Wednesday, January 12, 2011

March 15 Madness

Sorry i was not able to blog yesterday. Naks naman blog daw o ahahaha. As if naman may nagbabasa ng mga pinagsusulat mo dito. Nyahahaha. Ni wala comments nga kasi non sense mga post mo. But wait!!! Maybe they dont know comments are activated again LOL.

Anyway i laughed so hard knowing that lots of people did believe the hoax. Facebook was closing on March 15 the story said. Seriously? You believed that crap?

Come on, Facebook is hundred million dollar company. Mark invented it but as the ball rolled investors came in and stocks were divided. If you watched the movie you would know that Mark does own the majority of stock, and not all of them. Even that Napster dude got a share of stock.

So Mark cannot just say I will close Facebook because I'm stressed. Oh no it does not work that way. That may be his sentiments but for sure not all of the stock holders. If the article said all stock holders agreed with him that is the right time for you to panic.

But still, seriously? They will just simply close a multi million dollar company for a lame reason? Oh come on people! If all the stock holders are indeed saints then that is possible. Shutting down that sure money making company due to stress?

Well if they agreed then for sure they wont just shut it down. There will be lots of other people interested to buy their stocks and take over the company. Oh yeah that is how it works. Mark, being the majority stock holder does have a say but so does the rest of the stock holders. You dont believe me, watch Wallstreet 1 and 2 ahahaha.

If Mark wanted out then he could have just sold his stocks and retire even richer by doing that. Trust me a lot would but his stocks in a blink of an eye. So right from the start that story was a hoax.

Anyway Mark clarified that issue already and said they are not going anywhere and they are just starting. I hope that clarification issue spreads just as fast as the hoax did so i wont be seeing those annoying posts about the hoax anymore.

I forgot to blog yesterday because i was in the zone. Yup, i was doing a commissioned work chapter. I just finished it today, 35 pages for one chapter. Oh yeah i was really pumped up with the good plot on my head.

So yesterday i was bashing away at the keyboard was IDM was busy downloading the second season of my favorite series.

Rest day for tomorrow and of course for the remaining hours of this day. I wanted to continue encoding Bespren but for what? MPEX is gaining molds already in my hard drive but i dont intend to gain nothing like my first two ebooks. I have been ignoring messages from one comm work group wanting to buy it and now i am really tempted to bite at their offer.

I still have not done a preview chapter for Resbak. The same group is already bugging me to do so but i dont really have the time and proper motivation yet. So guys give me more time. Maybe next week since my mind is focused on my current comm works and i hate to add another story on my mind right now.

Friday will be another busy day for sure as i continue my comm works. Sunday will be another rest day for Monday i will be really busy.

People keep asking me about the house of Jeff. I offered it so many times and only a very few are interested so just like i said i wont be doing it anymore. I have no free time to write for free. I got lots of bills to pay and projects to fund.

I watched the American last night, it was quite boring to be honest. Now i know why they casted George Clooney in it LOL. But i did understand the story. Its about a guy finding love which is difficult in his line of work. His employer tells him alway, "Dont make friends"

Geez, i can remember the first scene where he actually shot his love interest. Im sure she was his love interest but he was forced to shoot her because she saw him kill a man who was after him. Maybe if she didnt act hysterical he might have not killed her.

Why do i say love interest? Well he was haunted by that. Well anyway he found love with a working girl or call girl? Yes he was really in love and so he wanted out of his "job" and his boss wanted him dead. Maybe he knew too much.

So in the end he got to kill his boss but was shot at the same time. When he was about to rendezvous with his love interest he finds out he was shot too. And the story cuts. LOL. Make up your own ending that is. Tragic? It depends on your imagination.

I might try that ending one time in a story. I actually did once but i got lots of comments asking what happened. LOL. So maybe its a bad idea ahahaha. People want closure!

I dont know what else to talk about so i end today here.


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