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The "Penis Plant" In Bloom

"Herma Plant" new name for the "Penis Plant"


I have been wanting to change my Sony Ericsson K-800i for a long time now. I got this phone as a gift last February 2007. Getting this phone was the best thing i had for that month...or its the best day of that year.

On that same month of that year i got my last date, it was Valentines Day and i didnt even know that would be the last. At the end of the month she flew to a different country and the rest is history. So i called my phone the "Pain Gadget" since i took pictures of her on that said date. The last photos of her that i would be taking.

So i hated and loved my phone at the same time but more of the former. There are times when i would just like to throw it against a wall but i was afraid that it would destroy the last pictures. Deep inside i was still hoping.

Four years have passed and its time to retire my phone. With this phone i met the most wonderful woman. I could still remember her first text message last April 21 of 2009. I usually dont reply to unknown numbers but i did.

But this phone really sticks to its monicker, "Pain Gadget"

It had to be retired along with all of its contents. The pictures and the saved text messages.

A fresh start.

Sony Ericsson Experia X10 Mini.

Geez its so small, its dimensions are 83x50x16mm. How small is that? Its just like 2/3 of a normal phone. Its so light at 88gm so i suggest you connect a hand strap. There is a socket for a hand strap but the package does not include one.

It is quad band so for those who love to travel abroad you can take this gadget with you. The front panel is pure black but you can change the back casing. My package came with the white and cameleon case, i chose to use the latter.

Funny HP DV3 is pearl white, my Asus Netbook is pearl white, my Sony PSP is pearl white and now my Sony XPERIA X10 mini is pearl white ahahahaha! Am i complaining? Oh hell no since they are all gifts ahahahaha.

So that is why i chose the Black GE X5 since i bought it. If they were gonna give this to me as a gift i would have chosen the white GE X5 nyahahahaha.

So the X10 Mini has a capacitive touch screen with 16 million colors, oh hell yeah its that bright but of course the S-LCD screens of the high end phones are better but hey capacitive touch screen with 16M colors is better than having a resistive touch screen.

So that is my first tip to people buying a touch screen phone, never choose the resistive touch screen. The capacitive touch screen is more durable trust me. But if you got tons of cash then choose the high end phones with S-LCD screen just like the HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S.

The capacitive touch screen will do since its already scratch proof. I wont even try if this is true ahahaha. Buy your own and tell me if it is. Of course this is a Sony so the sound quality is great, the great part is that it has a 3.5mm jack so you can use your high quality earphones.

The processor is 600Mhz only compared to the high end phones having 1Ghz but hey why do you need a 1Ghz processor if your just a text and call guy? 600Mhz is decent enough.

The X10 Mini has a 128Mb internal memory. It uses micro SD cards up to 32Gb, the package comes with a 2Gb card already so its pretty decent but my gift came with two extra 16Gb micro SD cards ahahaha.

Yes it has 3G ( as if i would use this for the internet, this is a battery hogger by the way) and Wi-Fi (Now thats better)

The camera is 5 Megapixels with autofocus and a LED Flash. There is no digital zoom but i am not complaining since digital zoom makes the picture worse. If you want to zoom in on a far object then buy a decent camera with optical zoom. Digital zoom is a big no no.

Take note this is a mobile phone and the camera is juat a freebie just in case you want to take emergency pictures of everyday life. But if you are going on a trip on a scenic place and you plan to make this phone as your camera then you must be crazy. Yes it can take a decent picture with 5MP but hey who are you kidding? Buy a digital camera which does that function! LOL

The phones comes with Android 1.6 installed. So once i charged it up i immediately installed PC Companion on my PC and connected the phone for an upgrade. Yes the upgrade is free and now i have Android 2.1.

Now this is where Sony sucks big time. As majority of smart phones out there do have Android 2.2 already. Why is 2.2 important? Well its a better OS, you can now save applications on the memory card. With 2.1 you cannot do that and you have to rely on the built in phone memory of 128MB. Bummer!

But if youre not into apps that much this phone is okay even with 2.1 only. It already has Gmail, Facebook and the best part is Timescape!!!! Hell yeah! Timescape has Facebook and Twitter integrated. Trust me this is so cool.

I like the messaging system of this phone. Well all smart phones have this by the way. Its just like a chat thread format. But i did download Smart Keyboard Pro (from the Internet and not from the Android Market LMAO!) plus Handcent and TADA!!! A perfect messaging device. With this two installed i can choose the skin of my messaging system to make it look like an I-phone or an HTC Phone even ahahaha. And its much cooler compared to the standard messaging threads the normal Android OS has.

Do not fret about it being 2.1 and not being able to install apps on your memory card. If youre not into games that much then this will do. I am sure Sony will heed the calls of its customers and bring out 2.2 one day so i can wait.

Now for the battery issue. There are lots of X10 mini owners who have problems with their battery life. Here is my experience.

I charged the phone for the first time. Once it was full i immediately upgraded the system. Once i had Android 2.1 the phone became faster and better. Battery charge was down to 70 percent due to the upgrade.

So i tested out the blue tooth. I sent my contacts from my K-800i to this phone. Oh yeah in a few minutes instant phone book filled up. There are some owners complaining that they cannot use their bluetooth with other phones. Look at me it worked. I even transfered some videos and photos from my PC using bluetooth. So no problem with the Bluetooth.

After that i tested the Wi-fi and logged on to Twitter and Facebook and even Plurk Mobile.

Battery life was down to 50 percent when i went to bed. The next morning i had a text craze since i was getting used to its keyboard. In the evening the battery was down to 10 percent, that is 24 hours already.

The next day once i woke up the battery was down to 5 percent so i decided to charge it. Charging was done around 8:04Am, 100 percent done. (Feb 13)

Today as i am writing this blog post (Feb 14, 10:04 AM) battery is down to 85 percent. So is there a battery issue? 26 hours passed with only 15 percent down is pretty good. If you do the math the phone will stay on for six days.

Another cool thing i noticed is that when i was composing a text message...when i chose a recipient i was surprised to see the names of my Facebook friends with their phone numbers LOL. So cool it has auto sync hahahaha. Ignorant me not reading the manual.

So that is about it for my new toy. Im still not used to the small keyboard but its fun texting.

Oh i attached some pictures. Remember the "Penis Plant"? Well its blooming and as you can see it has turned into a flower ahahahahaha. Geez penis to flower. I better call this blue plant a "Herma Plant"

I remember writing something about the real essence of Valentine's day but i will not share it yet since it was written in the story MPEX ahahaha.

Yesterday was a blast, download season 1 to 4 of Big Bang Theory for my collection. Total size 5.4 Gb. Done in 12 hours. Thats 433Mb per hour or 7.5Mb per minute. That is a decent 120Kb per second download. Today i do my other favorite series Chuck!

So its Valentine's day.


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