Thursday, January 6, 2011


Good day,

Took me the whole day to encode the first chapter of the REAL Bespren story. It could have been done faster but i am just too lazy to do so. There is no rush anyway, its just for self satisfaction for sure just like Mpex.

Anyway i saw some good pics taken showing how cold it is in Baguio. Sorry i cant post them here since i still have to ask permission from the owner. (YES THAT IS HOW YOU DO THAT! THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL RESPECT TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS!) Unlike many people out there who just COPY and then PASTE what is not theirs.

Anyway moving on, my fingers did some good exercise. Yesterday was tiring since i did comm works. Took a break today because i had this itch to write Bespren. Tomorrow is another day since i will be doing comm works until i dont know.

I still have not adjusted well to my new internet connection. I thought i would be happier with a faster connection but honestly I am quite sad. LOL! I am used to downloading my favorite shows from 10am to 4pm. Today i finished them all before lunch time. LMAO!

I am missing those glances on my other laptop where the downloading happens. Around 1pm before i still see the Internet Download Manager working but today oh boy it was idle with all lined up COMPLETED

Its just so sad ahahahaha.

I cant believe during breaks i am watching Youtube! I never liked watching there but i told you i have this itch to keep my internet connection busy. Oh yeah i was amazed with that homeless guy who had a golden voice. Cleveland offered him a job! Great! Then next time we see him he will be clean shaven and well dressed plus a few pounds added. I do hope he does not relapse to his addiction.

I watched an episode of a morning show where local artists where complaining of foreign artists. Do you really want to know why less Pinoys do watch local artists' concerts? So simple, we can watch them for free every Sunday. Blame the ratings war!

You see them often on TV every Sunday and then you still want to watch their concert? Of course people would rather shelve out money to watch artists they rarely see. The artists they only hear on the radio.

Do you see Lady Gaga every Sunday on TV? LOL! Or that bunot haired kid who teens love in a TV show belting out his songs? Of course not!

Its the same thing when our local artists go abroad to do concerts. A lot of fellow Pinoys do go watch them. Why? Because they rarely see them, unless if they have TFC or the GMA counterpart.

Its just a case of over exposure. So if you want your fellow countrymen to watch your concerts, make sure you are not seen weekly on TV.

Parang teleserye sa mga local channels...."SILA NANAMAN?" ahahahaha. "Ginaya nanaman?"

Sanayin niyo na no! Sila yung mabentang artists e at mas madali mangopya ng kwento kesa gumawa ng bago. Sabay maririnig mo yung rason na, "Its not copied, the concept is just the same. The story is different" Hahahahaha.

Bored ako.

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