Sunday, February 27, 2011

Parade of Floats

Watch the live streaming of the parade here


The sun was playing tricks a while ago. There were dark clouds but now the sun is cooperating LOL. There were supposed to be 24 floats for today's parade but one had an accident just a while ago as it was heading towards the starting area.

Well reports say that it lost brakes so the driver had to ram it elsewhere because they were going down a slope. So that leaves us with 23 floats but come on twenty three floats is already a lot. Well i do hope they are all eye candy worthy and not just a car or truck being covered with assorted flowers.

To be honest i didnt like the parade yesterday. It was utterly boring, sorry for being honest. The only part i liked was when the Northern Luzon college band performed. So to the organizers if you think upping the tempo of the theme would do you wonders then think again.

The parade was too fast! Geez! And even if they performed in the Athletic Bowl, seriously it was boring! Next year lighten up on the rules and themes. Just make the street dancers do what they want to entertain the crowd!

The parade of yesteryears were far better. Lighten up on the tradition themes!

So Enjoy the live streaming as i will go watch now LOL.


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