Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In The Realm of Butterflies


I was lucky today for five butterflies were all around the house. Oh yes and they were very kind, they posed for me several times. Sad to say i didnt have my camera ready to catch them all flying together. You can blame PLDT for that ahahaha.

I woke up to no internet connection....oh yeah it made me a bit paranoid. When i was about to take the shot for the five butterflies the phone rang. It was my neighbor asking if we had internet connection. Okay so its PLDT's problem and not a local one. This made me lose that five butterfly in flight shot.

Oh well maybe next time. Tomorrow its going to be La Union for me. Not even done packing my clothes yet. I have to drain my batteries and recharge them. I have to delete the 800 photos on my memory card to have a fresh 1200 shots for LU.

So here are the shots i was able to take today. Take note i am not using a DSLR camera that is why the zoom is limited to 15x optical only. I dont activate digital zoom for it screws up the image. I will be posting some butterfly shots and the rest of my pics are at my FB album.

Entering my second week of photography basics and i am happy to test it out in La Union.

So much free time.


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