Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Thoughts


So i just finished watching The Order of the Phoenix and its totally wrong ahahaha. Well yeah i did read the book and the movie was totally wrong. Anyway, i do understand the focus of the story to be on the action and suspense side. How i'd love to have a spin off having to focus on Harry and Ginny's love angle ahahaha.

Last night i watched the Goblet of Fire. I laughed out loud.

Now i know how Edward from Twilight really died before he became a vampire. He was killed by Valdemort. Oh yeah he killed Edward with the killing curse. That Green magnificent lighty spell that flat nose villain did in the graveyard. Hahahahaha!

So before Bella there was Cho nyahahahaha! Bella better thank He who should not be named. Anyway the actor who played Cedric did play Edward. I never watched any twilight movie, but in HP Cedric did have rosy cheeks. Did he have that too in Twilight? A vampire with rosy cheeks? Bwahahahahaha! Shouldnt they be all powdery faced?

And i realized something...why i had hots for Ginny from the start. I paused a frame from The Order of the Phoenix and to my shock...Bonnie Wright does look like my super crush since high school.

Oh yeah she does. If you put them beside each other they would look like sisters. Hahahaha. So it wasnt the red hair all along. Seriously Bonnie looks like....hahahaha she who should not be named. Up to now i cant even utter her name. Oh yeah she got me all weak until now.

Blame katorpehan!

Yesterday the clouds were fantastic. Even this morning. Still i dont have my GE X5. Still being this spoiled brat i guess when i could easily go to the mall and purchase it. My problem is when i get to the mall i might be tempted to get something more expensive. That is why i need to have a personal bodyguard to stop me. Hahahaha

Lunch time!


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