Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I bit the moon...Burp!

"Grinch Moon"

"Bitten Blue Moon"

March 22: I bit the moon LOL



Let me rant just a bit. Okay so i really am pissed of with Sony Ericsson. They really do not want to release an Android 2.2 upgrade for the Xperia X10 family. I have an Xperia X10 mini and currently stuck at Android 2.1 OS.

Their lame reason still stands, they say that their developers have tested the Android 2.2 on the units and there is not much advantage or difference. So its better that the units stay at 2.1 for the best user experience.


Oh yeah?! Really? Geez have you seen the specs of their Flagship X10? 1Ghz processor and so on and so forth and it cant let Android 2.2 work? How come the LG could provide Android 2.2 to their GT540? Seriously the GT540 is an entry level compared to the SE Xperia X10.

The X10 mini, X8 and X10 mini pro has better specs compared to the GT540 but still the Xperia family looks ancient and Jurassic since they only have 2.1 while the GT540 brags a new Android 2.2

And there are lots of Phones out there with 2.2 because the companies making them think about their customers first not like SE.

In my opinion, they dont want to give the 2.2 upgrade so that people would buy their new phones. Oh yeah they do have four new phones with Android 2.3 already. Nice marketing strategy. You dont have to give that BS excuse to why you dont want to give 2.2 to the old Xperia users.

Its high time to cut loyalties! No more SE for me. For you people still amazed with SE products better think twice. Yes their new phones look enticing but at some point it will be stuck at a certain Android version while the rest of the world has moved on.

Just look at the 2010 Xperia products. In just a few months they have been XPIRED!!!

Cut the crap SE and just be honest. Just say you dont want to give the upgrade because you want to sell your new phones. With that answer i will accept.

So thats it for the ranting LOL.

Now i did take some shots of the moon AGAIN!!! But it was bitten. Oh yeah i was hungry so i took a bite ahahaha. Here let me showcase some shots i took the whole day yesterday...

I did notice the moon looked bigger...i dont know why but the last full moon at max zoom the moon fit the screen of my camera. Last night it seemed bigger.

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