Monday, January 17, 2011

Fresh Air


I spend the whole day yesterday watching the last two installments of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Three hours in the morning, the Two Towers extended really had added scenes compared to the normal movie release.

And so amidst the battle and storyline Liv Tyler is still a beauty. A long time crush i admit. Saw her in her dad's music videos. Became an instant fan of hers and i really did watch her movie, Stealing Beauty. Sad thing is she showed her breasts in that movie. Bummer. Im not that type of guy who has a crush and gets elated when that crush shows some skin.

Aside from loving the story of the trilogy, she was another reason why i loved the series. In the afternoon after lunch i continued with the Return of the King. Oh boy four hours, extended version that is. I started around one in the afternoon, i thought i would be done around four. Stopped the movie around three saying i needed a break, saw that there was still two hours left LOL.

Anyway after watching i caught my dad playing Plants versus Zombies. I couldnt stop laughing and teasing him. His excuse...anti stress ahahahah. I really think it adds to the stress. Anyway after dinner and two episdoes of Human Target with dad, i watch Dinner for the Schmucks.

Funny movie but its really an eye opener. I can relate with the Schmucks. Often times we do outrageous stuff, to us it may be normal but to many they think we are idiots. Who are they to judge our happiness? If we are happy doing something different, why do others have to call us weird or idiots?

Anyway i dont want to go to that discussion because it would never end. The world is full of discriminate people. I am not saint because i do it too. In my case its for making others laugh. So why do i do it? Because majority of people do really like to laugh at other's mistakes. I do make people laugh in order to be accepted or liked. Sometimes i make jokes about myself, i do degrade myself just to see them laugh.

Today was a different day. After a long time i was able to breath. Ive been hard up breathing because of something traumatic that happened almost three years ago. The reason why i started writing.

Today was different. After three years and eleven month of not seeing each other i finally met her again. To be honest i didnt know how i would react. Would i be angry? Would i be cold? Will i just casual and straight to the point?

10:30am i was able to breath again. No hate. No anger. Total closure. Maybe its just what i needed. A face to face encounter to tell my me that I am still alive and i can finally breath freely. I have no reason for writing sad stories now.

From now on i will be able to write better stories now. No more bitterness, no more hate, no more holding back.

Fresh air!

I am me again. And it really feels good to be back.


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