Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cool New Browser


What can i say? Cool! Well it has Facebook integration. On the photos i deactivated the left "Edge" but the right "Edge" is present.

The left edge will show your online friends from Facebook. On the upper left portion of the browser you will see even your profile pic, yes mine is that little smiley with glasses. It indicates that you are online at Facebook. But i deactivated my left edge since i dont want to go into chats LOL.

On the right edge you see the applications edge. Super cool. At first install it already had Facebook and Twitter. I just added a while ago my Plurk account. Status updates from friends do pop up at the bottom right of the browser, Facebook or Twitter, trust me its gonna show up for a second, complete with Profile picture of your friend and their update.

So far i have three apps, Plurk, Facebook and Twitter. Its quite fun really because i only have this blog open as i am writing but i can keep track of my Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus plurk.

ROCKMELT, under beta testing is way cool! Its fast even when browsing sites. Chrome users need not adjust because they are much the same.

On the left side, upper left side we have our little Facebook profile pic, click on it and a panel comes down. You can choose to post a Facebook status update or a Tweeter update. The good thing about using this on Facebook updates is that your post will have a ROCKMELT tag on it.
If i wanna twit, all i have to do is click my profile pic for Twitter on the right edge and a panel comes out, i can simply write a twit that easy hehehe.

If i am at a different site, all i have to do is click on my Facebook avatar on the right edge to check updates...oh yes they will show up.

Super cool browser!!! Easy to use even!


(How did i get it? I got invited. The download link works only once. But i got 2 more invites left to give up. If anyone is interested then we got to be friends on Facebook. Thats how it works trust me. Coz there is this little icon on the upper right can see it at the that time when that pic was taken i had six invites left. Now i am down to two. You can only invite your friends. It automatically sends them a Facebook message that includes the DL link)

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