Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Weekend


All commissioned works for January are done! Oh yeah i finished them all yesterday with a bit of consequence. My two healing fingers were starting to ache but as of this morning they were okay. Yesterday i was wishing for a sunny day to start my long weekend. I wanted to start the day outside feeling the sunshine but this morning sad to say the sun did cooperate but the dark clouds did not.

Imagine Monday we had a 11 degrees celcius. Trust me it was not. It seemed colder but what can we do if PAGASA says its only eleven so be it. It was really cold and the next day PAGASA said it was 9 degrees but Monday was colder. So Baguio City hit the headlines again.

Wednesday the sun came out and gave us a decent 13 degrees celcius. Thursday it was 14 i guess but this morning oh boy i bet its around 12 or lower.

Funny thing about finishing work early is that my body and mind looks for it. Even if i know i have finished all works, i still want to work. My fingers itch to bash the keyboard and so here i am blogging.

I thought of continuing the encoding of Bespren Complete but for what? Its a total waste of time because i wont get anything out of it. I may be able to sell a few and those self centered bastards would just pass them around. So why bother? I am just being practical. Who would be that stupid to work for nothing?

Do you see a person working his ass off and not getting paid then still would work the next day? That is totally dumb. Its better to be a contracted worker. You work but you are assured to get paid or you are paid in advance to work. Just like my comm works. Trust me I am inspired to give my all in my comm works since i am paid.

"Pano naman kaming walang pera?" so many ask. "Pano naman ako pag wala ako pera?" i should answer but i am sure they will never comprehend that. If you want to eat a burger will you just wait in front of the restaurant for them to give you a burger? Go buy if you want one.

Then they start to hate you.

I was watching ANC, Baron was on a talk show and they were talking about his love life. One certain actress was said to be "The one who got away"

The one who got away....

The one who got away....

So what are you going to do? Wait and pray that everything changes? Pray that the one who got away would come back?

Stop time like Sebastian in the story Neybor and wait until forever? Its funny but i did write that story. So what did Sebastian do?

That is what i am going to do. Do you want to know what is it? Buy my ebook ahahahaha.

She may think i have given up. I dont blame her. She has made it clear many times that she is happy with her life now. When i start to move on why do i feel she starts to hate me. Does she want me to just keep waiting? Does she want me to keep showing that i will always be there?

Does she want me to rot in waiting and in the end she would never return? Its so easy for her because she is happy. I am not.

She was the one who got away...

Anyway enough fingering of the keyboard for today. Its a long weekend. I choose to unload movies from the laptop rather than work on an ebook that would not compensate my hard work.

Wait! Long weekend up to Sunday then Monday....oh boy i have nothing to do LOL. So its actually a long vacation until Feb where my comm works begin again. Hmmm i think i might bite the juicy offer for me to write ........ ahahaha a lot of people are going to be irate if they find out.


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