Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Week

"Caught in the Act"

"Special Delivery"

"Going Green"


So today is the start of Holy Week. Really? Or is it Vacation Week for many?

For the hard core religious they really live this week down to the bone. I tried spending several holy weeks with my grandparents down at La Union. Oh boy you really are going to turn out to be holy after seven days.

I do remember how you have to behave. You rarely see people or children having fun at the plaza. No meat on good Friday! Then there were series of masses and one really early at the end to await the angel. I really cant remember much since that was a long time ago.

So yes i did experience real Holy Week many times. When i grew up it was pure service. I was a Senior scout and i had to go on duty for the city the whole week. From being a traffic aide and really managing traffic up to being a tourist guide. Then i had to stop my yearly routine when i had an incident with a general.

I said no parking, they insisted. I was about to call for back up and my radio transceiver hit the car a bit. The general and his body guard came out of the car with guns pointing at me ahahaha. I froze, and only came to my senses when i got rescued by my superior. They took me far away and i had several radio reporters interview me.

Hahahaha, poor General he got hell from my friend and Baguio peeps. You just cant harm one Baguio boy and get away with it. Oh yeah, his car was flagged, no hotel or transient house would accept them. He was hounded for two days so they decided to cut their vacation short. I didnt even do anything ahahaha. It was all friends.

I told them to stop it already but they wouldnt listen. When i told my dad about it oh boy the telephone line burned at home. So many relatives alerted and two of my uncles who were judges immediately filed a case nyahahahaha.

I settled for personal apology, face to face i wanted him to just say sorry and shake my hand. They called me crazy but that is what happened.

Anyway nowadays the true essence of Holy week is gone. When people hear the words holy week the first thing they think of is a vacation. Baguio, Boracay, Puerto Galera, Palawan etc etc etc.

Pero pag isang tao nakaranas ng di maganda sigurado ko magdadasal yan ng holy week. Ganon naman ang Pinoy e. Pag happy nakakalimutan ang Diyos. Pag sad at may kailangan nakaluhod yan agad at nagdadasal.

Diba? Ako din naman but i see to it i pray to Him daily...sad to say di nasusunod yung daily. But when i do pray i say sorry at once.

And some are in shock reading this ahahahaha.


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