Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off to LU


Paging GE!!! You might want to get me as one of your advertisers LOL. I have managed to get five people to buy your GE X5 ahahaha.

Anyway yes i have encouraged five people to buy a camera just like mine. Three of them saw some of my pictures posted on the net and asked me what camera i was using. They didnt believe me when i said i was just a beginner and i was just using a bridge camera.

Di porke maganda yung picture kuha na agad sa DSLR yon ano! Hahahaha. I bought my camera last January 28 and its barely 2 weeks and still i am an idiot ahahaha. All i can do with this camera so far is do macro, spot photography and of course my favorite Bokeh!

Yes i can compose with this camera, i can adjust the shutter, aperture and ISO but i am still reading ebooks about photography. And yes i will try to go Manual mode in La Union ahahaha. So basically i know how to point and shoot, choose the best angle and of course automate signature placement ahahahaha.

The rest is all from the camera. So people its not me, its the camera trust me.

Anyway the three have bought their GE X5. I have nothing against DSLRs, i plan to get one myself when i have moved from being an idiotic to an amateur photographer. And i dont know if this photography hobby of mine will stick. I am fickle minded at times.

As for the two other people, well i met them at the mall when i was shopping for a screen protector. They were scouting for a D3000 or D3100, i guess thats the cheapest DSLR. The lady said my camera was cute and i pointed at the stand where the store had a camera just like mine. I showed them sample shots stored at my memory card and after thirty minutes of discussion they bought a GE X5. Oh yeah one each ahahaha. And that store didnt even treat me to a freebie for helping them out.

The irritating part is that they do text and call often to ask how things work ahahaha. I think their manual came in German perhaps LOL. So yesterday they came over the house and we did a sort of a mini eco walk around the neighborhood to test their new toys.

We would choose one object to shoot, then we would compare. Imagine an idiotic photographer like me instructing fellow newbies. I told them i was a beginner like them but they said at least i had two weeks head start ahahahaha. Fair enough.

One of them started to get frustrated as she was not getting good results. She had wobbly hands and she was so ATAT ahahahaha. You could see her wanting to smash her new toy but being an ex professor i told her that that is how life goes. I told her i did have wobbly hands but i tried to have a good feel for the camera. I experimented on several holds and then instinctively i got a good feel for the camera.

At the end of the day they were all smiles but still they thought i was cheating them because i had better shots ahahahaha. So it was my turn to use the 2 weeks advance excuse. So in the end they were happy and very hopeful. I must admit the other one was a fast learner and i envy her for having an artistic eye. She did manage to get some really good shots, so i told her and the other was so envious but it didnt break her. Its good that she didnt take it negatively.

For today we meet up again but this time with laptops in tow. For i am going to teach them how to make signatures.

I remember yesterday telling them that GE had a newer camera, the GE X500. Its an upgrade to the X5 and it comes with 16MP and more optical zoom i think. Oh boy they were so mad at me ahahahaha. But i said GE has not released it yet and i even had to prove it to them online.

I did show them the GE X5 group on Facebook and they saw really good photos. The more they were inspired, even me i do admire those fellow GE X5 users. They have had their cameras since October and they have managed to take really really really really really good shots. I so envy them since they are using Manual mode. Hey i will get there too one day. Ahem....the 2 week excuse ahahahaha.

Now for the bad of them had an HTC Desire phone and the other a Samsung Galaxy S. Yep i was drooling!!! Ahahaha, not about their phones but its more on their Android versions. They both have Android 2.2!!! They have tons of applications!

My X10 mini is stuck at 2.1 because SONY ERICSSON does not want to upgrade it because they have newer phones!!! IF YOU WANT 2.2 OR HIGHER BUY OUR NEW PHONE!!!. YES THAT IS THEIR NEW COMPANY MOTTO!

Buti pa Cherry Mobile kaya nila 2.2 ahahaha. That says a lot SE!!!

Well at least the battery has lasted four days!!! LMAO! Yup its been 98 hours since i charged it and i still got 15 percent battery life left. Now i will for sure charge it this evening...will it last the whole LU trip. Friday, Saturday, Sunday...and i will be forced to use the Wi-fi for sure...nah lets leave the charger behind ahahahhaa.

"Bakit pati yung mga pangit na shots mo pinopost mo?" they asked. Of course so i can see where i committed a mistake and to show others that i am a beginner. And there are good people out there that would spend time to comment and tell you where you went wrong but of course there are more who will laugh at me but thats all good.

And besides even with the best shot i have i know there are still mistakes. And for a beginner just shoot away i told them. If you have one subject to focus on take as many shots as you want so you can see and even learn. What angle is the best, effect of the lighting or the settings etc. KAYA NGA BEGINNER E ahahahahaha.

Oh well its off to LU


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