Monday, February 7, 2011

Free Time: Day One

Flower Talk (Oo nag uusap sila!)

Orange Plant (LMAO!)

Penis Plant ( LOL! I dont know whats the real name)

Two Lovers (Name of Plant)


Yesterday i watched 127 Hours the movie. I was wondering why it was nominated for so many awards so i decided to watch it. Oh boy it was a good movie. There was a point in the film where i felt his pain as he was...spoiler alert...cutting his arm off.

With barely a bottle of water, some snacks, a cheap army knife, a digital camera, a video camera and some climbing stuff he managed to keep himself alive for 127 hours. Amazing movie, a must watch.

I laughed so loud when her reviewed his video camera and paused the film showing the hot chick he just met...oh boy even in desperate times he tried to...well get some heat off ahahahaha.

Well enough of that, i too was curious about True Grit and so i did watch it. So that actress is a Pinay? Yeah she is good honestly. Dad said that the original film was much better story-wise.

Anyway i tried to take pictures of the three butterflies that frequent our neighborhood. They were so elusive and teasing me so many times. They would stay still on a plant, when i get my cam ready they fly away. LOL!

I did some more shots today. And messed up my watermark i guess. Hahahaha. I tried to make a circular watermark. I messed up the action function in Photoshop too. Too late to redo them since i already pressed the batch action.

Well at least there is a next time. Above are sample shots of today.

Thats all for now, have to watch some movies and enjoy my free time. I miss writing...not much ahahahaha.


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