Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally Some Action


I just got an email this morning. Several actually and here is an excerpt of one of them.

Re: [#747371015] Blogger Complaint Processed


In accordance with the DMCA, we have completed processing your
infringement complaint and the content in question no longer appears on
the following URL(s):


Please let us know if we can assist you further.

The Blogger Team

For two blogs they deleted the pirated content and for the other three blogs they totally deleted them. I would like to say sorry but hell no. Kapwa Pinoy na pirata so you deserved that.

And they thought i was not serious. Oh trust me i really am serious but i am setting focus on those people who distributed my two ebooks illegally.

Buti pa yung Blogger at yung fast action. Dito sa justice system natin medyo mabagal but kahit mabagal basta makamtan ang hustisya.

MATA SA MATA. Of course di na ako aatras and i really want to teach this pirates a lesson. I would like to extend my gratitude to those people na "naambunan" for helping me and giving access to their emails. Of course I wont name you as promised but whatever i get in compensation from your "criminal" friends aambunan ko din kayo ahahahaha.

Ambunan lang yan. Its the only way to fight back. Di ko naman sinasabi na mukha kayong pera. Call it a reward.


I am finally done with all my comm works for February!!! I cant believe it myself either. Aching fingers but all worth it. 21 days of vacation!!!

Still hindi pa nadrain ang battery ng cam ko. Paranoid na ako sobra. Ive taken 500 shots and i cant charge the batteries until they are fully drained. Sulit ang freebie batteries ahahahaha.

Ciao peeps! Today i start my vacation!


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