Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stupid Marketing Strategy


Its time to be irate again LOL. Well actually i am not that much affected but i just wanted to dip my foot in the current issue with SE and its customers.

Being a spoiled brat i got a new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini phone last Friday. I already talked about it in a post recently. Can you believe that my phone is still running at 35 percent battery charge, its been 3 whole days now since i fully charged it. Cool? Hell yeah since with 35 percent i am sure it going to last for another 24 hours. Four full days with one charge is definitely not bad.

Now what is the issue all about? Its really simple ahahaha, SE does not want to upgrade the Android OS of the X10 series family. The X10 users are stuck at 2.1 and SE even gave a lame excuse saying that the phone works better at 2.1 compared to 2.2 ahahahaha.

Its just like saying Windows XP is better than Windows 7. So what is the fuzz with 2.2 anyway? Well with 2.2 you can have Flash capabilities and the most important is Apps2SD, you can save your programs in your SD card. Without this capability then youre limited to the phone's 128MB built in memory and your microSD card will only store your music and pictures.

So is 2.1 really better? Of course not! Why am i not complaining then? Of course i got my phone for free so i am not that much bothered. If i did buy this phone then expect hell from me. Well this does not stop me from joining the cause to bug SE and tell them how bad their marketing strategy is.

Why do they stop upgrading? Because they have four new phones! Oh yeah four new phones with 2.2 or higher. I think its even Android 2.3 which again way better because you are assured of a faster operating system for your phone.

SE said "2.1 is better than 2.2" but in reality what they want to say is "If you want 2.2 or higher then buy our new phones" Hahahahahahahaha!

Of course they cannot just say that to save face. But hey who are they kidding? When the other companies can afford to upgrade to 2.2 why cant they? I have been an SE user for 10 years and they really have a mean reputation on customer service. Why do people keep buying their phones then? Because admittedly they are really good quality wise.

My K800i lasted for four solid years. The funny thing I noticed is that instead of them upgrading their phones they keep bringing out new ones.

I do remember i bought a K700i years ago, a few months later they brought out the K750i ahahahaha. Cool huh? But the tech geniuses were able to make some hacks in order to make your K700i into a K750i.

The X10 series phones are capable of Android 2.2 or even higher. They just dont want to upgrade them because they have new phones. Its as simple as that.

I WILL NEVER BUY A SONY ERICSSON PHONE EVER AGAIN!!! I got this X10 mini as a gift so i am sticking with it for a while...but i have plans of selling it to get an HTC Desire. Well at least HTC does things better and they do listen to their customers!!!

Anyway enough of that garbage. Customers of SE should stop ranting and just watch WALLSTREET 1 and 2. Its all about money people and so we cant do anything about it. They are more concerned about the sales of the new phones rather than the issues of the X10 users.

X10 mini cost is 12k (9k i think since they have a price drop) and the cost of one LG Optimus One is the same. Better get an LG because it has Android 2.2 already.

LG Optimus One sold 1 million units in just one month. Why? Because its a midrange phone with a low end price. The Optimus One has the almost the same specs with the X10 mini. The latter has a better screen and better camera and its cute.

The Optimus One has Android 2.2 and they have better customer service. Enough said! So forget about the brand name, choose a brand with better customer support and services.

I am itching to write something but nah!


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