Saturday, January 29, 2011

Testing My New Toy

Told you idiot pa ako Hahaha


Flower nanaman

Flower Power

I went rock climbing LOL

I just love clouds

15x zoom

Normal mode


I woke up early this morning to unplug the battery charger. Oh the GE X5 runs on AA batteries, yup four of them. Is it lame? Maybe but its quite good compared to other digital cameras where they have built in batteries. What if your battery runs out all of a sudden? Hehehe. For the GE X5 you can easily but four AA batteries.

Anyway, it came with a four factory made alkaline batteries (non rechargeable) and it also came with four Samya 2100mh rechargeable batteries with a charger of course. The lame part is that you have to charge it for 15 hours. That is why in my wishlist i asked for 4 Energizer Ni-mH rechargeable batteries plus a 15 minute Energizer Charger. The good part is that the charger comes with four free batteries LOL. That will make it a total of eight. Hahahaha.

So i immediately went out and started shooting. The sun was barely out so i took pictures of clouds. I did take pictures of whatever i can see outside the house and of course i tested the zoom capabilities.

I am still getting used to the GE X5, tried to test all the photo settings and I must admit first that i am an idiotic photographer. I am having fun, i did some downloads for ebooks. So now i will have to read.

Obviously i have many faults as seen in the pictures. So maybe after reading and a few more test shots i can get things right.

Start from the basics.

Time to read.


(I posted all my test pics at my photo album at Facebook...these are just a few of my idiotic shots)

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