Wednesday, January 5, 2011

9.6 Degrees Celcius

Good day,

9.6 degrees celcius. Yes that is our temperature this morning according to whoever is measuring it. And there is news that there are lots of visitors coming to Baguio to experience the cold weather. They picked the perfect time to come.

Starting January 1 we did have 12 degrees celcius as a constant temperature. The whole December it was just playing between 15-17 perhaps and going down to 14 or 13 in the wee hours of the morning. January 2 we had 11 degrees, January 3 we had 10 and yesterday they said we had 9.8 degrees celcius.

Suddenly Baguio has been a hot topic again. I say come everyone and feel the chill LOL! Go to La Trinidad instead and you get 5 degrees celcius or even lower.

Anyway yesterday i ranted about my internet connection. After having my daily sunbath, oh yes trust me you really need it. A utility vehicle arrived and finally we got connected.

I was currently downloading a movie, i checked the Internet Download Manager speed at it read, 46kbps. Average 40-50kbps.

So i went out to supervise the installation. Being a licensed ECE by profession, i knew what was needed to have a clean line. (Evil Grin)

The line post was just fifteen feet away from the house...PERFECT! MAXIMUM CONNECTIVITY with less drop. Oh yes the farther away you are from the line post there will be line losses.

So next thing i made sure they connected a really flawless line, i made them raise the phone line, really far away from the electric line or even cable. Then inside the house, i made sure the line had a short route (the longer the wire the more chance of loss)

After a few minutes i disconnected from my Globe Wireless Broadband modem and tried my new PLDT DSL connection.

Internet Download Manager check speed....120-150kbps download speed. Speed test check...1.03mbps download, 500kbps upload. Great! Just what i paid for LOL!

Now wala na ako madownload!!! Natapos agad wala pang isang oras!!! Two movies that is ahahaha.

It was years ago i was depending on that noisy modem! 3kbps download speeds was already great that time. Then two years ago Globe arrived giving me DSL power. And now PLDT has given me more power. Crap now i regret downloading movies last December. I filled up my two external HDDs.

No i dont depend on torrents! They are crap!

I download using file sharing hosts. I started with Rapidshare. I have been with Rapidshare for several years. Trust me the money is worth it. Couple Rapidshare with Internet Download Manager and you are good to go.

A few month ago Rapidshare suddenly changed. They made things really difficult. So there were uploaders who used them less. Sad to say my account will expire on Feb 4. At least there are still uploaders using it so big thanks.

I got a Hotfile account recently, good for 6 months. That cost me 35 dollars. Well worth it. You can just pile up your downloads in Internet Download Manager and go do other stuff. Right now i am using Rapidshare and Hotfile at the same time.

Without an account you can download at speeds of 10-20kbps. With an account you get 40-50kbps and no waiting time whatsoever, with resume support just in case something happens and you can use download managers.

Now with a 120-150....oh wait last check 170kbps....120-170kbps speed i expect to but another external HDD soon...ahem 1TB or 2TB? Yes i am a movie and TV series freak, add anime to the mix and what do you expect.

So how do i find time to write and watch? Easy! I dont sleep LOL!

Do i take back my rant yesterday? Hell no! Expect me to rant again when something crappy happens ahahaha. Oh trust me when i rant its not limited to the blog. I do send them several love letters through email plus personal calls to all their hotlines.

Should i sent a thank you note now? Nah! LMAO!


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