Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday 2011

I started watching Seikon no Qwaser yesterday morning and up to last night i ended up at episode16. I still have 8 more episodes to finish today. I must say this anime has indeed a lot of eye candy LOL.

I do love Full Metal Alchemist. Yes, i did watch the first, second series and the movie. So i read the review of Seikon no Qwaser and saw it was also about alchemists. I donwloaded it and wow alchemy with a twist i should say.

Oh yes we do have the iron alchemist, the copper alchemist, the oxygen, the gold, the fire, etc etc. So what makes this different? They have to drink "SOMA" in order to power up. Soma as in breast milk LMAO!!! So yes its full of nudity. Aside from the nudity, the story is quite solid but there are just too many girls ahahahaha.

Great news...PLDT called up and said they cant find my house. Holy crap! How is that possible when they connected my neighbor weeks ago, and yes they are just in front of my house. Another neighbor just beside my house even got connected and now they say they dont know where my house is at. Lame excuse i should say for lazy people.

I did call the national hotline and oh boy they really gave that excuse. The problem with contractors is that if there are no connections for the day then "wala kita" so when they have reached the daily quota they can leave the rest for another day. CRAP!!!

So at the end of the day i am gonna get a faster internet connection plus landline. Just in time when i got no more stuff to download LOL. Yeah i filled up my two external HDDs last December.

I was about to do some keyboard bashing and write some new stuff but why waste my time? I was about to start my comm works but my fingers are frozen solid. My legs too! Hahaha. Try waking up to 10 degrees celcius.

I did some sun bathing around 8am, boy did it work. The sad part is that staying out too long will be very painful for the sun rays is that damaging. So back in the house...a few minutes later its cold again. Solution...connect the laptop to the TV and start watching again.

Last night i had a dream, i was walking along the beach hahaha. I saw two sets of footprints...but it was Saturnino's and they mystery girl...and it wasnt the was the hidden place of Brod and Brad.

I know some readers know what i am talking about, "Oo nanggaling na ako dito may kasama akong babae. Eto o may SS dito sa puno"

Remember that line? So still wondering who that mystery girl is? Was it premonition? Maybe but in his dream he even visited the Lupain ng Kapangyarihan remember. So some ask is it like Back to the Future? Nah. Think deeper, and if it was from a future scene how did he write SS on the tree and make it present in the past? Hahahaha

Someone wrote that SS and its not from the future. Well that dream state of his shall be revealed on the second book. Yes its more explosive compared to the first book. What do you expect Grandpa is now interested in Saturnino.

So with The Tagapagmana finished, the second book takes a new twist. In the end of Book 1 he asked that all their memories be wiped out even their powers. So what now? How does he face those enemies? Hahahaha. One thing for sure its going to be funnier and it will include a bit of heavy drama and more fighting scenes since there are more enemies now, powerful ones that is since the Pinto ng Lakas is already open.

So i am still lazy. Video mode On!

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