Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tiresome Twosome


For Monica

For Monica again


Finally i got to unwind and relax just today. I went down to La Union early Friday, we arrived around seven in the morning. I was expecting it to be humid but it was alright. The first thing i did was to take a several pieces of pandesal and proceeded to the garden to take some shots.

I wasnt able to do much since i kept going back inside the house for more pandesal. Our neighbor has a bakery and hell yeah they do make really delicious bread. Trust me you should try their "Pandebara" its so delicious. The sad part is you have to wake up really early to go buy them since they only make a few pieces. Well sad to say we were unlucky so we had to settle for their tasty pandesal. Of course in the afternoon going back to Baguio we did take home some of their loaf bread, really super soft and delicious too.

So i managed to take lots of photos of all the plants around the garden of the house. Trust me there are many plants.

During the break i borrowed the wig of Alex (Family friend) and let my dad wear it. LOL! He was so shocked when i told him to wear it but he gamely did and i took several shots of him. Then i asked my Uncle Noli to wear it. Super funny scene, instead of posing for me he immediately proceeded to the dining area where Auntie Brenda (his wife) was eating lunch. He sneaked up on her and she screamed out loud thinking that my uncle was a ghost.

I managed to take two shots of that funny scene. Another uncle came over (Dario) and yes i made him wear the wig too.

Anyway Uncle Noli got me another new toy. A Sony Ericsson X10 mini. Its so small but one cool Android phone. Managed to upgrade it to Android 2.1 as i got back in Baguio and its really small LOL. I installed Smart Keyboard Pro plus the latest Handcent and TADA!!!! I got an on screen qwerty. Still its so cute and with big hands i have a hard time texting but i will get used to it.

Anyway i did get some supplies for my camera too, a new Case Logic bag, four Energizer 2450mAh rechargeable batteries and two 8GB SDHC cards. And of course a nice fast charger. I got two 16Gb micro SD cards too for my new Android phone but the sad part is that the X10 mini is only up to 2.1 Android version, that means i cannot install applications on my memory card.

Sony said they wont be releasing any new versions of the Android for this phone which sucks big time since you need version 2.2 to be able to install applications on your memory card. Paging Sony!!! Just get me to version 2.2 and everything will be fine! I dont care about 2.3 or even 2.4, just get me to 2.2 and were good ahahahaha.

So for now its just the important applications since the phone memory is only 120MB. The good thing is one app is only 1MB each but so far i am good since Sony has Timescape installed which already has Facebook and Twitter integrated. It also has GMail (Of course Android is by Google)

Now i wanted to install Yahoo Mail but i read the reviews and their application for Android sucks. So i wont be checking Yahoo Mail on my phone i guess. I havent tried it on the web browser though.

Yesterday was a different story. We met up with my relatives around lunch time at Tunu Tunuan resto at Engineer's hill. Hell yeah delicious grilled food. After that we proceeded to SM. Uncle Noli said its just going to be 3 hours of shopping. LOL!

Three hours later the men gave up ahahaha. The ladies continued shopping as we men proceeded to Gerry's grill. They ordered two Towers of beer. Of course its Iced tea for me since i stopped drinking, oh yeah its been almost seven years.

Around 6PM the ladies returned only to find out they had one more stop but Uncle Ben decided we have dinner. And dinner it was for we could barely stand up after eating LOL. I enjoyed the HOT SALAD!!! Hell Yeah! It was hot fruit salad with hot cream but wait theres more....yummy shrimps!!! So delicious trust me!

I got home around 8PM. So tired and full and so i decided to call it a day....not! Lined up all the shows i missed for the day and started downloading. Around 11pm i was done downloading so it was bed time...for real.

Thats basically it for my past two days. Be going down to Manila. Tuesday its going to be Palawan! Then Friday its back to La Union for another mini reunion. Be staying there up to Sunday.


(Pictures taken at our garden, Aringay La Union. Tons of pics at my FB album)

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