Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick Reaction


Just came back home from an eco walk of sorts LOL.

Lesson learned!!! Always be alert and keep your camera on Hahahaha!

Imagine as we were all focusing on a certain object, i just tried to reposition myself to get a better angle and BOOM! There it was, a very rare bird. So what do i do? Alert my companions and tell them about it and risk that bird flying away once it notices the commotion? Or be selfish for the sake of taking quick photos of that rare bird?

Nyahahaha! I did the latter. Sorry guys but i just had to, or else that bird would have flown away. And so i was able to take three decent shots....well i was at speed shot mode, i actually got several but only three stood out. Its just sad because i couldnt move as quickly as i wanted since i didnt want to scare that bird away.

After showing my companions what i got oh boy they were a bit mad but i did explain. So as a sign of good faith i decided to turn off my camera and just accompany them. I sat down far away and BOOM! Bad idea. A really big butterfly landed nearby, i shouted and called their attention. They came running and the butterfly flew away.

"Did you get it?" they asked. Nyahahaha. Even if the GE X5 can turn on in two seconds, i was not able to get a shot since i called their attention. So i sat down again and another butterfly came close. Selfishness has its benefits ahahahahaha.

Ive been taking shots daily since Monday, so its time for me to sit back and go back to what i do best....

So i might not be blogging for a few days as March enters. I am going to be busy with comm works again. As for Bespren...well its just there. I got a new Bespren story by the way. Still thinking about names but definitely they will be best friends. The girl is an aspiring singer, while the guy is just there to always support her. It has a cool twist too ahahaha.

Resbak...its just there. I actually have another story in mind...its about Frank ahaha. Then a vampire, and a boxer and a love story between a human being and an angel or something like that.

I am so going to watch American Idol season ten weekly now! My favorites are Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, Scotty Mcreery and of course Thia Megia (Half Pinay as they say).

In terms of voice and belting it out i would go for Jacob Lusk, geez you should see this guy sing. He could go really low and then belt it out in a high pitch girly voice.

Casey Abrams is the musician. He auditioned with his blown organ ahahaha. I dont know what that thing is called and i am sorry. It has a piano and you blow it so its a blown organ ahahaha. Then in a solo performance he blew me away by singing and playing a bass. Oh yeah the traditional bass guitar, yeah the big one and not the electric. Damn! He was soooooo good.

As for Scotty, well he has a major deep voice. As deep as under the ocean voice ahahaha. You should hear him. But he is a cowboy of sorts, at 17 and with that voice oh man you should hear him and you wouldnt believe it comes from him. He is more of a country singer but hey he can trade punches if he goes out of his comfort zone.

As for Thia, well what can i say? Pinay yan e! She is really and it even seems she isnt trying that much. I would really agree with her voice coach in Vegas, that terror of a lady did really push her and it did wonders for Thia as she was praised by the judges.

Anyway thats it for now.


I do hope you like the pics. Most of them are at my FB account. Flickr can only accomodate 300MB a month so by March i might post my other pics there.

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