Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baguio Earthquake Festival


I am back from a short vacation. La Union was much fun since the weather was not that humid as expected. Before leaving Baguio the earth shook around 6:30AM last Friday. The reports do say that it was an intensity five and its epicenter was right here in Baguio.

We arrived at La Union around 7:30AM, and yup they felt it too. Intensity four is what they felt and my uncles who were still on the Bus coming from Manila watched the news and they did want to call us immediately. We were all okay.

So what did i do during my three day vacation? Imagine there was no Internet access....well i could have easily went to my cousin's place and indulge in his fast wi-fi. Icould have asked for the password of the neighbor...hehehe but nah it was a vacation so was contented with a Sun Broadband USB stick. Geez it was so slow but just enough to check my mail and update my Plurk.

So what are you supposed to do then? Well strap your GE X5 around your neck and just sit pretty and enjoy the cool breeze. Hahahaha.

Of course i did lots of shooting. Used up two memory cards. One 4Gb and one 8Gb. A total of 3000 shots. Of course i spent the full charge of my new Energizer batteries but it was good i brought lots of back up.

I was hesitant to bring my cp charger. I said its just three days so my phone will survive. And yes it did with 40 percent battery life left.

Now i really did some experiments, but this is the sad part. There was a full moon last Friday night!!! Okay i was about to enter the outdoor shower when i saw it. I wanted to grab my phone and postpone my shower but i just said the moon will be just there. One hour in the shower and moon moved away!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

I didnt want to walk a lot of meters away just to take good shots. I DO REGRET!!!!

The next day i logged on to the GE X5 group and a lot of the members did practice shots on the moon. SUPER REGRET!!! Why? Because the moon was so big at LA UNION that time!!!

Oh well but last night i did sit at the garden, with a couple of monoblock chairs to serve as my tripod ahahahaha.

Took me almost two hours experimenting....lesson learned...use a tripod!!!! And dont forget to set the camera at spot exposure!!!! Oh well i managed to get two almost decent shots...ahem this camera is not a DSLR so what do you expect? Hahahaha. At least i tried.

So i still got a few more days left...will i write or spend my time doing nothing?

I choose the latter.


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