads LOL.

Then after lunch i took time to clean my laptops. Then i decided to install an extra memory card to my aged Compaq Presario. It had 2.5GB RAM...i removed the 512MB and inserted a new 1GB RAM which has been rotting in my Christmas stocking LOL.


Ahahaha then i enter Panic mode....NOT!!! So simple, keep calm and its obvious what made it go that way. Remove new memory and insert old one.

SAVED!!! Waste of time but i welcome the slight panic ahahaha.

So i cleaned them real good....and then i got bored....then i started to get anxious....then...

6AM THERE WAS LIGHT!!! And it was good! Hahahaha!

So i was productive today even if there was no electricity for 12 Hours.

Time is indeed gold...


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