Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ice Age

Good Morning! Freezing morning that is.

I watched the news last night, PAG-ASA said that Baguio City's temperature would even dip some more. So January 1 we had 12 degrees celcius, January 2 we had 11 degrees celcius, January 3 we had 10 degrees celcius, and they say we are going to reach 9 degrees too.

Little did they know we might have even reached 9 already or even 8. Trust me we know when the temperature goes down because the cold is already painful. Once you reach 12 degrees, well for Baguio residents we do say its cold already LOL. We are used to 15 degrees being the standard, visitors would already shiver at this point.

We Baguio residents start to feel cold at 13 degrees or lower. 10 degrees celcius is already painful a bit. You can feel pins trying to pierce your skin. Lower than 10, the more pins there are LMAO! I have tried 5 degrees i think, when we were at Mount Pulag. It was a camping trip and Brokebackness was so much welcome ahahahaha! Excuse me up to embracing only! Still it felt awkward but you really need the body heat.

Try wearing all your packed shirts, two socks, shorts, jogging pants and on top of that jeans. My shoes wanted to explode already since my padded feet wont fit in already ahahaha. Then we wear a thick jacket and a bonet. This is the day you wished you could borrow the bonnets of bank robbers where your eyes are the only ones exposed.

With all the clothes you still feel cold but the problem is when you feel like urinating ahahaha. Specially early morning, boy does your urine really smoke!

Boil water for coffee and drink it immediately or else it becomes cold coffee in a span of five minutes and iced coffee in ten. And no we dont urinate ice ahahaha. That was just a joke of course to have a laugh after the embracing inside the tent ahahahaha.

So in the last year we had lots of news about motorcycles...."Isang motor bumangga sa poste, driver PATAY!!"

"Isang motor bumangga sa taxi, PATAY!"

"Dalawang motor nagbanggaan!" - WTF! Ang liit na nga di pa sila nagkaiwasan? Gaano ba kalaki ang mga motor na yan? ahahahha

"Motor bumangga sa truck, PATAY!"

So what gives? It must be the need for speed i must say but two motorcycles in a head to head collision with each other? That is plain and simple STUPID! Ano yan joust? Patibayan ng loob? Ahahahaha.

But wait theres more!

Lots of fetuses found on airports and even planes. Excuse me po! Kung gusto niyo maglandi sa ibang bansa gumamit ng proteksyon!!! Long distance relationships....dont even get me started. If you are married and get pregnant by another person, DONT COME HOME! Mahiya ka naman!

At hindi po magiging foreign citizen ang anak niyo pag sa airport kayo nanganak! Kailangan nasa ere kayo sa ibang bansa, DUH! At pag preggy kayo may kailangan pa kayong pirmahan hehehe. Mautak na ang mga air liners ngayon.

Another irritating thing...Please sa Facebook pag maglagay kayo ng status message na sa tingin niyo maganda basahin niyo naman ten times! Wrong grammar na nga kayo pa mismo nag like! Ang masahol may ibang nag like pa! Ahahahaha that says a lot trust me. In short birds of the same feather do really flock together.

Pero ikaw mismo mag "like" sa post mo? Thats what you call NAKAKAAWA! Konting pride naman diyan.

Hail hail in the sky!

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